3 Flights Up Taps and Tacos – Where Beer and Tacos Go Hand in Hand

If you live in North Texas, or anywhere in Texas for that matter, you've seen how the craft beer scene has exploded. More and more brews are not only being distributed in Texas but are planting their flag in the state – especially in the Dallas area.

As of 2018, the DFW Metroplex was home to over 50 breweries. That's not including brewpubs, beer shops, and growler stations. It would appear that North Texans love their beer! As we should, with all of these carefully crafted options and unique locations to drink them right in our backyard.

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We have Franconia and TUPPS located right down the street in McKinney, while Union Bear and Unlawful Assembly are even closer in Plano.

Frisco has quite a few noteworthy spots as well, but depending on your mood, sometimes a cozy neighborhood spot is just right for a happy hour or a Saturday evening out with friends. You want something close to home where you can be sure they're passionate about really good beer. If they have tacos…that's a bonus.

3 Flights Taps and Tacos will take care of all your beer needs – and hunger for that matter. The tap list is ever-rotating and displays a great representation of Texas beers as well as beers from across the country. 3 Flights offers ciders and wine on tap which makes the location great for everyone. And the menu? We'll get to that in a second.

3 Flights…of Stairs

3 Flights opened its doors in 2018, a vision that belonged to Tazdin Charinia. As for what inspired the name 3 Flights Up, that's a story that goes all the way back to India.

When Tazdin was living in Daman, India, he frequented a bar on a regular basis that became his favorite watering hole. Besides liking the atmosphere and the people he met there, the bar had another unique attribute. You had to climb three flights of stairs to reach it. Almost instantly the name 3 Flights Up stuck in his mind and Tazdin told everyone that if he ever opened a bar, that would without a doubt be the name of it.

3 Flights Up

Fast forward to Frisco… Realizing that the DFW craft beer scene was on the rise, Tazdin became not only a fan of local breweries but also a familiar face within the scene. He wasn't satisfied, though, and wanted to bring something different to the table.

With a passion for both beer and cooking, Tazdin created a menu featuring not only great beverages but a variety of unique, globally-inspired tacos.

The unfortunate reality is before 3 Flights found the success they have today, Tazdin passed away from cancer. Although the family was devastated by the tragedy, his nephew Nadeem Patel is continuing his Uncle's vision with the same passion, bringing beer lovers and taco lovers together. Naturally, he's adding his own inspiration to the mix as well with new and unique beers always on tap, as well as working with the community on special events.

Where Beer and Tacos Go Hand in Hand

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Pull up a seat and grab a menu. You'll find Tacos such as the Shrimp Po Boy, Fried Cauliflower, Chicken Shawarma, and other unique flavor combinations. Order one of the many great beers or wine on tap and you'll have the 3 Flights Up experience.

One of the coolest features that 3 Flights offers is a live tap list through DigitalPour. You can view what's on tap each day via their website, Facebook or the app. DigitalPour not only alerts you when a new beer is tapped but it will show you how much is left in the keg. This way you know when one of your favorites is getting low and you can come in to grab a 32oz or 64oz growler to take home.

The Growlers

Unfamiliar with a growler and wondering how it works? A growler is simply a beer transport container. 3 Flights will fill the growler with Co2 and whichever beer you've chosen and seal it up. The sealed growler can last about five days or longer unopened. Once opened, you have about three, maybe four, days to drink and enjoy.

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The growler keeps the beer fresh and carbonated as if you were pouring straight from a tap. This is the best way to bring your favorite beers home that you can’t purchase in a store. 3 Flights Up offers growlers from Union Growler as well as their own if you don’t already have one, or you can bring your own.

Every Friday and Sunday they offer 25% off all growler fills. If a growler isn't your thing, they also offer other size pours, 4 ounces, 8 ounces, and 16 ounces on most of their beers. Or, you can get a flight and try several 4 ounce pours at once!

What's on the Menu (and the Patio)

Don’t worry about going hungry because 3 Flights Up has a great selection of small bites to choose from like hummus, sriracha fries, chicken or beef samosas, and more. Starting next month they'll also feature a taco of the month and breakfast tacos on the weekend, as well as mimosas.

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They have plenty of board games in house and they hold events like trivia, special beer releases, pint nights, and live music (beginning in March 2019), so you can always find a reason to visit.

3 Flights Up is also dog-friendly, so if you'd like to bring your leashed dog, the patio is open to you and your canine buddy. They'll even have dog treats and water bowls set out so your dog won't get thirsty!

3 Flights Up believes beer and tacos go hand in hand and are best enjoyed with family and friends. This family-owned and inspired neighborhood pub and bar is located at 2832 Eldorado Pkwy #212, just east of 423, where Frisco and Little Elm connect.

Heads up, tomorrow, February 20, 2019 is Customer Appreciation Day! They'll be tapping some very special beers and holding a raffle for prizes.

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