5 Fun Reasons to Plan a Birthday Party at Jungle Joe’s

Joe is a happy monkey who loves sneaking around the play structure at Jungle Joe’s late at night. Today, however, he's feeling a little worried. He promised his friend, Anna, that he would make her birthday extra special, and he’s not sure what to do. 

He thought about doing something outdoors, like visiting Ladonia Fossil Park or Wild Berry Farm, but it’s hard to be outside for long in the August heat that descends on Dallas. And what if it rains that day??

jungle-joes-frisco-48.jpgA cake-decorating class would be fun, but a lot of Joe’s friends have dietary restrictions and can’t eat certain foods or ingredients. It’s no fun if everyone can’t eat the treats!

A pool party is always exciting, but one of Joe and Anna’s best friends has autism and large crowds and chaos can be overwhelming for her, thus preventing her from having a good time. 

Joe sighs. Planning a birthday party is complicated for a monkey.

Suddenly, he has an idea. Why not plan the birthday party right at Jungle Joe’s?

5 (Monkey-Approved) Reasons to Host a Party at Jungle Joe's

  1. It’s indoors, so all of the kids and parents can enjoy air-conditioning and there's no worry about a surprise rainfall.
  2. Jungle Joe's owner Angela Holt has cameras installed throughout the play equipment so that parents can always see their children playing safely.
  3. The cafe menu has lots of delicious options for kids and adults that require a special diet; Jungle Joe’s cafe makes it easy to make healthy choices. (Joe’s mouth begins to water just thinking about his favorite dish, the Mexican Style Power Bowl.)
  4. The climbing, jumping, and tumbling that the play equipment allows provides lots of options for Joe’s friends that have special sensory needs, while the small space prevents anyone from being overwhelmed by large crowds or lots of noise.
  5. Angela and her team have hosted tons of birthday parties and offer a variety of fun, customizable themes and packages, so planning should be a snap!

Joe is so excited. This will be the greatest party ever!

The Magic is in the Details

What does it take to plan a party at Jungle Joe’s? Joe decides to ask Angela the very next day. She laughs when Joe approaches her.

“You know, Joe,” she says kindly, “It’s best to try to plan birthdays at least a month in advance in general. In fact, that's one of my favorite party tips to remind people!”

“But don’t worry,” Angela assures him. An assigned Party Specialist will be your go-to person as you plan the entire party. You just need to decide whether you want to reserve the Lion’s Den, Joe’s room, or the entire place.”

Joe knows that he's in luck. Angela and the staff at Jungle Joe’s have planned and executed so many birthdays…they're experts!

As it turns out, Angela is right. Jungle Joe’s provides Joe with a custom-made online invitation just for the birthday party. 

Joe’s favorite part is the menu planning. He makes sure that it includes his favorite Roasted Veggie Salad as well as the delicious Kids’ Platter.

Anna loves balloons and donuts, so Joe requests balloon twisting and a donut stand also. 

Angela even provides the birthday favors and a special present for Anna – a t-shirt from Jungle Joe’s. Angela tells Joe one of her best tips for planning a great party:

“I like to take party favors to the next level. Why not take your guests (and their parents) by surprise with some totally unique party favors? Think personalized water bottles for a sports party, take-home arts and crafts kits, personalized notebooks; the possibilities are endless!”

By the time Anna’s birthday party rolled around, Joe was so excited for the party he had planned that he could barely keep it a secret. His friend was thrilled by the party Joe planned for her at one of her favorite places with all of her favorite people.

Need to surprise someone of your own? Call Jungle Joe’s today to start planning the party! 

Jungle Fever! Check out this SLIDESHOW of fun parties at Jungle Joe's!

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