6 Smart Reasons to Choose Leadership Prep School in Frisco

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While Frisco boasts of many amazing schools, many families are unaware of the variety of options available close at hand. Few know that centrally located between Main Street and Lebanon Road on Teel Road, a charter school offers a unique and cutting-edge approach to education. 

Many aspects of Leadership Prep School (LPS) set it apart, but perhaps the greatest testament to the unique approach to learning at LPS are the experiences of enrolled students and the parents who have entrusted their children to the care of the school.

Here are 6 of the reasons that parents and students choose LPS.

Project-based learning

Leadership Prep SchoolThe curriculum at Leadership Prep is primarily designed around project-based learning, which encourages students to learn as they tackle real-world problems, critically analyzing situations and creatively designing solutions.

The approach to education is designed to produce graduates who are equipped to directly apply their learning and analytical skills to problems that they encounter in later education and the workforce after graduation.


Technology is used through LPS, in every course and in every grade. Students love the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology and parents love that their children are being prepared for the plugged-in workforce of the 21st century.

Preparation for college-bound students

Dual-credit courses and other opportunities provided to high-school students maximize the time that high-school students spend in the classroom and accelerate their post-graduation education and their work towards a degree.

Myriam Blanco, an enthusiastic LPS mom, comments, LPS provides many opportunities for college-bound students, including the possibility of graduating with an Associates degree upon graduation from high school.”

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A unique approach to leadership and character

LPS uses The Leader in Me, a curriculum designed for students based on Stephen Covey’s best-selling book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, to create a culture of character, leadership, and responsibility.

Leadership Prep SchoolParents love the structure, accountability, and culture created by incorporating leadership curriculum into school programming.

Students benefit as they learn to embody immeasurable qualities, such as responsibility, throughout the school day. 

Overall, LPS views students and their learning holistically, ensuring that the curriculum instills in students practical skills as well as character traits whose results are harder to measure. Emily Blanco, one of the schools’ first seniors shared,The school provides room for personal growth and development while challenging us academically.”


Parents and student alike appreciate that the opportunities provided by LPS aren’t costly or limited to a certain sector of neighborhoods. Ed Blanco, a dad of two LPS students, shared, I enjoy that you don’t need to be zoned to go to LPS. Anyone can join without the limitations of zoning.”

LPS is tuition-free and serves students who live within the geographic boundaries of: Allen ISD | Aubrey ISD | Celina ISD | Denton ISD | Frisco ISD | Lewisville ISD | Little Elm ISD | McKinney ISD | Plano ISD | Prosper ISD

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A unique close-knit culture

The leadership at LPS has managed to create a vibrant, close-knit community from which parents and students alike benefit. Ashley Blanco, an LPS high-school student, It creates an environment that you could really call your second family.”

These are just a few of the reasons that parents and student alike choose Leadership Prep School in Frisco. Are you a parent or student at LPS? We’d love to hear other reasons that you love your school!

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