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A review of Mutual of American Integrity insurance in 2021.

How Has Covid-19 Affected American Integrity Insurance

American Integrity Insurance moved to a 100% remote work environment and purchased personal protection equipment (PPE) for all staff required to visit with clients. 

They were also officially praised by being placed in two top spots in the Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces 2021 list. Employee treatment was cited, which included free counselling and assistance with anxiety, burnout and health issues. 

New Products Or Changes

In part due to Covid-19 restrictions, they announced a new partnership with Cape Analytics. This property intelligence company allows for the assessment of properties remotely and the expansion of their underwriting abilities.

American Integrity Insurance In The News

On the national scale, American Integrity Insurance took first place for 2021 in Energage’s Top Workplaces USA award

“It was a team effort to keep our employees engaged and maintain our corporate culture while working remotely to ensure our safety,” said Angie Quinn, Senior Vice President.

2021 Latest American Integrity Insurance Reviews

Reviews on BBB and Clearinsurance contain multiple complaints and reviews from customers unable to receive their rebates and experience long periods without contact from the company. Yelp reviews also include complaints regarding the sending of non-renewal notices.

CALLING ALL FLORIDA RESIDENTS, are you considering buying a policy from American Integrity Insurance?

If you own a home in Florida, you know there are some risks involved.

Protecting your residence and valuables is extraordinarily important which means it’s essential that you have the right coverage.

…but how can you be sure that American Integrity Insurance is the right company for you?

You can start by reading this post – the most comprehensive of all American Integrity Insurance Reviews!

Table of Contents:

About American Integrity Insurance Group (AIIG)

American Integrity, is a serious contender in the insurance market.  They specialize in Florida homeowners insurance, not to mention various other products – but that’s not all!

They also offer discounts galore!

So this insurer might just be the perfect fit for you and your family! Or there may be better choices!

Before we get into the meat of this review, I’m going to share a little bit of background information.

“There were three Category 4 U.S. landfalls in a period of 26 days: Harvey, Irma and Maria. For context, the previous three occurred over a period of 56 years,” Rappaport said Wednesday at the National Hurricane Conference at Hilton Orlando.  Broken records, remarkable stats made 2017 hurricane season one for the history books, Florida Today 

american integrity insurance logoAmerican Integrity Insurance Group aka AIIG was founded in 2006.

They’ve made a name for themselves as purveyors of homeowners insurance in the state of Florida.

Let’s face it, with increasing natural disasters, Florida is a tough place to own a home in recent years. Sadly there are numerous stories about people who’ve lost their homes and didn’t have the proper insurance to cover their costs.

But have no fear! American Integrity Insurance was formed in response to the lack of solid home insurance options in Florida.

…AND as you’ll see, American Integrity Insurance Company has a good selection of products AND discounts. So let’s dig in to see if they’re a fit for YOU!

AIIG Ratings

Financial ratings are important!

They give you an idea of how strong the foundation is for the life insurance company you select.

This is VERY important because you want them to be solvent when you make a claim. 

So what about American Integrity Insurance?

Demotech who?

Well…none of the big guns, such as AM Best, have given American Integrity Insurance Company a financial rating.

You can read into that what you like. 

Frankly, this isn’t a shining gold star for American Integrity Insurance. In my humble opinion, the official seal of approval from the well-known rating agencies is pretty meaningful. After all, you’re entering into a long-term relationship with these guys! 

They did, however, get an “A” rating from Demotech. Hmmmm….you can read into that what you like as well. 

…and before you get too excited about that A rating – this is the third highest rating they give out. So it could have been better despite the description of excellent.

Another more conservative rating company, Weiss, gave them a “D” rating back in 2014. Which means they believed their financial stability was WEAK. The thing is – it’s tough to find a VERY stable company in Florida, due to the nature of the beast. 

Established in 1985, Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm located in Columbus, Ohio. Demotech has served the insurance industry by providing accurate and proven Financial Stability Ratings® (FSRs) as well as consulting services for Property & Casualty insurance companies and Title underwriters.


Premier Homeowners Insurance

American Integrity Insurance is best known for its homeowner’s insurance offering.

Their Premier Plan covers homes valued at $750,000 – $10 million. 

Hmmm, it’s pretty clear that you need to be fairly well off if you are considering this plan for your home insurance needs.

The Premier Plan covers personal property such as jewelry, furs, fine art, musical instruments, silverware or gold, and coin or stamp collections.

