Artist Spotlight: Droo’s Peace Crush

Over the last few years, we've introduced you to many new local artists, seasoned artists, and even some national acts through our Artist Spotlight series. As the local music scene continues to grow in Frisco and the surrounding areas, more and more artists and bands are booking shows at our local, live music venues.

Case in point, Droo’s Peace Crush. They're a must-see local band (frontman, Droo D’Anna, puts on a great solo show as well). Recently the band played at the third Annual Whistlestop Jamboree, Frisco's free music festival that exists to nurture the local music culture in North Texas. Following the event, I had an opportunity to catch up with Droo and talk music.

Lifestyle Frisco: From where did the idea of the band Droo’s Peace Crush originate?

Droos Peace Crush 2Droo: The band idea for Droo’s Peace Crush kinda formed organically… The band slowly began forming over the years. We just kept finding more musicians that wanted to play with us, and each new person that joined brought so much diversity to the group and the music.

With differing ethnic backgrounds, musical influences, and stages in life, the concept of DPC is just musicians creating beautiful music together for the fun of it. Not any specific kind of music or genre. And that was a perfect fit for the melting pot that has become my band.

LsF: How would you describe the differences between your solo performances and the performances with a full band?

Droo: My solo performances will typically be a lot more chill. There's more focus on precision as you can decipher each note being played or sung so much more clearly. The full band shows are all about fun and energy and crazy mesh of the full sound of instruments. We like to do long drawn out jam sessions with all four of my soloist members (lead guitar, keys, fiddle, and sax).

LsF: What are some of your favorite local venues?

DrooI've played at a lot of places so that’s a hard one. Some of my favorite venues around town have to be Lava Cantina, 6 Springs Tavern, T’s Bar, House Of Blues, Taverna Rossa, and Curtain Club. There's something so unique about every venue I have played at, though.

LsF: How did you get into playing music? When did you start playing?

Droo: My dad began teaching me piano when I was four. I picked up the guitar around 10 years old and the bass at 14. But it didn’t stop there… I went to the clarinet at 15, and I majored in bass performance in college. It’s in my blood. It’s just something that’s always been there and is a huge part of my life. Really you could say the the biggest part of my life.

LsF: Recently you played the Whistlestop Jamboree in Frisco. Tell me about that experience.

Droo: The Whistlestop Jamboree was a total blast! It was the perfect weather for the event. We really had a great crowd, and they responded to our music phenomenally. It’s such a rewarding experience to be shown so much love for our original music and our overall musicianship. The Whistlestop crowd and staff were incredibly generous in every way.  I'm very honored to have been put in a lineup with such amazing artists.

LsF: Is there an album in the near future?

Droo: We just released an album in February of 2018 called ‘79 PLAYLIST, and we're all extremely proud of that record. You can hear it on any digital platform or purchase a vinyl at one of our shows. I'm currently writing a new record that I’ll begin tracking in early 2019. Hopefully, I'll release that in early 2020. It's going to push all the envelopes of music that we’ve already explored. I believe it will be laced with a much deeper 70s/80s funk feel meshed with grooves that are more like 90s hip hop and modern pop. The songs still have that feel-good funky vibe that we bring, but perhaps a lot more musical and lyrical maturity.

LsF: Speaking of music, I always like to ask what other artists are listening to or going to see these days. Favorite local bands or musicians?

Droo: There are so many great artists around the DFW area. Ryan Berg, Jade Nickol, Remy Reilly Calling For Eden, The Gibbonses, Sebastian Valenzuela and Justin Philipp Brooks. A few weeks ago I went to Posty Fest… He’s sorta local.

If you want to know when Droo’s Peace Crush is playing around Frisco, follow their Facebook page. Visit their website for music, photos, videos, and upcoming shows. 

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