Abandon Stress and Find Rest at The Sacred Space in Frisco

Are you racing through life in a constant state of frazzled, dropping a ball or two somewhere along the way?

Far too often I'm living in a state of panic as I juggle life managing a home, kids, and work. A typical day starts at 6:30 in the morning and honestly, I don’t sit down till around 9:00 pm…at which time I discover a pile of laundry with my name on it.

By this point, my cortisol levels are in overdrive mode. Can you relate?

Chronic stress puts your health at risk.

Cortisol, your body's primary stress hormone, is not entirely bad… It provides an instantaneous boost of energy to survive a stressful situation or perceived threat (like being chased by the Frisco coyote). Adrenaline comes into play, increasing your heart rate, elevating your blood pressure and boosting your energy supplies.

stress anxiety worryIt’s not good for the body to remain in that state for too long, however. Consistently high cortisol levels can harm the body and cause health issues, including, but not limited to:

  • weakened immune system
  • premature aging
  • weight gain
  • loss of muscle mass
  • low energy
  • difficulty sleeping

So, how can we lower our cortisol levels?

A proven way to lower your stress hormone is with a steady routine of yoga, meditation, and deep breathing. A restorative yoga class will incorporate all three of these stress relievers into its practice. It's all about slowing down and opening up the body with a series of deep stretches and mindful breathing.

While the majority of yoga classes are very active, building heat to increase strength and flexibility, in a restorative yoga class, breath work, long holds, and the use of props allow your muscles to relax deeply. The nervous system slows down – as does your busy mind.

Restorative classes are very mellow, and therefore they're an excellent way to balance out a high-energy, demanding lifestyle. Just as you might schedule a regular hair or nail appointment, consider adding a restorative yoga class to your routine…for the sake of your health.

Restoration is closer than you think.

My personal need to slow down and lower my stress levels led me to try a class at The Sacred Space in the heart of Frisco's Rail District. The boutique yoga studio offers beginner level through advanced classes and maintains a commitment to small class sizes to allow for individualized attention and instruction.

The studio is intimate, and inviting, with a unique ambiance that fosters peace as soon as you walk through the door.

Leah Knippel Sacred Space FriscoLong before she opened The Sacred Space in Frisco, Owner Leah Knippel traveled the world studying, exploring, and ultimately, finding a passion that would change her life forever.

She spent her longest time abroad in Thailand, living there cumulatively for 5 years, working to fight sex trafficking against women and children in the Red Light District of Bangkok.

These years working to help people in unthinkable situations took a toll on her wellbeing, finally causing her to emotionally shut down and go numb.

Needing a space to heal and reconnect with society led to the birth of The Sacred Space in Frisco, where Leah has created a unique studio that reflects her nomadic and wanderlust-filled world travels. Step inside and you're taken out of suburbia for a little while. The world slows down a little bit. She shares on her website,

I have always had a calling to engage with people in meaningful ways and to see people transform, grow and heal. This space creates an environment where that can happen.

Leah’s vision is for guests and members to have a safe and judgment-free place where they can go to connect, transform their life, and become their best selves.

Finding Peace in Leah's Sacred Space

On a Thursday night, I entered the eclectic and softly lit studio where Leah was awaiting with the mats, bolsters, and blankets to take us from a place of stress, to rest.

The Sacred Space Frisco 2 -Literally, I didn’t have to think about doing anything but settling into the inviting and sanctuary-esque space. Incense burned to further stimulate the calming and serene environment.

It didn't take more than a minute for me to forget about the craziness of the day and the to-do list that awaited me at home.

We began the restorative yoga class in a supported savasana by laying our head and back over a bolster. This heart-opening pose allows your back, neck, and shoulder blades to fully relax.

If you've never tried this posture it’s a great counter body balance for the spine, neck, and muscles after working hunched over a computer all day. It might take you by surprise, just how much your body needed to rest in that way.

Leah Knippel Sacred SpaceFrom there, we transitioned into a supported child’s pose on the bolster. You know all of that tension you hold in your face without even realizing it?

Clenched teeth, tight jaw, furrowed brow? The supported child's pose melts it away… It doesn't take long before your mind follows, with the focus moving from your day's stressors to being at one with your breath.

I enjoyed the class so much that I returned to try another class, Ritual Yoga: Moving with Intention and Inspiration. More than just physical exercise, the Ritual Yoga class requires being in the present moment, moving with purpose, and connecting at a deeper mental, physical, and spiritual level.

The class allows time to breathe deeply as you slowly flow into each posture, with no rushing between asanas. The stress just melts away…

Take care of you.

If you're living in a constant state of frazzled, like so many of us are, take a moment to listen to your body. It's likely begging you to slow down, breathe, and rest.

Consider trying a restorative yoga class such as those offered at The Sacred Place in historic downtown Frisco. (Contact Leah Knippel. She's holding space for you.)

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