The Premier Plan covers the following at no additional cost: 

New building codes? No worries! Ordinance or Law Coverage insures you against 50% of the cost to comply

  • Repairs to your carport, pool and screen enclosures. American Integrity Insurance offers greater coverage limits than its competitors

Higher coverage amounts for unattached structures, personal property, watercraft, personal liability, and more

Identity Recovery Coverage: You’re provided with a restoration case manager to help you quickly take control of your identity

Service Line Protection:  Covers repairs to underground pipes and wiring that cater to services such as water, power, data, and communications to your home

Home Computer Protection

Home Systems Protection covers repairs or replacement when home systems and equipment break down.

Wow! All this AND a…

Concierge Service

American Integrity Insurance offers every high-end policyholder access to their concierge service. You get some pretty amazing benefits too!

  • Your own customer service representative
  • Preferred contractor program for claims and home renovations
  • Customized inspections, including portfolio
  • This inspection is uploaded to an online inventory tool called

Florida Homeowners Insurance (HO-3)

American Integrity Insurance also offers traditional homeowners insurance for those of you that fall outside the Premier coverage category. 

American Integrity insurance offers a wide variety of coverage and access to substantial discounts (which I will discuss in detail below).

Here is what you get with a standard American Integrity Homeowners Policy:

  • Increased Personal Property Coverage
  • Coverage for loss of Money, Securities, Watercraft, Trailers, Jewelry, Furs, Firearms, Silverware, Business Property on and off Premises
  • Fire Department Service Charge
  • Credit Card Loss
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Watercraft Liability
  • Damage to Other People’s Property
  • Loss of Use Coverage

Condo Insurance (HO-6)

So, we touched on American Integrity Homeowners Insurance, but let’s be honest here…this is Florida we’re talking about. Tons of residents live in condos.  Luckily, American Integrity Insurance has condo insurance too!

With condo insurance, the following are covered:

  • Permanently attached structures
  • Loss of use
  • Medical payments

If this coverage doesn’t do it for you, you still have the option to add any of the extra protection options I mentioned above as they are the same as the homeowner’s policy.

If you’re looking for a cheaper homeowners/condo insurance policy, check out the “X-Wind” policy. 

BEWARE: This policy does not cover damage due to wind, tornadoes, hail, and hurricanes. Ummmmm. Yeah. Fair warning…you’re rolling the dice if you choose this option because this IS Florida after all.

….but that’s not all! American Integrity Insurance has a great selection of add-ons too. If you feel their standard homeowner’s coverage leaves too many loopholes, you can go above and beyond!

Additional Coverage for Home & Condo Owners

If you feel you need additional coverage, American Integrity Insurance has a vast selection of add-ons that you can purchase to supplement your policy:

Bundled Coverage Endorsements

Choose from a selection of bundle endorsements that offer additional protection that include higher limits on selected coverages. They offer three different levels of protection: Silver, Gold & Diamond

Home Systems Protection

Covers the cost to replace or fix damage caused by home systems breakdown, i.e. electrical or mechanical accidents or issues.

Service Line Insurance

As a homeowner, you’re financially responsible to repair service lines to your home, such as underground pipes and power wiring. This insurance covers these costs.

Identity Theft Insurance

Prevents you from paying thousands of dollars to get your identity restored.

Flood Insurance

Most people don’t realize how costly a flood can be. With this protection,  your property and its contents are covered for floods, storms, hurricanes, and torrential rains.
…but what if you don’t own a “traditional” home. Well, American Integrity Insurance thought of that angle too!

Manufactured Home

You know those homes that are built in a factory, transported on the road, and then dropped in a location? That process has always amazed me. Anyway, those buildings are known as manufactured homes. American Integrity Insurance provides specialized coverage to protect the following:

  • Physical residence
  • Personal belongings
  • Personal liability
  • Sinkhole coverage

You can also purchase additional coverage for the following:

  • Screen enclosures
  • Attached structures
  • Mechanical/electrical breakdown
  • Identity theft

What if you own a property and rent it out? American Integrity Insurance thought about that too! They provide Landlords with insurance whether they are renting a property or NOT.

Yep, even if you aren’t renting your space – you’re still liable for accidents that happen on your property!

Rental or Vacant Property Insurance

These are two different types of policies designed specifically to cover homes that are vacant or homes that are rented out.

