6 Cool Things to Do at a Texas Legends Game

Did you know you can take in a live basketball game and simultaneously get a haircut without taking a haircut to your pocketbook? Are you aware that your kids can race toy cars while you watch players race to be all-stars?

Have you heard you can be a Texas Legends maniac while also enjoying the silky-smooth stylings of the Mavs ManiAACs? Do you grow tired of writers who start an article with a bunch of set-up questions?

If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, you qualify to keep reading.

Malcom Farmer, President and General Manager of Frisco’s Texas Legends, wants you to know that while the basketball action down on the court is hot there are plenty of cool things to do, see, and eat in the arena.

Cars of the Future

legends_legendary_shotI’m sure we all can agree that we were promised flying cars in the future. The Texas Legends deliver. A 2019 GMC Terrain will fly above center court during home games for a season-long “Enter to Win” contest. At the last home game of the 2018-2019 season, one lucky fan will win this floating vehicle and drive away in it as the theme song from the Jetsons plays and Marty McFly applauds from his hoverboard.*

(*For legal reasons, it needs to be known that the 2019 GMC Terrain doesn’t actually fly, though it looks super awesome suspended over the court during the game. Also, the vehicle will be grounded before it is driven away. Also, Marty McFly’s appearance is listed as a maybe, trending towards a not-at-all likely. But hey, it all still sounds really cool, right?)

Kids Zone

legends__toy_car_raceSpeaking of flying while not legitimately flying, the biggest slide in the metroplex is located in the Kids Zone at the Dr. Pepper Arena. Kids will fly down this slide with the unbridled speed of a Texas Legend on a fast break to happy town.

The Kids Zone is also the home of toy car races if the slide only boosts your need for more speed. This experience is like those model car race track commercials that you could never quite recreate in your garage to look like the excitement of the model car race track commercial.

You Know You’re Hungry

All of that excitement for adults and kids alike can build up an appetite (and we haven’t even touched on the action on the court yet). You have some deliciously customized options specially crafted for the Texas Legends.

Texas Legends LogoTu Bones BBQ offers their famous barbeque menu at every home game, and you can get brisket straight off the smoker.

So you’ve already had that at the last game you attended? Then try the Frisco Wrap that has a sweet and spicy mix with sliced roast beef, smoked gouda, red onions, pickled red jalapenos, leaf lettuce, and sweet BBQ sauce.

Are signature burgers more your speed? The Legends Burger has not one, but two quarter-pound Nolan Ryan beef patties. If my math is correct, that’s a half-pound of beef from a guy who punched Robin Ventura in the face. Stack that with smoked gouda, candied bacon, roasted jalapenos, and a savory, creamy chipotle aioli, and even Ventura himself would say, “I’d charge the mound for that burger!”

Apologies. I slipped into baseball references while Daryl Macon is splashing buckets like he’s at a high school car wash fundraiser. It’s almost like this whole experience is an eclectic, eccentric, exciting new reality.

Virtual Visionaries

After you’ve marveled at a flying* car, swooped down a massive slide, and devoured concessions that make no concession to ordinary, Euro-step on over to the Tech Sideline for an in-game virtual reality experience. “Tired of the kids playing video games at home?” asks Farmer. “Bring them out to a Legends game, and they can try some virtual reality while at the game!”

legends_tech_sideline (1)When I was a teenager, my virtual reality was hoping the one and only Debbie Gibson would allow me to escort her to my middle school ice cream social. I’m realizing now that along with the Marty McFly and Robin Ventura reference that I really need to dial back on my coolness barometer. It’s running too hot.

That said, your electric youth can try out a virtual reality experience while you finish off your Legends Burger. Or maybe you can dribble into the Tech Sideline yourself and have a virtual reality adventure that will make the hairs on the back of your neck noticeably stand up.

Cut That Hair

Back to the initial haircut mention, you can get your hair cut at a Legends game while you watch the Legends game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take place in the flying car, but we can’t have everything, can we?

legends_hair_cutThink about this for a second. Do you go to a place where someone cuts your hair while you watch sports on television? Why not get your hair cut while you watch Texas Legends basketball live and in person?

When you break it down like that it makes perfect sense. The skilled staff will style you to the point that the press will want pictures of you as you leave the game because they'll naturally assume you are one of the players.

Selfie Promotion

Speaking of pictures, another thing you might not know about the Texas Legends game experience is that after every home game, after the flying cars, after the Kid Zone, after the burgers and hot dogs, after the haircuts, and virtual reality, it’s very much a reality to get a selfie with a Legend.

Of all the aforementioned coolness from Malcom Farmer to Debbie Gibson, this is one of the most memorable moments you and your kids can enjoy.

Keith Hornsby Texas Legends campI’m going to go on a sidebar here: when I was 12-years-old I went to a basketball camp hosted by one of my all-time favorite Dallas Mavericks players Rolando Blackman.

Was he there? Yeah, his name was on the camp. But did he take the time to take a picture with me? Yes, he did. And I still have that picture somewhere where my wife can’t see what I looked like before she started dating me. That could be a deal breaker.

Legends Make Legends

The point is that for all the flying cars and slides and games and great food and fantastic basketball and the overall experience, this is a family night out at a basketball game.

legends_post_game_pic_with_playerIt’s an opportunity for your kids to get a selfie with a player which is something that will stick with them like when a basketball gets blocked between the rim and the backboard.

The Texas Legends take this very seriously as they do with everything about what they offer to their fans every game they play at Dr. Pepper Arena.

You want to do something fun with your family? Go to a Texas Legends game. Get a haircut. Race some toy cars. Slide. Go into virtual reality. Oh, and the guys on the court are pretty damn fun to watch as well.

But for all the “wacky” stuff going on, and the “reality” stuff happening, and the “basketball” that’s being played, the Texas Legends offer a very affordable, very engaging, very impressive night out with your family. You aren’t just enjoying a moment. You’re enjoying a memory.

A memory that will certainly not turn out as awkwardly as my Debbie Gibson-middle school ice cream social virtual reality.

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