Any Question Answered – What type of insurance do I need? | Aviva

There are three types of car insurance to choose from: Third party; third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover Third party is the minimum level of cover you must have by law

The next step up from that is Third party fire and theft Both of these pay for damage caused to other people's property and compensation for any injuries they suffer if the accident was your fault Third party insurance doesn't cover the cost of repairs to your own vehicle However, third party fire and theft cover will pay for damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft or attempted theft Comprehensive car insurance covers the cost of accident damage to your vehicle, including fire and theft losses

It also covers you for third party injury costs and damage caused to other people's property Don't assume all comprehensive policies are the same Make sure you check what each policy covers and the individual benefits that are on offer With a comprehensive policy, you can often add optional extras to tailor it to match your needs