Amica Insurance Review: Products Offered and Ratings

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What’s New in 2021 for Amica Insurance

How Has COVID-19 Affected Amica Insurance

Amica Insurance offers two reimbursement programs surrounding COVID-19. One of them is auto insurance, stating customers will receive 20% credit on their premiums during a specific timeframe. Alternatively, they are offering 10% off of premium costs, even for new customers. 

New Products or Changes 

While Amica Insurance does not offer any new products, they did make a welcome change to their new term life policies by offering up to 25% off.

Amica Insurance in the News

Amica teamed up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to support the Power of You(th) program, which helps inform young and old drivers of the potential hazards of drinking and driving. 

Amica has also recently supported a disaster relief program called All Hands and Hearts with a $250,000.00 grant. 

2021 Latest Amica Insurance Reviews

According to U.S.News, Amica has been rank #1 in homeowners insurance for 2021. Being ranked #1 coincides with customer reviews overall stating that the company is top-notch. The policies include accident forgiveness, a point system that lets you minimize or take away deductibles entirely, identity fraud, and more. 

Amica also offers quite a variety of discounts for their policies with auto insurance, ranging from how long you have been with the company to driving discounts if you completed approved courses. Their vast list of discounts and fantastic policy prices, customer service, bundling with their homeowners insurance, and more all come together, creating the #1 ranked Insurance company of 2021.

Are you scanning the internet for Amica Insurance Reviews? Then boy you’re in the right place.

Let’s face it, you’re never going to find an insurance company that has a perfect track record – when it comes to excellent customer service, comprehensive policy features AND low prices.

Seriously, be real – we all know fairytales are for kids. 

But wait! Amica Insurance looks like the complete package? or maybe not!

Table of Contents:

I’m gonna give you the inside scoop on this company, and how you can save money on YOUR insurance policy.

Psst: Think independent insurance agents – like those at Huntley Wealth

But first, let’s start with a little bit of background information.

A Few Words About Amica Insurance

amica logoAmica Insurance is the largest mutual auto insurer in the country.

This company is over 100 years old, and during that span of time, they’ve managed to expand their list of insurance products to become one of the largest providers in the United States.

However, it’s not the size of this company that people are impressed with.


Despite their scale, Amica Insurance has managed to maintain the attentive service of a small company.

Not only is patience important to customers, who often reach out to support when they are confused and frustrated, but it’s also important to the business at large: we’ve shown you before that great service beats fast service every single time.  16 Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs,

Their customer satisfaction ratings are through the roof. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at their products…

Auto Insurance Products

So let’s start with the crown jewel of this venerable company. Amica Auto Insurance offers comprehensive coverage that includes some additional perks you may not expect to find.

They also have some interesting products and a well-documented history of great customer service.

…and if you’re interested in saving a buck they’ve got some amazing discounts that will knock your premiums down if you qualify.

So here are some of the highlights a standard Amica Car Insurance policy offers at no additional cost:

The average annual cost of car insurance paid in the United States was $907.38 in 2014 according to a study commissioned by Quadrant Information Services. This figure will vary wildly state to state and does not always include all forms of coverage and may not be accurately reflect your coverage needs. Average Cost of Insurance: Car, Home, Renters, Health, and Pet (2018), The Value Penguin 

Liability Coverage

  • No deduction for depreciation when a new vehicle is declared a total loss within the first year of ownership
  • Lose your keys? Lock replacement is included
  • If you need to repair your windshield there’s no deductible – as long as replacement isn’t necessary
  • No deductible for repair or replacement of a deployed airbag
  • Full reimbursement for lost earnings if you attend court at Amica Car Insurance’s request
  • Full reimbursement for expenses relating to legal issues from your covered automobiles
  • $1,000 for bail bonds
  • Sweet discounts, including savings of up to 25% on your policy when you insure multiple vehicles

Amica Auto Insurance is looking pretty darned good. So let’s take a look at their product selection!

