5 Reasons Tourism is a Huge Win for Frisco Residents

PS NCAA FCS 2018 11

Sponsored by Visit Frisco. Photo credit: Visit Frisco.

You know that person you follow on Instagram that lives in the cool city and has the cool life and does all of the cool things?

Yay for them. But hang on – do you realize that you, also, are that person?

In case you missed it, Frisco is not only a top-rated place to live, but it’s also a top-rated place to visit. Basically, cool things happen here and we’re making everyone else jealous.

So, for just a second, let’s step away from admiring the cool people and places on Instagram and take a few minutes to ooh and ahh over the people and places right here in our 69.1 square miles of North Texas.

Stay, Play, and Vacay

This is National Travel and Tourism Week, an annual tradition when travel and tourism professionals across the country unite to celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, businesses, and personal enjoyment.

In other words, cool cities like Frisco don’t just happen; they’re made.

Visit Frisco, the city’s convention and visitor’s bureau, has a huge hand in establishing the events and amenities that make Frisco an admired destination. And a highly profitable one at that.

friends fun

friends fun

Before COVID demanded a shutdown, the latest numbers show that Frisco generated $2.5 billion in economic impact while supporting 11.1% of all jobs in Frisco. Did you know that state and local tax revenues help to relieve $1,653 in tax burden, on average, for each household in Frisco? (Loving THAT.)

It gets better… The events and amenities leveraged to woo visitors to Frisco come with another big perk for local residents:

We get to enjoy all of it too, all the time. And with that, I offer you 5 reasons to celebrate living in one of the best places to stay, play, and vacay.

First Dibs

No doubt, the weekend visitor is going to have a great time while they’re here, as will the guests who are here for several days on business. But you, my friend, get to do this stuff all the time. You’re a walking Insider’s Guide about where to go and what to do in Frisco, Texas.

You probably follow Visit Frisco on social media, so you’re always one of the first to catch the dates of this year’s major events. You’d never miss The Star District’s summer lineup, and you’ve long since mastered the best ways to enjoy the “biggest Christmas light display in North Texas” and the annual Fireworks Extravaganza.

You also “know a guy,” so you’re likely to be first in line for a spot in the Texas Big Star endurance race and you’d never miss taking your friends and family to Frisco Uncorked.

Dr Pepper Ballpark00040

Dr Pepper Ballpark. Photo Credit: Visit Frisco

You’re friends with the Chef-Owner of a patio restaurant and every year, your kids count down the days until the Frisco Fair, Dallas Cowboys training camp, and opening day at Dr Pepper Ballpark.

Being an insider is pretty great, right?

Bragging Rights

Over the last several years, it seems like we’re more “on the map” than ever before. Whether it’s your extended family in Wyoming or your Facebook friends in Florida, they keep hearing about Frisco. We’re kind of famous.

Do you feel a sense of pride about living in such a cutting-edge town? The Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters probably has a teensy weensy bit to do with that, but let’s not forget about The Frisco Bowl, the National Soccer Hall of Fame, KidZania, and hello, PGA of America.

You can invite friends to visit you without concern for “how will I entertain them while they’re here?”  No, that part is easy. We have 9 million square feet of retail shopping space, some of the best dining options in DFW, and there’s always a fun event or two (or five) on the calendar.

The Star Entertainment District

The Star in Frisco. Photo Credit: Visit Frisco

And come on, is there any other city that can call itself “Sports City USA” and not sound like they’re trying too hard? We LEGIT own this title through and through. Name a sport that isn’t represented here in some form or fashion. Go on, I dare ya! (In case you missed it, we have Badminton now.)

Perpetual Vacay Mode

Whoever coined the term “staycation” is a genius. And whoever came up with the idea to provide residents with special “neighbor rates” at our hotels is an even bigger genius (we’re looking at you, Visit Frisco).

You can book a hotel room for the fam, or with your special someone, or heck, all by yourself (this is what Frisco moms actually want for Mother’s Day, by the way) and receive crazy good rates all year long.

To add to the ongoing “living like I’m on vacation” experience, you can snag tickets to cool events and make it an all-day affair, knowing that your bed is only a few miles away. After all, this is the city that plays, and we take it very seriously — but we also love our homes.

We have family-friendly museums, experience attractions, and lake life nearby. There’s no end to the out-of-the-ordinary, vacay-esque fun to be had in Frisco.


Wait, what? I could go one of two ways here. Economic driver, or the golf-related one.

Let’s do both. First, we all need to take another minute to acknowledge that tourism is a huge driver of the local economy in Frisco. Did you know the average annual estimated economic impact of Frisco’s NCAA Divison 1 FCS game is $9 million? That’s money spent not only at our 23+ hotels, but also at our small business owners’ restaurants and shops.

PS NCAA FCS 2018 43

NCAA Div 1 FCS Game – Photo Credit: Visit Frisco

Last year, our vital revenue from business and leisure took a hit, but don’t fret, Frisco. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and the power of travel will play a critical role in driving our economic rebound.

Within the City Council’s Top 10 Priorities for 2021, you’ll find a strong emphasis on tourism. Marla Roe, Executive Director, Visit Frisco, shared:

Tourism is a big economic driver for our community. From the small, locally owned businesses, to the hotels, shopping scene and sports facilities, each benefit from the events and visitors that come to Frisco. This past year was a devastating one for our industry and community. We know the power of travel will play an important role in driving an economic rebound. We are thankful for the guidance and support Frisco City Council and Frisco Leadership have provided us as we take on the challenge of helping to bring that much-needed revenue and business back to our city.

— Marla Roe, Executive Director, Visit Frisco

And the other driver I was referring to? Your golf club, obviously. PGA of America is well underway and it’s going to be every bit as cool as they promised it would be. The size, the scope, the genius design… How great is it that someone who’s an average player will get to play at the same venue as some of the world’s best players?

I suggested earlier that we’re the envy of other towns. This pretty much seals the deal, don’t you think?

We’re not even done yet.

If we weren’t cool enough already, Willie Nelson is set to perform in October during National Soccer Hall of Fame Weekend. Add to that, the Omni PGA Frisco Resort is underway and will be first-class amazing.

Plans are still on track for Music City and a Performing Arts Center. By now, you’ve also heard that Dallas is a finalist for the 2026 World Cup, which you know Frisco will leverage in a big way, given the opportunity.

fun music festival peace sign

fun music festival peace sign

Whether you live here or visit here, you can see more and do more in Frisco. For the visitors, it’s a complete trip in one place: hotel, dining, entertainment, ease of transport to the airport, and more.

For the residents, it’s where we belong. It’s ours, and we’re proud of it. 

But as I said earlier, prosperous, fun cities like Frisco don’t just happen; they’re made. Visit Frisco deserves a nod, a handshake, and well, a party, really, because the travel and tourism industry does more than just bring financial benefits; they support our way of life.

Tourism is a vehicle for adventure, a platform for inspiration. It connects people, it fulfills dreams. Tourism provides inherent benefits for everyone involved.