Hello! I'm Dan Lyles with Lyles Insurance and in this video we're going to go over a named operator auto insurance policy also known as a non owners policy a named operator policy is simply a special type of auto insurance for drivers who need to carry personal liability auto insurance but they do not own a vehicle why would someone need a named operator policy well there are several reasons but there's free that are most common the first being for drivers that's had their license suspended and they need either an sr-22 fr 44 or SR 50 to get their license reinstated a named operator policy can take care of all of those and the second reason is because many employers require their employees to have liability auto coverage well if you don't own a vehicle then this is your only option and third this is kind of what I call a secondary cover-your-ass policy in other words if you borrow someone's vehicle like your friend or neighbors when you're driving you're actually insured under their auto insurance policy but what if they're not carrying auto insurance like they're supposed to this policy will kick in as a cover-your-ass type of thing on a named operator policy there are only three coverages that it offers number one being liability coverage number two being uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage and the third being medical coverage that is the only coverages a named operator policy offers it's also very important to keep in mind what coverages are not offered under a named operator's policy the main being physical damage coverage on the vehicle you're borrowing that includes comprehensive and collision coverage so if you're borrowing someone's vehicle the only way you have coverage on that vehicle is if the person you borrowed it from has comprehensive and collision on their regular auto insurance policy otherwise there's no coverage on the vehicle you're driving at all and also this is important to keep in mind these policies do not cover you whatsoever if you're driving any vehicle that you own or a vehicle owned by anyone living in your household so remember that will not work for you if that's the case and finally just like a regular auto insurance policy this provides no coverage whatsoever for any commercial or business use the reason employers sometimes ask for it is just because they get discounts on your commercial auto policy also this situation comes up quite often so it's important to know how to handle it let's say that you've already taken out a named operator non-owners policy and then buy a vehicle later on the beauty of these policies are that they can easily convert to a regular auto insurance policy in just a matter of a few minutes well it takes the call to your agent to make a change but it's very important that you do this before you drive the vehicle the reason being is like I mentioned on the last slide named operator policies do not cover vehicles that you own it can be frustrating sometimes trying to find a named operator policy or finding one at a reasonable price what I suggest is that you contact an independent agent preferably one that deals in high-risk auto insurance an independent agent will have multiple companies to quote you with and that will save you the trouble of shopping around for the lowest rate if you need any help looking for a named operator policy I'll be glad to help any of you living in the states of Ohio Indiana Michigan Pennsylvania Virginia or West Virginia just give me a call or an email or fill out a quote form and I'll be happy to run a quote for you I hope you've learned what you need to learn about a named operator policy thanks and have a great day