5 Reasons The Star in Frisco is a Great Location for Small Business

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Frisco is a community that is uniquely proud of and enormously supportive of its small business community. The Star District, with its more than 35 restaurants, shopping, and specialty services, is no exception. While globally known brands overflow throughout the vibrant destination, small businesses owned by Frisco residents are warmly welcomed, supported enthusiastically, and occupy much of its retail space.

CherryBlowDryBar 2019 - 2Cherry Blow Dry Bar is one of these. Owned by Shelly Maestranzi, the beauty bar franchise just celebrated its first birthday in Frisco. Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers blowouts, makeup application, and hair and eyelash extension services.

They would do well anywhere – a cool, spa-like glamour washes over clients as they slide through the doors that face the gleaming tower of The Omni and the service is impeccable. On their exploding popularity, Maestranzi comments,

Customers have commented on our vibe, how our space feels chill and relaxed rather than chaotic. I think that sets us apart from other salons and similar businesses.

And although the rest of The Star may not exude exactly the same relaxed vibe, the development has proven to be a fantastic location for Maestranzi, and for several other small businesses.

But why is The Star such a great location for small businesses?

Business network.

For one, Frisco, in general, provides small businesses with an unparalleled business community. Between the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, the environment of growth and economic health, and the genuine heart of business owners and the community for each other, it's impossible to replicate.

Business owners treat each other like friends and stories of support and mentorship abound throughout the community. This environment extends throughout the many mixed-use developments in Frisco, including The Star.

The “halo effect”.

Secondly, The Star in Frisco gives small businesses like Cherry Blow Dry Bar the opportunity to do business alongside world-class brands. The “halo effect” of this kind of association is hard to put a price tag on, but the value and fuel that it provides small businesses can be incomparable.

Widely diverse demographic draw.

The Star District is unique in its draw for a wide variety of clientele – locals of all ages and stages, as well as tourists and business travelers, flock to the restaurants and shopping.

The Omni Hotel brings in visitors from around the world for conventions, weddings, concerts, and other events. Visitors like these, as well as local regulars, are thrilled by the glamorous sophistication and exquisite services of businesses within The Star.

The association with the Cowboys.

Randy White Ring of Honor Walk The Star Frisco

Dallas Cowboys' Randy White, Ring of Honor ceremony, The Star in Frisco

In addition to shopping, dining, and a consistent stream of family-friendly events, The Star's 91-Acre Campus hosts the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters. This kind of excitement injects energy and traffic into the businesses – like hers – who occupy space in the area. Shelly commented,

The Cowboys are a huge draw. Their reputation is associated with this stardom quality – people love the Cowboys and that passion overflows into the businesses that are connected to them. People want to be a part of that and to say that they’ve been there. The restaurants, retail, and shopping in The Star help people to feel as if they’re part of that excitement, part of something bigger than themselves.

Community connection.

The Star has worked hard to invite the community and to make the location more than just an icon – it’s making strides to build itself into the heart of Frisco community life. Shelly comments, 

They're doing a really good job of engaging with the community and they're reaching out simultaneously to so many demographics with lots of different events, from the Fleastyle to cheerleading camps, football camps, and movie nights.

CherryBlowDryBar 2019Owning a small business in a fast-growing town like Frisco, of course, comes with challenges of its own. Shelly opened Cherry Blow Dry Bar just over a year ago. In a town with as large and fluid a population as Frisco, staffing a small business can be challenging.

Simply finding and retaining employees can be difficult here, where rents and living costs can outpace earnings and where employees of business like Cherry Blow Dry Bar frequently commute from inconvenient distances. But Shelly says the benefits outweigh the downsides.

She responded thoughtfully as we chatted about some of the challenges of working in the service industries in a town as fast-growing as Frisco.

You know, sometimes there's this perception of affluence that's not all positive – sort of a stereotype of being aloof, snobby, out-of-touch. But the clientele here are so wonderful and genuine. They really don’t fall into that stereotype. And our clients come from not only Frisco, but all over the area – Prosper, Lewsville, Celina.

Cherry Blow Dry Bar logoAnd perhaps it’s this very same thing – the authentic, genuine, small-town feel of Frisco, the fastest growing city in America, that gives The Star with all of its national fame an irresistible, local charm.

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