6 Strategies for Coping with Anxiety

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18% of adults in the United States cope with potential anxiety disorders. Even more of us cope with low-grade chronic anxiety. Juggling jobs, kids, chaotic schedules, frightening world events, and our many responsibilities to friends and family is enough to make most adults feel like they are a hamster on a never-ending wheel.

Consider These 6 Coping Strategies

stressYou should never try to simply “deal” if you’re exhibiting signs of a true anxiety disorder and should always seek medical help or the help of an experienced therapist if you are having trouble managing your stress or thoughts.

Many of us, however, can benefit immensely and feel almost immediate stress relief by putting a few coping strategies into action. 

Ready to let go of some of that constant worrying and stress? Try enacting one or two of the following strategies this week.

Let go of the past.

Instead of continuing to worry about re-live past events, try to identify lessons you can learn from the events – if any – and then move on for good. In a recent post on her blog, Molly Claire, Master Certified Life Coach, Amazon Bestselling Author, and owner of Molly Claire Coaching notes,

When we hang on to something from the past, we are always holding ourselves back. When we cling to anger or hurt – it’s usually out of fear… and it’s never useful.


Just 5 minutes of aerobic exercise can produce endorphins – the body’s natural pain-killers – and begin to produce effects to combat anxiety. Is anxiety eating you up? Go for a run or a brisk walk.

walkingBetter yet? Commit to regular exercise by joining a gym or a studio. Exercise won’t solve the object of your worrying, but it will help your ability to cope.

Small fun.

In a story she tells about a mom and daughter who ditch errands to head to the nail salon, Molly Claire points out, “Fun and connection are awesome. Do more of them.” When we’re enjoying life and truly connecting with those we love, there’s not quite as much space for anxious thoughts to take over.

Focus on presence rather than on fixing things for those you love.

Many of us spend time worrying about problems related to others – problems that we can actually never solve because they aren’t our own. Kids, spouses, parents, friends – when you can come alongside them and support them rather than worrying about how you can fix their problems, you release yourself from an impossible burden and provide something truly valuable instead. On her blog, Claire notes,

[Accept] negative emotions as part of their experience. When you can make peace with it, rather than try to fix it – you will allow yourself to be present with them.

Protect your time.

Anxiety often gains fuel when we try to be and do everything for everyone – at the expense of ourselves. Be realistic about the amount of time you have and be honest about your priorities. Molly frequently discusses how even our children can be a source of stress if we don’t guard our down-time carefully. 

stress anxiety worryIf you have trouble assessing how much time a commitment might take or why a person or event seems to be the source of stress, sit down with a close friend who can help you honestly assess your schedule.

Then, protect your schedule and downtime (and your joy!) fiercely. Everyone around you will benefit in the long-term from choices you make to help yourself live more fully.

Create routines.

Routines, especially routines centered on things that we love, help provide us with a sense of grounding and security, even when things seem like they are spinning out of control. Claire talks about the surprising comfort that came from simply finding her crockpot during a move.

It wasn’t so much the food, but the sense of routine that it creates that I was craving.

reading coffeeWhether it’s the routine of a particular meal, an activity that your family participates in together, or a time that you carve out to allow yourself to read or play an instrument, routines and rituals have a calming effect.

Let’s Get Your Sparkle Back

Are you feeling stuck? Have you already tried most of these coping mechanisms, to no avail? Perhaps you could benefit from having an experienced coach come alongside you to help encourage you through this period of anxiety or to provide some perspective.


Molly Claire of Molly Claire Coaching

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