8 Reasons to Use a Realtor When Buying New Construction


We all know Frisco is growing at rapid speed and along with it many North Texas builders are busy keeping up with the demand for new construction homes. Exploring the different new home communities in Frisco can be exciting, but also overwhelming.

There’s no doubt a prospective buyer can find any type of house to meet their needs but how can you best navigate the variety, style, and choice? I sat down with Louis DiBella from the Cheney Group to discuss the importance of working closely with a realtor when choosing your next brand-new home. Louis explains,

As your realtor, our job is to bring our professional experience to the table to support you. We’re dedicated and will hand-hold a client every step of the process from that first visit to a model home, all the way to closing.

Choosing a professional can bring welcome relief to an otherwise potentially-stressful process. Consider these 8 reasons for why a realtor can make your life easier while exploring the new home market in Frisco.

Local Expertise and Knowledge

This is crucial when making a home selection particularly in relation to schools, neighborhoods, traffic, and commuting routes.  An experienced realtor can guide you through the general pros and cons of the immediate area depending on what is a priority for your family. Taking all this into account a realtor can then create a customized search for the buyer.

Realtors also tend to have the inside track and connections to houses not yet on the market.

Price Guidance and Contract Negotiation

Your realtor will likely already have an established relationship and connection with many, if not all, builders in the area which can help when it comes to negotiating a competitive price on the home you desire.

new-homeIf you’re a transplant to the area, all that you may be familiar with is pre-owned homes, therefore it’s wise to source a local professional, skilled and experienced to discuss warranties, premiums and more of what you want right up to the point of closing.

They can help devise a negotiation strategy and resolve any disputes throughout the building process. Agents can essentially act as buffers and ensure you know what your rights are.

Market Analysis Expertise and Review  

Realtors must stay up to date on current market trends particularly in an ever-developing city like Frisco. While a year to 18 months ago most local experts would have agreed it was a sellers’ market, trends have changed and stand more in favor of the buyer, meaning some strong negotiation skills and conversations are possible.

Working with a realtor can ensure you’re equipped with that timely knowledge and support when entering sales and budget discussions. A realtor can assess and present you with detailed comparable sales data and help you evaluate the statistics to support a negotiation strategy based on market conditions.

Choosing Your Lot

new-home-construction 2Once you’ve selected the ideal community which suits your family, how do you choose a lot? Realtors can present ideas on lot size and location along with helping you understand the various advantages and disadvantages. For example, Louis explains,

Typically an interior lot can hold more value than an exterior – and we’ll also remind you of the importance of resale value when choosing that lot, as not every home is a forever home.

A realtor can help you consider what’s important to your family at this stage in your lives. Decisions about schools, commute distance and amenities. Is a corner lot a good idea to provide a more spacious environment or can it present its own set of problems long-term? What are the homes potential views when all construction is finished?

Inventory homes are usually available in any new community which is still in a phase of construction. While these homes are already built and considered ‘move in ready’ or ‘quick move-ins’, the process of buying still requires expert negotiation with the building company – which your realtor is experienced to handle and negotiate the best deal.

Choosing Models and Plans

This can be both exciting and daunting as you look through the detail of how the interior of your home will work for your family.  An experienced realtor will have seen hundreds of plans while working with clients and builders and can, therefore, assist with slight tweaking to suit your needs; e.g. eliminating or adding a bathroom or closet or adding a little extra space in a room or even garage.

New homes are also leaning lately towards eliminating the formal dining area and instead, builders are creating an even larger eating area in the kitchen as the hub of the home for family and entertainment. Large islands with counter seating and ample space to hang out are becoming more standard. Spaces accommodating larger kitchen dining tables and being utilized as a more improved gathering space.

Another area of prime focus is the home office. With more professionals working full or part-time from home, in some cases, both adults, a space for hours of desk working has moved up the priority list when buyers view various models.

Design Center Options

A similar approach will be taken when working with the design center. A realtor can attend these meetings with you and assist on choice and their value-add, or not, providing objective advice when discussing upgrades and negotiating any additional pricing.  Understanding the latest design trends and choosing certain styles that can remain timeless. Changing the standard flooring in a particular space or adding more sockets in a room, the options are endless.

During the Build

Louis DiBella Cheney Group

Louis DiBella, Cheney Group

There are various timelines to completion. Typically, a builder meeting will take place before breaking ground. The next stage is a pre-drywall walkthrough, plumbing discussions and final viewing using the ‘blue tape’ marking process.

Louis explains how they keep a client close during every stage.

We at the Cheney Group enjoy navigating the various steps of your construction. We’ll work with you from day one on understanding the area, choosing your new home, writing out the initial contract, being present and involved at the various meetings all the way to closing. All the time being mindful to ensure your build is on schedule and budget.

Post-closing Support

After closing day, your agent doesn’t disappear. In my case, and speaking to various realtors, they stay connected with many clients and often form a friendship. For transplants, this one person can be your lifeline to understanding, exploring and settling into a new area.

A lot of realtors also have established vendor connections or can recommend contacts for things like patio and pool building as you consider enhancing your home further. Agents tend to have a list of references with whom they have worked and provide background information to help you make a wise selection.

The one message that emerges is to never consider building a home without an expert on your side. Best of luck with your search and why not tell us about your experience navigating the new home market here in Frisco? Leave a comment, below!

About Louis DiBella

Louis DiBella was born and raised in the DFW area. He understands the North Texas market very well, having built extensive relationships with all the key home construction companies across North Texas. He works as part of what they call the ‘Dream Team’ with his wife Nikki (also a real estate professional), where together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Cheney Group. Learn all about their vast knowledge, expertise, and approach to real estate here.

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