Auto Insurance Advice : Vehicle Types & Auto Insurance Premiums

You are thinking about buying car insurance and you are trying to figure out how much it is going to cost My name is James with The Resurgence Group and we are a full service insurance agency

We specialize in auto insurance The big determining factor is going to be the type of vehicle that you choose to drive every day If you are driving an exotic car well you know the premium is going to be very expensive If you are driving a very inexpensive car it is going to work the same way The value of the car is going to dictate how much premium it is going to cost you to insure that car

So what we suggest is get with your agency, sit down with them and tell them specifically the VIN number which is the ID number for the car, then that will tell the agent exactly the type, the model, what kind of engine it has and all of the air bags or any kind of discounts that you can get based on that vehicle will show up in your premium One thing that you have to remember is that the color of a car is not going to make a difference So some people think that there is something to do with the color but not really, what it is is it is the size of the engine, it's the model, it's the make An exotic car or any kind of souped up car is naturally going to cost you more premium than for the inexpensive car My name is James with The Resurgence Group

We do this for all of our clients so go out and find an agent in your area who would be happy to sit down and explain the different types of policies that are offered for all the different types of vehicles that are available