Auto Insurance: Platinum Choice

Variety is the spice of life and Amica Car Insurance knows that!

They offer a customizable bundle that provides additional coverage in areas you’re concerned about. 

You can choose to add the following – or combine all four at a discounted rate:

  • Good Driving Record: If you maintain a clean record you can build up points with Amica Auto Insurance that will offset – or even eliminate –  the cost of a future accident. Who doesn’t like security?
  • Identity Fraud Monitoring: In today’s computer-driven world, Identity Theft is a REAL issue. If you’re concerned, Amica’s identity fraud monitoring service is available to you 24/7.
  • Full Glass Coverage: This protection covers your windshield or door windows at no additional cost to you.
  • Prestige Rental Coverage: If you need to rent a car, Amica Auto Insurance will take the worry out of the transaction. With no daily limit on the rental charge, you’re covered for up to $5,000 per loss. This ensures a rental car that is similar to your own, rather than the cheapest vehicle you can find.

Early insurance companies collected dues from members, used the money to pay out claims and then divided any leftover funds among the policyholders as dividends at the end of the year. When it comes to car insurance, some companies still do that. Bonus Points: Some Car Insurance Companies Pay You Dividends, NerdWallet 

Auto Dividend Policy

Would you like to get money back from your insurance company?

Well that’s possible with Amica Car Insurance dividend policies. If you select this option, on average, you receive returns of 5-20% of your annual premium!

You may pay more up front, but this will lead to long term savings. 

Amica Auto Repair Assistance – Labor & Towing Coverage

Car accidents don’t occur every day, thankfully!

But when they do, you need to find the best mechanics and auto repair shops.

Amica Auto Insurance is there to help and will give you access to more than 1,200 certified repair shops across the US. They even have a glass claim manager that can help you find a shop with an awesome reputation.

Amica Auto Insurance also has a Roadside Assistance Program that goes along with the Towing and Labor Coverage that can help you when the going gets tough. Jump starts, dead batteries, and flats? No worries. 

Rental Car Coverage

As I mentioned above, if your car is in the shop or totaled and you need a rental, Amica Auto Insurance will provide you an automobile similar to your own wheels.

They do however have a $5K cap on this – but all in all, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Glass Coverage

If you have an accident and your windshield is damaged, then this coverage will come in handy.

The key is – if the crack is less than six inches long, smaller than a quarter in diameter and not located in the driver’s line of vision or edge of the windshield – then you may be able to repair it. 

If not, and you have coverage, you will get a replacement. However, your deductible may apply.

Glass coverage varies from state to state.

Motorcycle Insurance

Do you own a motorcycle? Well then, you are well aware that good motorcycle insurance is key.

Amica Auto Insurance covers:

  • Damage to your motorcycle
  • Coverage for you and your passengers
  • Liability protection

Auto Insurance Discounts

Young Drivers BEWARE:

If you’re behind the wheel of a car, you need auto insurance. And if you’re a young driver, you know that this insurance can often come at a high premium. A higher cost is inevitable across the board. But your state still requires that you carry coverage. -Best Auto Insurance for Young Adults, The DoughRoller

Amica Auto Insurance offers drivers a number of discounts. So if you’re looking to save some cash, I’ve got some good news!

Let’s check them out now:

Vehicle Discounts

  • Anti-theft: If you have an approved anti-theft device such as a car alarm or a vehicle recovery system you could receive a discount.
  • Electronic stability: Do you have an electronic stability control feature? If you do this is another money saving feature.  Save even more with pickups/SUVs.
  • Passive restraint: Automatic occupant restraints such as airbags can save you a few bucks too!
  • Forward-collision warning: Have collision-avoidance features? This is another way to knock some money off your premiums.
  • Adaptive headlight: Headlights designed to make driving at night or in low-light conditions safer is another money saver.

