5 Ways to Make Your Haircare Routine Sun-Sational

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Spring break and summer are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your “look”.

But before you get a new hair cut and start swimsuit shopping, it’s worth it to take some to think about ways to care for your skin and hair in preparation for the warmer months.

Sun and water can be brutal on hair and skin, but a few precautions and products can protect the long-term health of both, allowing you to feel great and look your best.

1. Make sun protection part of your overall look.

The best protection from harmful UV rays is coverage. To protect your hair, occasionally opt for an outfit that incorporates a hat or a scarf since the UV rays can be as harmful to your hair as they are to your skin.

hairstyle hat woman(And of course, always wear your UV-protecting, fashion-forward sunglasses to complete the look!).

To ensure that your hair is in great care, drop by Cherry Blow Dry Bar at The Star. Their in-house experts can recommend products that provide sun 76protection for hair. These can range from post-activity hair masks to actual sunscreen for hair. The stylists at Cherry Blow Dry Bar can help you sort through their wide range of options to find the perfect product for your specific needs.

2. Select a sun-safe hairstyle.

Certain hairstyles provide more sun protection than others. While fall and winter is the time to flaunt your bouncy tresses, the hotter months are the season for hair-dos.

Cherry Blow Dry BarTry new ponytails, buns, and up-dos. They're stylish yet elegant and protect hair from additional damage. A loose braid can protect the majority of your hair from direct rays.

The stylists at Cherry Blow Dry Bar offer an abundance of gorgeous loose braid styles and up-dos if you're headed to an outdoor event. Drop by beforehand or make an appointment!

2. Remember that water can be damaging, too.

WebMD reminds us that chlorine from pool water can strip hair of protective oils and leave it vulnerable. Even salt water can be damaging since salt water draws moisture out of hair (and skin) and leaves it parched.

Don’t despair though! To provide your hair with a fantastic defense against both the pool and salt water, switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner during the summer months and add a leave-in conditioner to your hair care routine.

scalp massage - Cherry Blow Dry BarCherry Blow Dry Bar can offer tons of tips and insight regarding the products that are right for your hair type and activity needs.

3. Skip the tools at home.

Hair dryers and curling irons can be damaging to your luscious locks so opt for fewer washings during the late spring or hot summer days. Instead, head to Cherry Blow Dry Bar and let their professionals perfect a look that you can enjoy for several days.

Want to get some ideas ahead of time? Their Instagram account boasts tons of gorgeous, inspiring looks. While you’re there, ask about a quality dry shampoo to combat the oiliness that is inevitably associated with summer sweat.

4. Protect your scalp.

Summer fun can be harsh on your scalp, causing dryness and sunburn. Dry scalp brings its own set of problems and may end up damaging your hair roots. If you tend to sweat more on the scalp resulting in greasy hair, go for a mild shampoo that's especially good for the warmer months.

5. Plan ahead for those spring and summer soirees.

Now that you’ve ensured that your hair will be healthy and gorgeous all season long, are you ready to think about perfecting a style for that upcoming vacation? Maybe you're planning for prom this spring, or you're attending a wedding this summer?

Cherry Blow Dry BarThe talented stylists at Cherry BlowDry Bar can help create the perfect hair and makeup look to go with this year's fashion trends. Excited to wear glam curls, a pop of extra color, or a braid to your upcoming special event?

Check out the promotions on Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s Facebook page and then head over for a style session to kick off the sunny season the right way.

Bonus: Consider adding their fabulous, temporary lashes to your look this spring or summer so that you feel glamorous even in the heat! Cherry Blow Dry Bar specializes in glamorous temporary lashes and runs amazing specials frequently!

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