6 Ways to Decorate with Original Art

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Entertaining is a great excuse to show off exciting new art pieces to friends and family and to refresh one’s home with creative new decor.

Most of us have cracked a can of paint or two to transform a boring room. Pinterest and HGTV have made home decorating a bit more accessible to the masses. But most of us are still intimidated by the idea of using original art to decorate our homes – we prefer to acquire decor via mass production and if we do acquire a unique piece, we're often left unsure how to feature it.

But with a resource like the Frisco Fine Art Gallery overflowing with fantastic, one-of-a-kind unique art pieces created by local artists, it’s a shame to miss an opportunity to acquire beautiful and unique creations for our homes.

One of the goals of Frisco Fine Art is to make art accessible to all Frisco residents, at all price points. There’s really no excuse this holiday season to miss out on a unique creation. To help you along in the process, here are 6 ways to help you incorporate pieces of original art into your home.

Decorate around it.

area-art-artworkUse a fresh piece of art to anchor a room’s decor. An art piece can determine the color scheme of the room, but it can determine the design of the room in other ways as well – a piece of art can determine the mood or style of a room and help direct the arrangement or choice of furniture, window hangings, and other decor.

Frame it professionally.

One of the best ways to help a unique piece of art stand out is through carefully chosen framing. Professionals can help determine the best framing style for a piece – for instance, the staff at Frisco Fine Art are experts at designing gorgeous interiors and displaying unique art. A well-chosen frame can mean the difference between a piece of art that shines and one whose potential is lost.

Layer with other pieces to highlight it.

Layering a unique piece with other pieces is often an effective way to display it. Lean a small painting against a much larger, abstract canvas to help it stand out or use a large piece of art as the backdrop for other art or decor.

Mix and match.

bookcase-chairs-decor-artDon’t separate framed family photos from art. Instead, anchor a stunning gallery wall or family portraits with a one-of-a-kind piece of art on a large empty wall or mix a number of small art pieces among travel memories to warm up a long, empty hallway.

Place it strategically.

Ensuring that art is hung at the correct height helps to highlight it – the center of a piece should generally be at the eye level of someone between 5 feet, 4 inches and 6 feet tall. This rule can be fudged with a very large piece, which should be hung with about ⅔ of the piece below eye level.

original art home decorPlacing an enormous piece of art simple on the ground leaning against a wall or on a narrow ledge just slightly wider than the piece itself can also be effective ways to display it.

Don’t limit yourself to paintings.

In general, most homeowners consider art to include only art that can be framed and hung, but sculptures and 3-D art can be bold and striking additions to home decor.

Frisco Fine Art sculpture3-D art can be incorporated into unexpected spots in the home like bathrooms to easily take a small room from boring to strikingly memorable.

Ready to dazzle friends and family with newly acquired original pieces in your home this holiday season? Head over to the Frisco Fine Art Gallery this weekend and explore their fabulous collection of original art!

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