Driver Discounts

  • Defensive driver training: Pass an approved driving course and save some money. If you’re a safer driver, then you’re less of a risk.
  • Driver training: Driver training for youth. This program is made for those just getting their license.
  • Good student/College graduate: Reserved for full-time high school or college students in good standing and college graduates, ages 15-25.
  • Student away at school: Get a discount when your child is away at a school, full-time and without a vehicle.

Home Insurance Products

Speaking of discounts, Amica lets you save up to 15% when you use them to insure both your car and your home!

Plus, they’re no slouch in the home insurance department either… J.D. Power awarded them the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among National Homeowners” for 16 straight years!

So, what are the people so excited about?

Standard Home Coverages Under Amica Home Insurance

With Amica home insurance, your policy covers the following:

  • Loss and/or damage to your home due to fire, theft, vandalism and more
  • Increased living expenses if your house is no longer livable after an incident
  • Temporary repairs to mitigate damage after loss
  • Covers away from home accidents – such as theft of personal belongings at a hotel
  • Protection for credit card loss
  • Liability coverage, including the cost of a lawyer

Home Insurance Dividend Policies

Amica offers two types of policies: dividend and traditional (non-dividend). While both types of policies offer the same coverage, a dividend policy has additional benefits:

  • Returns money to you
  • Lowers your overall policy cost
  • Flexible dividend payment options

Platinum Choice Home Insurance

Amica Platinum Homeowners Insurance offers some really wonderful benefits that include:

  • Increased liability and medical payments coverage
  • If you have a business, they provide extended coverage for your property, at home and away
  • Very generous coverage for theft of jewelry, watches, and furs
  • A generous loss assessment plan for your primary residence

Renter’s Insurance

What would happen if your rental until were to burn down, hopefully without you in it?

In a nutshell, you’d likely sustain huge losses. Why? 

Because chances are your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your belongings. Once acquired – we rarely think about how much it would cost to replace all our furniture and electronics. For as little as $4.00 per week you can insure your belongings against:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Vandalism

Condo Insurance

Do you think your condo association’s master policy covers your belongings – or even YOUR liability?

Well chances are it doesn’t. If you want that sort of coverage you are going to have to get it yourself and Amica Insurance is there to help.

An added bonus? You can save up to 8% if you insure your condo AND car with Amica Insurance. 

Home Insurance Business Coverage

Do you work from home? If you do – I bet there are some things you haven’t considered when it comes to insurance:

  • If your business is built on your personal computer – maybe you should think of covering it. PCs can cost thousands of dollars and you never know when an emergency is going to strike
  • Office furniture, electronic equipment, and supplies are all insurable business property
  • If your business results in increased traffic to your home, you probably have increased liability exposure

There is a lot that home business owners take for granted – don’t be caught unprotected. 

But this isn’t all. Amica Homeowners insurance offers the following additional protection:  

Home Insurance: Repair Assistance Program

If repairs need to be done, Amica has partnered with Contractor Connection which provides you with more than 2,000 professionally credentialed emergency service and restoration contractors. 

You can fly solo or get some input. The choice is yours – but this is a great resource if you need it. 

Flood Insurance

Can you believe that floods cause more than $2 billion in property damage each year!


Unfortunately, way too many people don’t realize that their homeowners insurance probably doesn’t cover it! 

Which means that you need a separate flood insurance policy to cover natural floods – especially if you are in an area where this is likely. 

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

As I mentioned above, in connection with Amica Auto Insurance, this insurer offers Identity Theft Protection.

Nearly 10 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. Wow – if that’s not a reason to include this in your coverage, I don’t know what is.

Amica Home Insurance also offers an extensive list of discounts.

Let’s take a look at them now:

Policy Discounts

  • Loyalty: If you maintain an Amica Insurance policy for 2 years or more you will save some cash – and the longer you stay with them the more you save!
  • Multi-line: Combining insurance pays = save up to 15% when you combine home, auto, life and/or umbrella policies.
  • Claim-free: No claims for 3 years or more! Bingo – you save some money.
  • Auto Pay: If you set up automatic payments, you’ll be rewarded with cheaper premiums.
  • E-discount: You’ll also get a discount when you sign up to receive policy information and bills electronically.