The first policy is called Dwelling Property 1 (DP-1) and it’s created for people who want to protect houses that are vacant. Let’s be real…vacant houses are extremely vulnerable to robberies, fires, and other disasters.

Thankfully, the DP-1 policy covers:

  • Vandalism
  • Squatters
  • Thieves
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Water Leaks

NOTE: You can also use DP-1 coverage if you have a rental property and are on a VERY tight budget, but it won’t be comprehensive coverage.

However, if you own a rented house there are different risks. This is why American Integrity Insurance offers the Dwelling Property 3 (DP-3) policy. It’s also referred to as rental insurance or landlord insurance.

If you are a senior citizen you can also access discounts which I will discuss more below.

Renter’s Policy

Ok, you’re a renter that’s worried about fires, theft, and other events that could destroy your belongings. No worries! American Integrity Insurance has the coverage for you.

A renter’s policy protects:

Personal Property: Covers clothes, furniture, and other belongings from $10,000-$250,000.

Personal Liability Coverage: If you’re legally responsible for injury or property damage, the basic policy protects up to $100,000, but you can add coverage up to $300,000.

American Integrity Insurance prides themselves on the flexibility of their renter’s policy. For example, if you switch residences, you can actually keep the same policy, as long as your new residence qualifies. There are also a few deductible options, including:

  • All Other Perils Deductible, and
  • Hurricane Deductible

Additional Protection for Renters

But wait… there’s more! You can add the following on if you feel you need additional coverage:

  • Scheduled Personal Property: Additional protection for valuables like jewelry, fine arts, antiques, and more.
  • Identity Recovery: Covers expenses to restore your identity.
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost: Protect your possessions without depreciation.
  • Self-Storage Facilities: Increased coverage for personal belongings.
  • Home Computer: $1k – 20K in costs for computer and/or equipment replacement.

NOTE: American Integrity Insurance is the only company in the state that offers these last two endorsements!

  • Assisted Living Care: For qualified non-resident relatives that often stay in an Assisted Living Care facility.
  • Home Cyber Protection: Up to $25,000 of coverage from cyber attacks and fraud.

Golf Cart Insurance

You know we’re talking about a  Florida insurance provider when they offer a special insurance policy just for golf carts!

Nothing is more relaxing than cruising around on a beautiful golf course, but that doesn’t mean disaster can’t strike.

Their policy includes:

  • Liability Coverage: Up to $500,000 in coverage if you’re responsible for injury or damage
  • Medical Payments: Up to $10,000 in coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: If you get into an accident with someone who doesn’t have the insurance to pay you for damage incurred in an accident
  • Collision Coverage: Covers your golf cart in case an accident occurs
  • “Other than” Collision Coverage: Protects your golf cart from losses caused by fire, theft, flood, or vandalism

Additional Coverage for Golfers

There are also a couple of additional coverage options available for this policy:

  • Helmets and Safety Apparel:  Up to $1,500 in coverage for loss to any helmets/safety apparel worn while in the golf cart
  • Optional Equipment Coverage: Coverage for added equipment installed to a golf cart

Additional Discounts for Golfers

Although I will be discussing discounts in greater detail below, there are savings that only apply to golf cart insurance. Let’s take a peek now!

  • Golf Cart Safety Course: If you’ve completed this safety course within the past 3 years, you’ll qualify for a discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: If you insure multiple carts, you’ll save some money on each policy
  • Personal Responsibility: Qualify for this discount if you have a solid history of financial responsibility and driving experience
  • Prior Insurance Discount: Discount available if you keep your golf cart insurance in good standing for 6 months or more
  • Renewal Discount: Discount applied after you renew your policy

Flood Insurance

I briefly mentioned flood insurance in connection with homeowners insurance above. WELL, it’s such a unique product I thought it needed its own description.

American Integrity Insurance’s rates are 15% lower than those available through the National Flood Insurance Program!

Wow! Plus there is no waiting period for protection to go into effect.

They are also certified by Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation. Which means their coverage is at least as broad as that offered by the NFIP.

