3 Reasons to Support the Arts in Frisco and 4 Easy Ways to Do So

When it comes to the Arts in Frisco, there's so much to see and do! From cultural events and live performances to wine tastings, murals, and original art available for purchase, Frisco has it all. 

Have you ever really thought about why it's valuable to support the arts in your community? Here are 3 practical reasons, followed by 4 simple ways to do it.

Unique Community

An arts and culture scene sets a community apart from other suburbs, towns, and cities. Proud of our community and want to see others flocking to enjoy it? Start supporting the people, spaces, and arts that set it apart.

Local Economy

Arts help to support the local economy by bringing in visitors. This tourism, in turn, becomes support for local businesses. A downtown with a thriving arts scene is likely thriving economically as well.

Positive for Youth

Frisco Youth Theatre Ugly Duckling

North Texas Performing Arts – Frisco

Arts and culture unquestionably positively impact a community’s youth. Academic achievement and happiness among youth are directly impacted by their exposure to the arts. Want to support the youth in your community? Attend their performances and support the venues and leaders who are exposing youth to artistic experiences and culture.

Many residents of Frisco would love to be more supportive of our community’s arts and cultural scene but aren’t sure where to start. Here are some practical actions every one of us can take!

Show up

The arts are good for the members of a community! Exposure to the arts and cultural events has been proven to improve well-being, healthy, and happiness. But that exposure only comes when members of a community show up. Have you visited Frisco's premier art gallery, Frisco Fine Art, located just downtown? Attended a local theater or music performance recently?

Music in the Square 3

Music in the Square, Frisco

Art exposure doesn’t have to be complicated – it can look as simple as swinging by Main Street for a few minutes to soak up some art at the Frisco Fine Art gallery with the kids after school. Music in the Square, an event available on Friday evenings throughout the summer, is another fabulous way to engage with the local arts.

Support the spaces that support the artists

Spaces such as art galleries are frequently supported, in part, through the use of their space as venues. Keep an open mind when searching for a venue for your next event and consider holding your event in a space that provides support to the arts.

Use events as an excuse to get out of the house without spending a cent

The Dallas Museum of Art and Frisco Fine Arts advertise tons of free cultural activities that allow community members to actively engage with the arts. Supporting art in your community doesn’t need to be boring! Follow the Facebook pages of arts-related organizations and business and use free events as a chance to experience culture, learn, and support the arts.

CB-winery-wine - Frisco Fine ArtFor instance, Frisco Fine Art hosts a free weekly wine tasting. Members of the community can drop in, sip wine, and spend time with friends, all while basking in a beautifully curated space surrounded by fabulous artwork, much of it produced by local artists. Not available on Wednesday nights? The gallery will even let you schedule your own wine tasting for a minimum of 12 attendees. Supporting the arts couldn’t be easier!

Shop local

Looking for a new piece to add some color or spark to your home decor? Frisco Fine Art sells a great deal of beautiful, one-of-a-kind art from local artists. Make the gallery your first stop to find a beautiful unique piece before heading to Hobby Lobby to buy another mass-produced wall-filler.

Frisco Fine Art Gallery

Frisco Fine Art Gallery

Supporting the arts in Frisco is easy with these steps. But what did we miss? Comment on Facebook or Instagram and tell us other ways that you support the arts in our community.

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