Safety Discounts

  • Alarm system: Do you have burglar alarms, sprinkler systems or fire alarms? Great – then you will save some dough!
  • New/Remodeled home credit: New and remodeled homes get cheaper coverage – yep! Amica Insurance will give you a discount.
  • Automatic detection devices: Do you live in a smart home? Temperature monitoring, water leak alerts, and gas leak detection all get a discount!

Life Insurance Products

Well here we go! Life insurance is my neck of the woods so I’m gonna have a lot to say about this offering. But before I do…

Let’s take a look at their products right now:

Level Term Life Insurance

Amica’s Level Term life insurance is their most popular option, due to its affordability. Here are some the perks of a Guaranteed Level Term Policy:

  • Guaranteed Level Premium: You can choose 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30-year terms. Rates are guaranteed to remain level for the duration of the term.
  • Optional Cost of Living Adjustment Rider: This rider will enable you to offset the cost of inflation.
  • Conversion Option: If you decide that permanent insurance is for you in the future, Amica allows you to convert your term policy.
  • Terminal Illness Rider: If you become terminally ill – you may receive some of your benefits – if you meet the requirements.
  • Amica Guaranteed Level Term also offers some optional benefits:
  • A Selection of Optional Benefits and Riders: This provides policyholders with customizable protection, including accidental death and children’s insurance. Ask your independent life insurance agent what these riders are and if they suit your personal circumstances.

Whole Life Insurance

Amica also offers permanent policies. Their whole life plans include:

  • Guaranteed Level Premium: Your rates are guaranteed to remain level for the duration of the term.
  • Guaranteed Level Protection: As long as you pay your premiums, they will remain level and your policy in force.
  • Cash Value Build-Up: Accumulate cash value in your policy to be borrowed against, pay premiums in the future or to add value to your death benefit.
  • Early Benefit Provision: If you are terminally ill, you can apply to receive an Advance Payment.
  • Optional Benefits and Riders: Amica whole life policies also have customizable protection, including accidental death and children’s insurance.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Looking for quick and easy coverage without a medical exam? Well then, simplified issue may be for you. Hey, and you are covered for life, which means up to age 120!

However, coverage is meager. Face value ranges from $5,000-$25,000, which won’t be enough to cover most families. The premiums are also more expensive than life insurance policies with a medical exam.

We don’t encourage our clients to go with this option unless there are no other alternatives. 

Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance

Amica Life Insurance offers an Annual Renewable Term policy that provides coverage that is automatically renewed at the end of each policy year.

This allows you to customize a life insurance plan that fits your personal circumstances, which will change throughout your lifetime.

While Amica Life Insurance does have a decent selection of life insurance coverage – it’s not as diverse as it could be. 

My HONEST advice for ANYONE looking for life insurance is to get an independent agent. 

Even if you love Amica Life Insurance and think it’s the company for you, there are LOTS of fish in the sea. Why not consult an independent agency, like Huntley Wealth, that has access to virtually dozens of the top life insurance companies.

My bet is, we can beat Amica Life Insurance rates. Why not give us a call today to find out?

What seems like small savings monthly, really builds up over a 20 or 30-year term. Think THOUSANDS of dollars that could be better spent!

Additional Insurance Products

If you think this insurance review is done – think again! Amica Insurance definitely has an extensive list of products. 
Here are their other offerings:

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella coverage provides peace of mind for those events that fall outside your coverage…

and guess what?

There are lots of them. Amica Insurance provides a FULL range of coverage limits starting at $1 Million. 

Marine Insurance

Do you have a boat? Well then, I am sure you have insurance. Amica provides coverage on land or water. If you need to be towed, they also cover that.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out they also offer discounts:

  • If you have a built-in fire extinguisher system
  • Your boat runs on diesel fuel
  • When you select a paperless billing
  • When you select automatic payments
  • If you’ve completed an approved boating safety course

Wedding and Event Insurance

Betcha never thought of this!

