5 Reasons to Be Excited About Frisco’s First Amazon Store

I’m an avid (possibly addicted) online shopper. Drive past my house most days of the week and you’ll see boxes on my front porch.

I’m unapologetic about it because each of those boxes represents a check off my “to-do” list. The ease of online shopping has proven to be a lifesaver more times than I can recall.

The mere fact that I can buy various things from various categories all with one click of a button rather than run around town to three different stores? LIFE CHANGING. I can do it in my pajamas. I can do it with a glass of wine. I can do it from the carpool line.

There is, however, a little risk involved. Without the option to see, feel, touch and browse in person, I wonder, “Is the quality what it seems?” “Am I setting myself up for a return later…another thing on my to-do list?” 

Amazon seems to get the Frisco shoppers’ vibes on this one because they’ve brought us a brand new, shiny Amazon 4-star Store! Now open at Stonebriar Centre, it’s the first Amazon 4-star in the greater Dallas region and sixth location nationwide.

Amazon 4 star Frisco 4

The new physical store makes it fun and easy for customers to shop and discover products they’ll love. Personally, I’m very excited about it — and I’ll offer you FIVE reasons why you should be, too.

4-Stars and above only.

The store carries highly rated products from the top categories across all of Amazon.com including devices, consumer electronics, kitchen, home, toys, books, games, and more. Everything in the store is rated 4 stars and above by our customers, or is a top seller, or is new and trending on Amazon.com.

Amazon 4-star stores are highly-curated and a direct reflection of their online customers—what they’re buying and what they’re loving. Throughout the store there are features like “Most-Wished-For Books on Amazon.com,” “Live Your Best Life,” “This Season’s Top Toys” and “Seasonal Decor” along with customer review cards with quotes from actual customer reviews to make it easy and fun for customers to discover great products they’ll love.

Try before you buy.

The device section gives customers the opportunity to test drive Amazon devices and accessories – including Echo, Fire, Kindle, Ring and other smart home accessories that work with Alexa – while having Amazon 4-star associates on hand to answer questions.

Amazon 4 star FriscoThe store is organized in the same logical categories that you’re used to online but now you can TOUCH the products! Flip the pages of a book, peruse the home goods, explore details of the latest toys and games, and ask a customer service rep for additional information.

Making shopping fun again.

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s something about a shopping mall that brings me back to the basics of shopping. It’s supposed to be fun – not just checking things off a to-do list. I rather enjoy the opportunity to walk away with lots of shopping bags in one hand and maybe a specialty coffee in the other.

It’s even better with a friend there to give you their feedback. I don’t know about you, but when I shop online, I inform my decisions using their customer reviews. Included throughout Amazon 4-star are customer review cards that have quotes from actual customer reviews — it’s like getting a personal assessment or recommendation from a friend.

Prime perks still work.

If you think you’ll miss that “click-of-a-button” moment, not to worry — customers can check out using their Prime app with the option to print a receipt or have it stored electronically.

Another familiar online feature you’ll find at Amazon 4-star? There are digital price tags alongside every product that show the Prime price and list price, as well as Prime member savings, average star rating, and the total number of reviews a product has received.

Amazon 4 star Frisco 5

Customers who aren’t already Prime members can easily sign up for a free 30-day trial and instantly receive the Amazon.com price in store.

The genius of Amazon 4-star? The inventory of the store is based on local bestsellers captured online. In other words, they know you, Frisco, and they know what you like.

You can return online Amazon purchases.

Amazon 4-star accepts returns of online Amazon purchases! Y’all, no more trips to the UPS Store, Amazon locker, or printing of labels. Just go shopping and get a return accomplished all in one easy (and fun) errand.

Amazon 4 star Frisco 1As you may have noticed, Stonebriar is undergoing an expansion, with KidZania opening before the end of the year and a Hyatt hotel next year.

Between the movie theater, carousel, dining options, and a wide variety of retailers, I’m thinking Amazon 4-star will fit in quite nicely at our Frisco mall.

Amazon 4-star Stonebriar Centre:
2601 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX 75034

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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