Ask Sonnet: Why did my auto premium go up? | Sonnet Insurance

An auto rate increase essentially is when the vehicle hasn't changed, the driver hasn't changed, where you keep that vehicle hasn't changed, but your price has gone up It's never good news to deliver

A lot of people don't really understand what can affect their price I think, a common one that's very untrue is that, we're raising the price just to maybe line our pockets And that's definitely not the case Government regulators play a big part in the pricing for auto insurance They help protect the customers to make sure that they're paying fair rates

And they also want to make sure that we're viable to help the customer if something happens in the future There certain things that you can control such as having a safe driving record, without getting tickets or having collisions, and managing the way you use your vehicle and what type of vehicle you choose to drive And then there's things you can't control such as increased weather patterns, increased trends in congestion, the costs for repairing your vehicle and medical expenses So if your rate does increase, you can bundle with your home insurance to see if there's more room for savings, you can carry a higher deductible if that's something you can afford to do Adjust the usage details of your vehicle to make sure they're accurate and you're not paying too much

And lastly, you can always shop around to see if our price is the best for you I think it's important to be honest about what's happening here and that's what I'm trying to do