Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Strong with B3 Bands

There’s a new kind of accessory that you’ll want to be sporting this season! Ladies, you can rock it with your posh athleisure wear, and gentlemen, you’ll want to do the same.

It's not made of gold or diamonds but it's likely that you'll love it just as much when you hear what it's designed to do for your body!

The easy-to-wear B3 Bands are used to apply Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) methodology.

BFR Bands Size 2 by B3BFR training has been practiced in Japan for 40 years but the scientific method is just beginning to make its debut in the United States within boutique fitness studios, upscale gyms, and into the repertoire of mainstream fitness enthusiasts. It also seems to be revolutionizing the rehabilitation industry.

Subject-matter experts tout that BFR and B3 Bands are not a fad, but rather, they're a credible game changer in the fitness world and here to stay.

And furthermore…  You may have seen Instagram sensation and actor Mark Wahlberg wearing a pair while training for his next movie role. (And we all know “Marky Mark” has an amazing physique.)

Why are B3 Bands gaining popularity?

B3 Bands are an innovative way for all people from professional athletes to post-surgical patients to be able to effectively build muscle faster, in a shorter amount of time. The bands work by safely restricting venous blood flow from the working muscle while allowing arterial blood flow.

B3 Bands Curls 2By dramatically slowing the venous blood flow down, it causes metabolic stress and cellular swelling. This stimulates growth hormone production, muscle hypertrophy, and muscle strength.

Secretion of growth hormones is like the fountain of youth because it supports anti-aging! It also improves your cardiovascular system, and aids in healthy bones.

An added bonus, say good-bye to those nasty varicose veins. B3 Bands are touted for improving venous compliance when worn while walking. Easy-peasy, and you don’t even have to break a sweat.

How do the bands work?

You attach the comfortable, velcro resistance bands around your limbs (arms or legs). Then, you use a blood pressure pump to inflate the band to the recommended pressure according to the band size. (In the case of my bands, which are the smallest size, I pump the bands up to 150 – 200.)

B3 Bands CardioThe bands are typically worn on your arms, legs, or both while performing low-intensity resistance training.

You can also use the bands for 20-30 minutes while participating in cardio exercises such as swimming (yes, they're waterproof), walking, running, biking, and attending fitness classes.

Personally, I'm a big fan of running my last mile or two while wearing the bands – I really believe they've improved my overall endurance!

How does BFR differ from traditional weight training?

Traditional resistance training requires that you perform heavy load-bearing exercises at maximum capacity in order to break down muscle fiber, which causes micro-tearing. This stimulates the body to increase blood flow to the damaged tissue.

Normally, light weights won't fatigue the muscle. However, when the blood flow is restricted while using light dumbbells, it creates the same response as heavy weight training.

To achieve a response, you wear the B3 Bands while performing 3 sets of 30 repetitions for biceps, triceps, chest presses, etc. while lifting light weights.

B3 Bands 2During the first set of repetitions, the fibers recruited to perform the exercises are dependent on blood flow to function. Since the blood flow is restricted, it causes the fibers to fatigue and causes a light burn.

During the 2nd series of repetitions, the already-fatigued fibers are unable to perform the function, which triggers additional fibers to activate that you wouldn’t use otherwise. This causes the fibers to enter metabolic stress.

The 3rd set exercises of exercises are kind of like the grand finale. All of the muscle fibers have been recruited which stimulates a release of growth hormones.

The bands are especially beneficial for individuals that are unable to tolerate intense loads during weight training due to joint pain, injuries, or post-surgical procedures. In the case of post-surgical patients, they're no longer at risk for muscle atrophy. Physical therapists are now able to help patients rehab much sooner and without the strain on joints.

Where can I find B3 Bands?

Dr. Mike DeBord, Founder of B3 Sciences, offers B3 Bands to help individuals transform their lives. Due to injuries and aging, Dr. Mike found himself unable to lift weights and exercise as he had earlier in his life.

B3 Bands curlsA fellow doctor introduced him to the concept of BFR training and for Dr. Mike, it proved to be life-changing. He was able to rebuild muscle mass and regain his physique. His newfound passion for this innovative approach to health and fitness led to the creation of B3 Sciences.

Whether you're a busy Mom wanting to stay in shape or you're a professional athlete, B3 Bands may be exactly what you need to accelerate your progress. The beauty of the bands is this — they can be worn anywhere and anytime. To learn more about B3 Bands, you can contact Frisco-based Dr. Mike DeBord as follows:

B3 Sciences
6160 Warren Pkwy, #1
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: 972.214.5844
[email protected]

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