If you’re preparing for a wedding, you know just how costly events can be.

….but what happens if there is an emergency or disaster that prevents the date from unfolding???

….or if the event comes to fruition but there was a horrible accident? 

That’s where wedding and event insurance comes in. Amica Insurance includes:

Liability & Property Damage Insurance for: 

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Alcohol-related accidents

Event cancellation/postponement insurance for: 

  • Nonrefundable expenses or lost deposits if you have to cancel or postpone the event
  • Replacement of lost or damaged photographs, jewelry or gifts

Small Business Insurance

If you have a small business, you know that everything that happens falls on your shoulders. There’s no big corporation to rely on.

Amica Small Business Insurance offers the following coverage:

  • General liability: Covers third-party claims for bodily injury, medical costs and damage to someone else’s property
  • Professional liability: Costs incurred if you’re involved in a lawsuit
  • Business owner insurance: Combines general liability and business equipment coverage

Retirement Annuities

Amica Life Annuities are a great product! They help clients prepare for retirement by diversifying their savings options and providing a reliable income stream. 

Payments can be made periodically or in a lump sum. The perks?

  • Tax-deferred earnings: Accumulate more money than you could in a taxable account with the same interest rate.
  • Proven Performance: Amica Insurance invests their funds conservatively, which means they consistently offer a competitive yield for their clients.
  • No additional administrative fees: They don’t charge front-end sales fees or ask you to pay for their service and annual administrative costs.
  • Easy, flexible payout: Choose contribution options that suit your financial circumstance – plus you can manage payouts so that they work for YOU.

Quote Process

Well, the good news is, Amica does provide online quotes. This is something I REALLY like.

The bad news is…

You have to provide quite a bit of personal information to do so. The fields they ask you to fill out are required so there’s no getting around this. They ask for your name, age, coverage term, coverage amount, health assessment, email, phone number, and address.

The good news is was able to fudge my info to get a quote for $500k in coverage for a 30-year term for a female, non-smoker born in 1980 in pretty good health. See above!

They also provide some information about how much it would cost you to insure yourself for more or less coverage.

All in all, it’s a pretty straightforward process, which gives you an idea of what your premiums MAY be.

….but and this is BIG but. This all hinges on being able to qualify for the rating YOU picked. Remember – it’s the UNDERWRITERS that make this call. Not you!

So if you have a pre-existing condition that AMICA is tough on, they will downgrade your health rating and you could end up paying much more for your premiums.  

Get Your Quote from Amica…and then call us!

There’s no obligation to buy life insurance from us, but one of our independent agents will give Amica a run for their money.

IF they are the right insurer for you – we won’t be able to beat their #’s but chances are we will! Also remember, online quotes aren’t official. Just because you pick a health rating doesn’t mean you’ll qualify for it AFTER a medical exam!

Home Insurance & Auto Insurance Quotes

Well as you can see, it’s clearly a multi-step process. Of course, there are reasons for this. The more information you provide, the more accurate the quote.

That said, it’s a lot of info and I wasn’t prepared to add my personal deets to generate a quote.

It could be a lot easier to get a “ballpark” quote in my humble opinion.

Amica Insurance Pros

Let’s get to it — The Pros

  • Stability
  • Customer satisfaction ratings are consistently above average
  • Competitive prices

There’s no doubt about it, Amica Insurance is one of the best overall insurance companies out there.

There are a lot of good things that need to be addressed – but please don’t forget this isn’t the whole story.

Amica is VERY Financial Stability

Unsurprisingly, Amica has been bestowed an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

This means you can trust them to be there for you for the long run.

But Amica’s impressive ratings don’t stop there. J.D. Power, a global market research company that determines customer satisfaction, consistently ranks Amica amongst the best in several customer satisfaction insurance categories.

