3 Steps to Finding the Right Workout for You

Can you feel the change coming? We know you want more from your workout… a boredom-busting, plateau-proof program and it's finally here at The 12!

On June 24, 2019, owners Derek Graham and Josh Boyd are blowing the doors off the fitness industry in Frisco with their world-class workouts. They know that beyond enjoying the endorphin-release of a great workout, most of us choose to exercise either to get in shape, stay in shape, manage stress, or indulge in a little “me” time.

To that end, choosing the right workout begins with knowing your personal goals. In choosing a workout program, you want a workout that will:

  1. Consistently get results…
  2. in the time you commit…
  3. in an environment that offers the camaraderie of a tribe.

Learn What Gets Results

You could plod along on a treadmill, endless circle 'round an exercise bike, or take a hike to nowhere on the stair climber for hours each week, but to see results your muscles and joints need to mix it up with high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

The 12 - KaylaThe 12 implements result-driven HIIT workouts that have you running, throwing medicine balls, squatting, lifting weights, and more. So you won't get bored, the trainers get creative to provide their clients with the best multi-function workouts.

With all the HIIT variation, your body will produce results year-round from New Year’s Day to the summer season and right back into holiday festivities with little to no weight fluctuations.

A sixty minute HIIT class burns more calories than performing a steady flow of cardio such as jogging. Intertwined with periods of lower intensity intervals for active recovery, repeated HIIT sessions create an after-burn effect – the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

When you stop working out, your body continues to torch calories even at rest or lounging poolside because the intense intervals forced your body to work harder. Bring on the EPOC effect!

Igniting The 12 Training effect, the body continues to burn excess calories 18-24 hours post workout, effectively sculpting, shaping, and shredding each person’s physique. The 12 has plateau-proofed their exercise regimen so that no two workouts are exactly the same. Ever. Which means your body will always be challenged, and you’re less likely to get bored and lose motivation.

Commit The Time

Let’s put this in perspective. A one-hour workout is 4% of your day. Which means that in that hour, you need to be as efficient and effective as possible with the time you’re investing in working out.

The 12 workoutThis is why The 12 designs their workouts to utilize multiple muscle groups and joints, helping to keep your muscles guessing what's coming next and therefore, working harder.

While some studios offer identical workouts in every class, repetitive movements trigger the body to experience muscle memory. Our bodies are designed to always be looking for efficiency… Efficiency is not what you want when working out because you stop seeing the results created by the challenge.

The 12 team wants your muscles to work harder and not adapt to a routine. The trainers also provide workouts utilizing the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes of the body so that you don’t over-train any body part. When the muscles are constantly being challenged it creates amazing physical results!

The 12 recognizes that you’ve invested the time to leave your home and come work out. When you don’t see results, it seeps into your psyche leaving you unmotivated, uncommitted, and even a little defeated to keep working out at all. During your time at The 12, you'll walk away feeling inspired and encouraged.

Find Your Tribe

In our tech-driven, self-centered society, sometimes we’re left craving community and human interaction. The 12 is proud of a “tribe-like” vibe that’s judgment-free and focused on seeing YOU overcome emotional obstacles and daily stressors, leaving it all – along with your sweat – on the floor.

The 12 - trainers 3Before they ever walk through the doors at The 12, everyone has a story. For most people, it’s easier to be committed to your workout when you’re a part of a community that “gets it.” A member of The 12 community, Nicole S. says,

The 12 actually knows that weight training is the key to results! This gym fosters a team environment that I never knew could be so beneficial in my training. I wake up for the 5 am class every day because I know not only do I need to be there for myself, but I need to be there for others. I am 12Strong but WE are 12Nation!”

It’s no wonder that a lot of hype has surrounded The 12’s highly-anticipated grand opening in West Plano at The Shops at Legacy. Unlike any other workout on the market, The 12 is proud to be a part of their members’ daily lives, helping them look and feel their best. No matter what they may be facing.

If you want to take your workout to a whole new level, be a part of 12Nation! During the opening week, June 24- 30, it's FREE for everyone who emails [email protected].

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