You can tack flood insurance on to your:

  1. Homeowners (HO3) policy 
  2. Condo (HO6) policy
  3. Rental, Seasonal or Vacant Properties (DP-1 or DP-3)

Having a waterfront view can be a slice of paradise, but Roger Barlow remembers how he felt last summer when Hurricane Irma was roaring toward Southwest Florida. “They were predicting three feet of water in the street that meant 3 feet in the house,” said Barlow. While he’s fortunate the surge wasn’t as bad as it could have been, he wanted to prepare by buying flood insurance. He pays about $400 to insure his home in Cape Coral. He thought it would be the same for his house in North Fort Myers. “They quoted me $1,932 for one year. I was in shock,” said Barlow.  Flood insurance rates climb due to Florida natural disasters, NBC 2 

Umbrella Insurance

For extra protection, you can also purchase an umbrella insurance policy from American Integrity Insurance.

Their base plan provides coverage from $1M – $5M. This will help protect all of your assets. This insurance covers the gaps left by traditional homeowners, health and auto insurance.

The good news is – it’s a lot more affordable than you would think!


Last but not least, we can’t ignore American Integrity Insurance’s vast array of discounts.  You may have seen some of these mentioned above.

Quite simply put, there’s a ton of ways for you to save money on an American Integrity Insurance policy.

If you qualify for any of the following discounts, you’ll take a good chunk off the price of your insurance premiums:

  • Accredited Builder: Homes built within that last five years should qualify.
  • Insurance Score: If you have solid credit, financial history, and if you’ve lived at your residence for a considerable amount of time, then your insurance score should allow you to qualify for this discount
  • Hardie Plank or Hardie Board Siding: This discount is given to those who have this brand of material on their homes
  • Multi-Program Discount: If you have more than one policy with American Integrity, you’ll be rewarded with lower premiums on your homeowner’s policy!
  • Proof of Updates: This discount is reserved for houses that have updated their electrical, plumbing, roof, and heating/air conditioning at some point within the last five years
  • Proof of Updates (Roof Only): For homes 15+ years old that have replaced roofing materials in the past 10 years
  • Protective Devices: Not only do those fire and burglar alarms help protect your home and family, but they can also save you some money on your homeowner’s policy
  • Secured Community: If you live in a gated community or in an area with limited access, you should qualify
  • Senior Discount: 55 years or older? American Integrity Insurance will take care of you!
  • Water Loss Prevention: Get your plumbing checked to ensure that it is sound, then get rewarded!

Wow! That’s a pretty good selection don’t cha think?

Quote Process

Hmmm! Well, I was VERY excited when I saw that you can get an instant quote! Yep – armed with nothing but a zip code, I only had to answer 2 questions:

  1. Was I the homeowner
  2. Is my place more than 75 years old

Easy-peasy right?


Every Florida zip code I punched in came up with the same message. That the area is not serviced by American Integrity Insurance Company. 

Here is the message I got when I used an Orlando zip code: 32789

“Sorry, Your Area Is Not Serviced”

Whomp, whomp.

The interesting part is when I plugged in that same zip code to locate an agent the system was populated with quite a few choices. Soooo…yes, in theory…an instant quote rocks.

Sadly, in reality, the system didn’t work for me. 

NOTE: Instant quotes only work for home and condo quotes – that is, if it works at all! Otherwise, you have to contact an agent.

Which inevitably brings me to….

ALWAYS consult an independent insurance agent! They have access to DOZENS of life insurance companies. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Why not let them do the leg work! A little competition NEVER hurt anyone and will likely get you better rates.  Chris Huntley, Huntley Wealth

Claims Process

American Integrity Insurance provides two ways to file claims:

  1. Online
  2. Call their 24-hour claims line 

They also have a team of local adjusters, ready to deal with the onslaught of claims when a hurricane hit Florida. This is a GREAT perk.

Also, I love the fact that you can get the wheels of your claim in motion immediately. 

Customer Service

As with MANY insurance companies, this isn’t one of their strongest points.

…and unfortunately, some of the American Integrity Customer Service reviews are downright terrible! 

But to be fair, this isn’t the whole story. It’s a mixed bag, but I certainly wouldn’t pick American Integrity Insurance based on their online reviews.

This 4-star review is the exception rather than the rule. Unfortunately, I was able to find far too many 1, 2 and 3-star reviews to say that customers seem happy with the service they are receiving.


No American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida review would be complete without the good stuff – and here it is:

  • Wide Selection of Homeowners Insurance
  • Comprehensive Discounts
  • Comprehensive & Affordable Flood Insurance with No Waiting Period
  • Golf Cart Insurance (Awesome if You Golf)
  • Claims PROCESS

There’s certainly a lot to like about this little gem of an insurance company in Florida.

