7 Reasons Why Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

Oh February! It’s the time of year when red and pink are everywhere and love is in the air! You might be daydreaming about chocolate-covered strawberries, roses, and heart-shaped boxes of candy. Or better yet, a candlelight dinner in your fave restaurant followed by an evening snuggling under the sheets with your bae.

But then…things don’t seem so dreamy when you try on your sexy outfit only to realize the bulges are in all the wrong places! Forget about strutting around in that lacey underwear – it's feeling like more of a granny panty night. All these thoughts might send you into a frenzy and make you want to reach for a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream.

But don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe your figure has changed a bit, but romance is still in the air! While you're dropping hints to your love about what you'd like for Valentine's Day this year, consider this: couples who sweat together stay together!

How about reclaiming your old selves and those rocking bodies you once had? The mission is not impossible! Give a gift that improves your relationship and quality of life for years to come – not to mention, a gift that enhances your sex drive. It's a gift that lasts a lifetime – and we can list 7 ways to back that up.

A Long, Healthy Future Together… Now THAT's Romantic!

1. By implementing a regular exercise routine into your lifestyle, you and your mate will begin to notice physiological changes to your body. You'll begin to become stronger, toner, and fitter with improved bone and muscle mass. Strength training also helps reduce symptoms of chronic health conditions such as Type II Diabetes, blood pressure, and Arthritis.

couple relationship2. Chronic health conditions, over time, can financially deplete savings on unwanted expenses. Just think of how much money you'll save with a better quality of life! Instead, invest that money in a fancy date night or a dream vacation.

3. The most noticeable physical results begin to show in your arms, legs, torso, and booty. Yes, that saggy booty will be a thing of the past. Think bootylicious! And who doesn’t feel fabulous when their mate says your legs look sexy and toned! Or “Hey honey, your pecs are looking good!” Not only does that boost your confidence but it also makes you feel more inclined to be romantic.

4. Bye, Bye, Grumpy Bae. While the movie Grumpy Old Men was funny, nobody wants to be around a crabby or ill-tempered person. The beauty of a regular strength training regimen is that it will boost your overall psyche. Physical activity stimulates chemicals in the brain that enhance mood and reduce unwanted stress and anxiety.

Fitness tennis shoes stretching5. You’re more likely to experience increased energy and self-satisfaction with an improved body image. You might even find you’re more excited about hanging out together with all that positive energy in abundance. Maybe date nights galore!

6. Those days of forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning or groceries are gone. Exercise and strength training also improve one’s cognitive function – one less reason to be annoyed with them!

7. Let’s not forgot about the libido. When love is in the air we want to have a mojo that's working. While exercise in general is great to get the blood pumping to all the right places, strength training is one of the best exercises because it increases testosterone levels. Post-workout, get an extra sweat session on under the sheets with your lucky someone! And you might find the big O is even stronger and better than ever.

Let's Get Practical – Couples Share Their Results

Practical Fitness in Frisco offers completely private one on one strength training sessions. Their Steady-Pace® methodology is so good that owners Jeff Gotte and Alcyr Coelho offer your money back if you don’t get results. In as little as one hour a week you and your mate can transform your body, and more importantly, improve your overall health.

Janeen Drinkard“When I started going to PracFit, I didn't tell my husband. I wanted to find out how long it would take him to see a difference in my body. After only 2 WEEKS (4 sessions) he asked me what I was doing! He saw muscle definition in my arms, legs and that I had lost a few pounds. I was sold! THEN on a family beach vacation, my 3 sons were blown away at how good I looked in my swimsuit. I've been going for 5½ years; my husband for 5 years. We're both in our 50s and are strong, healthy and fit.” – Janeen D.

Laurie and Brian Adair, PracFit clients“PF is by far the best workout we've gotten. I lost 22 lbs in a few short months. I'm 32 and weighed 150 lbs, now I weigh 128. I was happy with the weight loss but more impressed with the body fat loss and how toned I was! I'm a mom and don't have a lot of free time, so 30 min once or twice is ideal. My husband also goes to PracFit, and in 6 months he lost 25 lbs, added muscle, and got back his six pack from when we dated in college! I’ve learned it's not the length of the workout that matters, it’s the quality of a workout that matters.” – Laurie Adair.

If you and your mate want to reclaim your old selves, become healthier, and get your mojo back, opt for a Practical Fitness gift certificate. Strength training might just save your relationship (and it's cheaper than couple’s therapy).

Connect with Practical Fitness to take advantage of their Couples Offer. For just $100 you'll get:

  • 1-Hour Health & Fitness Consultation
  • 3 Private, One-on-One, 30-Minute Personal Training Sessions for your loved one and 3 sessions for yourself!

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