Take a look at some of Amica Insurance’s 2017 J.D. Power accolades:

  • Ranked “among the best” for overall customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s U.S. Property Insurance Claims Study
  • Ranked “the best” in overall customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2017 Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study
  • Ranked “the best” in J.D. Power’s U.S. Home Insurance Study

Which brings me to the next pro!

Excellent Customer Service

Outstanding customer support is one of the major reasons for Amica Insurance’s healthy reputation.

…And come on…let’s face it. How often are people actually happy with customer support from insurance companies?

The answer is almost never if you pay any attention to online reviews, which we do!

Amica Insurance is an exception; their knowledgeable representatives are known for getting back to policyholders in a timely manner.

What’s more, the Amica Insurance claims department is considered one of the best out there. They earned a 5-star rating from J.D. Power in the Call Center Representative category.

Affordable Premiums

Ok… Amica has good customer support, quick claims, a great choice of policies and financial stability. You’re probably thinking, there’s no way their policies are affordable. 


Amica Insurance is actually known for their competitive rates as well! I know, it sounds too good to be true.

But since Amica is a mutual company, they’re owned by policyholders, rather than stakeholders. This gives them a strong foundation, which allows the company to offer excellent products at low prices.

And that, folks, is not a very common combination in the insurance world. Plus, don’t forget about the available discounts mentioned earlier.

A 25% savings for insuring multiple vehicles is nothing to be sneezed at!

Amica Insurance Cons

So this brings me to the drawbacks. Does Amica Insurance have cons? 

There have to be a few right?  What can I say? There’s not much to dislike about this provider if I’m being honest.

Of course, improvements can always be made. You just saw what happened during my quote process, right?

Amica Quote Process

OK to be fair, the life insurance quoting process was pretty good.

Unfortunately, their home and auto insurance quoters require quite a lot of information. It’s definitely not a quick and easy process.  It would be great if there was a simpler way to get a ballpark quote for these other types of insurance.

Choice of Life Insurance Products

While Amica is at the top of the food chain when it comes to auto and home insurance, I’m just not completely sold on their life insurance policies.

They just DON’T  have the widest selection.

…not to mention the fact that…

Amica Life Insurance isn’t the cheapest option out there

Their life insurance wouldn’t rank in the top 5 – when it comes to price either.


Amica Insurance is mostly known for their home and auto insurance. So those J.D. Power accolades from earlier might not apply either.

Coming from a company that specializes in providing life insurance, I just have to put it out there that I’m a tad skeptical of buying life insurance from companies who offer a wide selection of other types of insurance (i.e. auto, home, umbrella, flood, etc.).

I mean, life insurance is complicated enough.

You should work with a company that is completely zoned in on being the best life insurance provider they can be, and I just don’t think Amica Life Insurance products are their top priority.

Amica Insurance: The Bottom Line

Amica is the Mount Rushmore of insurance companies when it comes to:

  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • The financial stability of the company.  They have an A+ financial strength rating courtesy of A.M. Best
  • Customer satisfaction ratings for the Auto & Home insurance products
  • Competitive prices, thanks, in part, to being a mutual company

So, if you’re looking for home or auto insurance, they are a serious contender. 

That being said I ALWAYS recommend getting competing quotes and working with an independent agent to see if this is the best YOU can do. However, if it’s life insurance you seek…

Call Us for Your Life Insurance Needs

Then you should call Huntley Wealth Today! Here at Huntley Wealth, we specialize in providing the best life insurance coverage to our policyholders.

You want a top insurer, with great customer service? We’ve gotcha covered. Dollars to doughnuts we’ll beat Amica Life Insurance rates. Remember there’s no obligation!

At the very least, we can help steer you in the right direction, or answer any of your questions or concerns. We don’t pressure people into buying a policy.

We simply want to help people get the best protection for their family.

Real People are the Real Superheroes

At the end of the day, the real superheroes are the people who plan and provide for their dependents.

You never know what life holds – but if you have life insurance you can feel confident that your loved ones will be able to take care of business even if you’re not there. Call us today! 888-603-2876

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