Announcing Frisco’s Downtown Mural Wall Project – Call for Artists

gazebo downtown frisco wall mural

How often do you pass the gazebo at the corner of 4th and Main street in The Rail District? Have you noticed the large mural overlooking the small parking lot, just around the corner from Twisted Simplicity and Summer Moon coffee?

In parallel with the revitalization currently underway in the area, this often overlooked yet familiar feature of downtown Frisco is about to get a makeover.

The Frisco Downtown Mural Wall Project

Downtown Frisco Mural Wall

Image courtesy Maddie Cargile

Frisco Arts is now accepting submissions for local artists interested in creating a unique, new mural for the wall at 4th and Main street. The Frisco Downtown Mural Project is funded by Noon Rotary of Frisco and administered by Frisco Association for the Arts.

With the goal to feature the work of a local Frisco artist, the completed project would result in a unique, signature destination of the new Rail District. The mural would preserve and showcase the spirit of Frisco in addition to attracting pedestrian traffic to historic downtown.

Frisco Association for the Arts (Frisco Arts) has served as the City’s official arts advocacy agency since 2009, originally created by business and city leaders in 1996 to help promote the arts in Frisco. Its mission is to advance the arts in the city through arts advocacy, accessible programs, and scholarships.

As the champions of the arts in Frisco, Frisco Arts members aspire to support and encourage art, design, and creativity throughout Frisco. One of the projects that they’ve received the most requests for is updating the mural on the east corner of 4th Street and Main Street.

downtown frisco mural wallThe current artwork was originally designed by the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco in 2007 but over time, the design has faded and now requires a fresh look.

Working closely with the Downtown Merchants Association, the goal is to help fulfill a dream that has been lingering for years, not only amongst local business owners but the local arts community as well.

Tammy Meinershagen, Executive Director of the Frisco Association for the Arts, explained,

As catalysts of creativity, Frisco Arts desires to help all areas in Frisco become vibrant spaces that inspire others through the arts. A new mural in the Rail District will attract pedestrian traffic to historic downtown and make it a signature destination point in our city.

Frisco Arts will assist in preparing the canvas wall, handling the applications, selecting the artist, and executing the installation. A mural committee has been established, made up of representatives from the various stakeholders in support of addressing the prominent downtown feature. They’ll review all submissions.

Frisco Arts: President Julie Shipp | Noon Rotary: Chris Johnson | Downtown Merchants Association: President Mark Piper | Downtown Advisory Board: Danny Mehta

They’re looking for innovative ideas around the concept of community, using the space and final artwork to showcase and portray Frisco: Past and Present

For more information about the submission process, eligibility, and mural criteria, visit the Downtown Mural Project website and the related Prospectus.


  • Sep. 11: Call for Artists open
  • Oct. 12:  Artist Submissions Due
  • Oct. 13 – 29: Mural Committee decides on winning artist and design.
  • Oct. 29: Artist is announced and begins work on mural
  • Oct. 30-Nov. 29: Artist works on mural
  • Nov. 30: Ribbon Cutting for the new mural
  • Dec. 1: Merry Main Street

Encouraging Art Across the Area

Supporting the revitalization of the Rail District itself, Frisco Arts believes in the power of creative placemaking, and there is nothing more special than historic downtown, the heart of Frisco. Working with a fellow nonprofit, the Downtown Merchants Association, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the arts community to rally around a signature project that tangibly represents the local talent in Frisco.

Downtown Frisco Texas

Image courtesy Maddie Cargile

In a city with so many talented artists and creative minds, it’s important their work is showcased for the community, for years to come.

The hope is that this project will serve as the start of an inspiring journey for many more art projects to pop up around the Rail District area.

In addition to this project, Misty Oliver Foster, a well-known and respected local artist is working with Innovative Images to commission a mural on the side of their building as well (they’re located across the street from the gazebo mural on the northeast corner of Main and 4th).

People from all walks of life have come to Frisco for various reasons, and now call this city their home. The completed mural is sure to enhance a sense of pride among the residents, Rail District merchants, City of Frisco and the arts community.

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