5 Tools for Local Business Owners and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Over the years, Ann Anderson of Anderson Insurance Agency has provided Frisco residents and businesses with more than just insurance policies. She’s been a consistent source of light, inspiration, and education to the community.

She continues that tradition now by sharing five items in her toolbox for thriving as a small-business owner, and an entrepreneur invested in the community.

Sense of purpose and a clear vision.

Anderson has been motivated from the beginning by a clear sense of vision and purpose. When she first set out on her entrepreneurial journey, she knew that she wanted to build something that would provide ongoing security for her family. Anderson also wanted to have an impact that was meaningful and lasting — a legacy, of sorts.

Anderson encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to consider their personal vision and goals, as well.

“Be clear about your ‘why’ and your priorities,” she encourages. “Know your risk tolerance, your liabilities and vulnerabilities, and your goals.”

Continuing education.

Anderson is diligent about continuing to expand her own knowledge about business in general and her field in particular — and encourages other small business owners to do the same.

She’s passionate about helping to provide ongoing education to other business leaders and entrepreneurs in the community and continually looks for opportunities to share her knowledge with others. She encourages other entrepreneurs to continually learn, grow, and expand their perspectives in order to serve their customers and community better.

Everyone benefits when we continue to learn and grow,” she adds.

Continuing inspiration.

A natural outgrowth of education is finding continual sources of inspiration. Anderson has a wealth of books and podcasts that she frequently recommends to other business owners and entrepreneurs.

One of her favorite recent reads is Entrepreneurs will Save the World by Michael Hyatt. She also frequently turns to Chamber of Commerce resources for helpful tools, new insights, and ongoing learning opportunities.

Sense of community.

As a business owner, Anderson believe that a deep sense of roots within a local community and a passion for serving one’s neighbors are both vital to success as an entrepreneur and local small business owner.

Anderson’s actions reflect this advice she frequently bestows on others. She’s actively involved in the local Chamber of Commerce, pouring time and energy into the Frisco business landscape and network.

She also frequently draws from her extensive local network to support her customers and provide trustworthy referrals for her clients, far beyond the scope of simple insurance needs. Anderson believes that a community is only as strong as the relationships between local businesses and their customers — to that end, she goes above and beyond to help build Frisco’s community. 

Personal knowledge of customers.

Anderson encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to see their customers as fully dimensional people with stories, families, needs, and dynamic situations — rather than a purchase order number. Anderson certainly does this — she has even shown up in person to her customers’ homes to provide personal support in moments of crisis.

Business owners could draw a great deal of inspiration from the passionate and personal way that Anderson tackles customers’ needs. 

When Anderson isn’t inspiring other business owners and entrepreneurs, she’s working hard to provide Frisco residents with insurance policies to protect themselves, their homes, their property, and their assets. She daily lives out the same commitment that she encourages in these paragraphs through her commitment to her clients.


ann-anderson-farmers-insurance-in-friscoIf you’re ready to start taking your business more seriously, a conversation with Anderson about protecting it should be near the top of the agenda, since she combines a wealth of knowledge about insurance with a business owner’s passion for financial security and success.

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