5 Reasons Why the Rowing Machine is Making a Comeback

The rowing machine is an often overlooked piece of equipment typically stuck in the corner of a gym. Often the machine sits idle, collecting dust because clients don’t even notice its existence.

How unfortunate, because this simple machine actually touts mega fitness benefits!

Thanks to Row House West Frisco, this baby has been bumped to center stage with unique group fitness classes. It's a whole new concept – for a lot of good reasons.

Those Who Know, ROW.

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Rowing is a great exercise program to implement into your regular fitness program and here's WHY. It's a high-intensity full-body workout with low impact on your joints. It’s a combined form of cardio and resistance training all in one.

That’s right – you don’t have to run and then lift weights separately. Instead, complete your entire workout in a rewarding 45 minutes. Here are five reasons to row:

1. Rowing is especially good for your cardiovascular system because it increases your heart rate and oxygen consumption. In turn, a regular rowing regimen will decrease your risk of heart disease and a stroke.

2. Runners, save your joints and consider rowing as your new BFF! You no longer need to pound the pavement, damaging your hips, knees, and ankles, when you can incorporate an endorphin-producing row class into your weekly fitness program. A rowing class is far cheaper than a new hip or knee replacement…

3. Row it toned! The row machine will help you tone up in all the right places. Rowing activates the glutes, hamstrings, lats, and obliques, targeting all of the underused muscles in the posterior chain. With each continued stroke and motion, it activates the abdominals, triceps, biceps, chest muscles, shoulders, wrist, and glutes. (You might be able to wear that favorite backless dress or show off your toned muscles after just a few rowing classes!)

rowing fitness 24. Rowing is great for strengthening the core – the powerhouse of the body – because the abdominals are engaged during the entire workout. These core muscles support the entire body enabling you to perform daily activities such as: getting out of bed, staying upright, walking, and bending.

5. Row-off the calories! Rowing is a beneficial way to control your weight and shed unwanted pounds. It’s considered to be an effective and rapid calorie burner. In a typical rowing class, you'll burn an average of 250 – 400 calories in as little as 30 minutes depending on your weight and size.

What to Expect During a Row House Workout

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Recently, I had the pleasure of trying one of the 45 minute “Introduction to the House” classes. It's an individualized workout where you row to the rhythm of music and work to stay together as a team with the other rowers in the room.

The concept is designed to be similar to what you would experience if rowing a boat with a group of people. But, the beauty of this workout is you’re working on your own “split/time” – or speed – on the water. In rowing terms, that's strokes-per-minute.

On average, you might row between 24-30 strokes per minute to reach 500 meters with an average split of 2:00 -2:14, while the person next to you might be at a completely different fitness level with a split of 3:30 – 4:00.

In fact, I rowed with an 80-year-old woman with double knee replacements and she was crushing it like nobody’s business! Rowing is a great workout for all ages and fitness levels.

Ready to Row?

If you're a newbie to rowing or have never tried a group rowing class, the instructors will provide you with detailed directions right down to where the straps should hit your shoes. For example, the foot strap should be directly at the top of your shoelaces.

rowing fitnessWhen rowing back (or the jump back motion) the bar should hit your sternum and the shoulders should be down with the elbows pointing to the back of the room, as opposed to shoulders drawn up toward your ears and elbows to the side of the room.

My instructor Dave gave exceptional cueing throughout the class. He even discussed how far back we should go to engage our core. Dave stated, “Sit back to 1:00 o’clock on the jump back motion.” Prior to his instruction, I was between 3:00 – 4:00 on my jump back motion which doesn’t really activate or engage the core muscles. As a fitness lover I really appreciated all the techniques and tips offered during class!

In a typical House, Body, or Restore class you'll hop off the rower to perform a few stretches followed by rowing again then ending with dynamic stretches. Meanwhile, the Power class is geared to the HIIT lover. You can amp it up!

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If you're looking for a new edge to work your entire body give Row House West Frisco a try. The first class is on the House and you'll walk away with a sweet soreness (proof that you challenged your body!).

Yes Frisco, you can now row, row, row your boat to good health inside Ruben Puga's newly opened Row House Studio in West Frisco.

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