That being said, be sure you finish the article before buying a policy. It’s not all gravy.

Wide Range of Home Related Products

If you’re looking for Home Insurance in the Florida area this may be the company you’ve been looking for. They’ve got a very nice selection of property-related insurance. It gets even better if you splurge for the Premier policy. Who doesn’t want concierge service?

Flood Insurance

Floods suck. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. So if you live in an area like Florida, and it’s likely a hurricane will hit – you REALLY need it. So why not go for a cost-effective solution?

…and there’s no waiting period so your coverage starts IMMEDIATELY!

Golf Carts

Got a golf cart? Then American Integrity Insurance is the company for YOU!


Predicting when an accident will occur is like trying to predict the Florida weather. It’s easier said than done!

Luckily, you can file a claim with American Integrity Insurance ’round the clock. Their claims line is open 24/7 so you can get assistance as soon as possible.

Plus, you have the option to report claims online at your convenience. Trust me, a lot of insurance companies DO NOT make filing a claim this quick and easy.


Last but not least, we can’t ignore American Integrity Insurance’s numerous discounts! They really do provide a LOT of ways for you to save money. 


I can’t keep talking about the good stuff without warning you about potential issues.

To be fair, every provider has room for improvements! American Integrity Insurance is NO exception.

  • Financial Stability (I’m on the fence here)
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Quoting Process
  • Claim Resolution

Financial Strength

There’s no doubt about it — financial strength is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on an insurance company.

Especially when it’s homeowners insurance…in Florida. With the hurricanes, strong winds, and floods, it’s important to know that your provider has the financial backing to pay claims.

Plus, it will give you some peace of mind to know that your company will maintain stability for years down the road.

Unlike some of their competitors, American Integrity Insurance has not received a financial strength rating from agencies like A.M. Best. They also only received the 3rd best rating from Demotech – a rating company that’s not as well known.  And the word on the street is that Weiss gave them a “D” rating – which is weak.

…but again this is FLORIDA. It’s tough to get an excellent financial rating in this state. 

This leaves some room for doubt in my mind. Will this fairly new company be around to pay out if I make a claim?

…BUT full disclosure – they do have a large reinsurance program. In other words, they are insured by other companies. Therefore, even if your home gets completely destroyed, your costs would be covered. 

Customer Service Reviews

It’s pretty easy to figure out where a company is lacking. All you need to do is read some online reviews to see what issues policyholders have.

The most common complaint is related to American Integrity customer service. Unfortunately, many policyholders have had issues getting their problems sorted out due to poor support. This includes difficulty reaching a representative and the inability to resolve issues.


On a similar note, we have to talk about their claims. Now, I know we put claims in the pros, section as well, but that was due to the availability and the ease of filing a claim. When it comes to dealing with claims, however, several people have had issues.

It seems that their resolution process could be smoother. 


Comparing quotes is one of the best ways to save money on an insurance policy. Nowadays, most companies make getting a quote quick and easy. For example, American Integrity Insurance offers instant online quotes on their website.


Or…maybe not…

I was unable to generate a quote as none of the Florida zip codes I picked worked.

Also, you have to contact an agent directly if you want quotes for anything outside of condo and homeowners insurance policies.

The Bottom Line

So if you’ve been reading American Integrity Customer Service reviews I bet you are wondering what the bottom line is.

At the end of the day, American Integrity Insurance is a NEW company.

They’re looking to provide a good alternative for Florida residents, who have been plagued by natural disasters.

BUT – if you are looking to insure your home, they have an excellent selection of products that will cover your property AND belongings. 

Their offering may be even more appealing to those of you who have a house that’s valued over $750 K as their Premier Plan has some very nice perks.

All this aside, if you’re looking for old school financial stability – as in – a score from Moody’s or AM Best…

Well, American Integrity Insurance isn’t gonna do it.

Also if you are looking for GREAT customer service, when it comes to day to day issue or claims – I personally would look elsewhere.

While I do think American Integrity Insurance is a VERY good company, I would get some competitive quotes. Why not call an independent insurance agent TODAY.

What do you have to lose? Except for a few dollars off your premiums. You could also gain a relationship with a company that you ENJOY dealing with.

*While we make every effort to keep our site updated, please be aware that “timely” information on this page, such as quote estimates, or pertinent details about companies, may only be accurate as of its last edit day. Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Please consult your own legal or tax adviser.