Best Pet Insurance Rates for 3 Year Old, 4 Year Old, And 5 Year Old Dogs

With pet insurance, there are several factors that affect the rate you’ll pay for coverage. 

The dog’s breed, size, gender, and age all make a difference in the final cost. Options for deductibles and reimbursement will also affect how much you pay.

Getting quotes for pet insurance can be difficult without entering your personal information and email address. We’ve got you covered and did all the work for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting pet insurance for a purebred Pomeranian or Saint Bernard, or if you have a mixed-breed or crossbreed mutt, we have sample pet insurance rates to help you choose.

Factors That Affect Pet Insurance Rates at Any Age

Your dog’s age is the most important factor when determining pet insurance rates, but it’s not the only one that matters.

  1. Mixed vs Crossbreed vs Purebred – It’s commonly known that mutts and crossbreeds have fewer health problems that purebred dogs, and rates reflect that, making purebreds more expensive to insure.
  2. Type of Breed – Dog breeds with more known and common health issues are more expensive to insure than others.
  3. Weight – The more a dog weighs, the more prone they are to size-related health issues, like bad joints.
  4. Gender – Male dogs cost a bit more to insure compared to female dogs. It’s no different from human health and life insurance costing more for males than females!
  5. Location – Pricing varies by location, and even the same city can have different rates if they don’t share a zip code. The more rural an area, the less expensive the pet insurance premiums will be.
  6. Deductible – The deductible is the amount you pay before the pet health plan kicks in. Most often, you can choose between $100, $250, and $500 deductibles, while some pet insurance plans have a $1,000 deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower the rate, but the more you’re out of pocket when you use the pet insurance coverage.
  7. Reimbursement Amount – This is the amount you’ll get back after submitting a qualifying claim. With pet insurance, you can choose to get reimbursed 70%, 80%, or 90% of the cost of vet care.
  8. Coverage Plan Options – Just like human health insurance, not all pet insurance companies cover the same conditions. Most cover major medical events, but some won’t cover hereditary or congenital conditions or medication costs. Be sure to review the plan carefully before deciding.

To get an idea of how much you can expect to pay for your 3-, 4-, or 5-year-old adult dog, we’ve gathered some rates to compare.

Best Pet Insurance Rates for Mixed Breeds (Ages 3, 4, and 5 Years Old)

These rates are for mixed-breed adult dogs, so if you have a purebred like a Shih Tzu, you can scroll down to the next section.

The sample quotes below are based on a small sized mixed-breed up to 30 pounds, male, located in Avon, CT with a $500 deductible. The dog is assumed to be healthy, with no pre-existing conditions.

Please note that many locations across the U.S. are cheaper than Connecticut. These quotes are for illustration purposes only.

Pet Insurance Quotes for Mixed Breed Dogs: Ages 3, 4, and 5 Years Old

Age of Dog 70% Reimbursement 80% Reimbursement 90% Reimbursement
3 Years Old $24.58 $27.48 $34.29
4 Years Old $26.20 $29.29 Not available
5 Years Old $29.26 $32.72 Not available

As you can see, the older your mixed-breed medium-sized dog is, the more expensive the monthly pet insurance cost will be. For this quote, 90% reimbursement is no longer available after the dog is 4-years-old.

Every Doggy Birthday is Critical for Pet Insurance Rates

The above sample quotes show just how crucial it is to get pet insurance in place as soon as possible. The older your dog gets, no matter if it’s a purebred Siberian Husky or a mixed-breed, the fewer options you have and the more expensive it will be.

The good thing about getting a pet insurance policy with a company like Healthy Paws is you can save on rates before your pup’s next birthday. 

If your dog is 3 years and 11 months old, you can lock in 3-year-old rates for him instead of paying for the higher 4-year-old rates. If you want to get the 90% reimbursement for your mixed-breed dog, you won’t have to miss out, as long as you do it before they turn 4.

Remember, the rate you start at is the rate you keep your pet’s entire life, as long as you pay the premiums. Get started with a free customized quote with Healthy Paws on their website.

Sample Pet Insurance Rates for Purebred Breeds

As we mentioned previously, rates are higher for some purebred dogs over mixed-breed and crossbred dogs.

The primary reason for this is because purebred dogs have more health issues than mutts. Some breeds, especially large breed dogs like Labrador Retrievers and Newfoundlands, are known for cruciate tears and other health problems.

Other purebred dogs are healthier overall and generally live longer, so their pet insurance rates are less expensive.

The rates below are for a male Siberian Husky dog located in Avon, CT with a $500 deductible. These quotes are illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the rates in other cities in Connecticut or across the United States.

Pet Insurance Quotes for Medium, Purebred Dogs: Ages 3, 4, and 5 Years Old

Age of Dog 70% Reimbursement 80% Reimbursement 90% Reimbursement
3 Years Old $35.86 $40.12 $50.12
4 Years Old $38.23 $42.76 Not available
5 Years Old $42.71 $47.80 Not available

As you can see, just like with the mixed-breed, only a 3-year-old Siberian Husky would be eligible for a plan with 90% reimbursement.

For comparison, a purebred Dalmatian would not be eligible for 90% reimbursement, even at 3-years-old. At a 70% reimbursement and $500 deductible, the rate would be $43.53 monthly compared to $35.86.

Dalmatians have expensive health problems, like deafness and allergies, which means they’ll be seeing the vet a lot more and be more expensive to insure with pet health coverage.

The only way to know what type of pet health coverage your dog qualifies for, head over to the Healthy Paws website to get a free quote.

Important Savings Tip for 3-Year-Old Dogs

We gave you this tip earlier, but we thought it was important enough to mention twice.

Pet health insurance companies use your dog’s age in YEARS, not months, to determine coverage costs. This means if your dog is 3 years and 11 months old, but hasn’t hit their 4th birthday yet, you still qualify for 3-year-old rates.

Over the rest of your dog’s life, the savings can really add up!

If your dog is still 2 years and some months, then now is the BEST time to get a pet insurance plan locked in. Rates can jump as much as 50% once your pup turns 3, so the savings can be even more significant than if you do it before they turn 4.

Important Note for 4 and 5 Year Olds

The older your dog gets, the less options you have or pet insurance coverage, and the more it costs. 

Most pet insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s best to get a plan in place before age-related health problems start to surface.

If you are thinking about getting pet health insurance for your 4- or 5-year-old dog, it’s a good idea to check multiple companies to see what’s best for your dog and budget. 

Find the best rates for your state below:

Why We Like Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is our top pet insurance company choice for pet health plans. The major reason is because they offer unlimited payouts over your pet’s lifetimes. It doesn’t matter how many claims you make; they cover your pet for an illness or injury. There’s also no lifetime cap on reimbursements, so you don’t have to worry if your pet’s vet care gets expensive.

Other carriers exclude hereditary and congenital conditions like cancer, but not Healthy Paws. you don’t have to worry if those common breed-specific conditions pop up, as long as you have coverage in place before they do.

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