Best Prices On Disability Insurance For Ages 30 – 39 Years Old

Welcome to your 30s! If you’re a 30-39 year old you may be purchasing your first home, starting or growing a family, heading back to school, accepting a big promotion, or possibly even switching careers. Your 30s can be an exciting time for family, career, and financial growth. 

Wherever you are in life, you’re hopefully saving for retirement (or at least thinking about it!). And while saving for retirement earlier than later will help ensure financial stability by the time you reach retirement age, there is something else you need to consider when it comes to protecting yourself financially: disability insurance


Although you may still feel young and healthy with no real concern of a disability impacting your ability to work in the future, there’s still ample reason for 31, 32, or 33 year olds to purchase disability insurance. 

For one, the younger you are the cheaper disability insurance will be. Even if you aren’t sure about your need for disability insurance currently, it’s important to note that the longer you wait the more expensive the same amount of coverage will be. 

If you keep income, location, benefit period, and waiting period the same, but were to change the time of purchase, you’d find that the same disability policy purchased at age 35 for $168/month will cost you $208/month at age 45 and a whopping $238/month at age 55! 

In addition, it’s important to purchase disability insurance while you’re still healthy, and before you develop an illness that classifies as a preexisting condition. If you do develop something that is deemed a preexisting condition it will either make you ineligible for disability insurance or cost you more money for coverage. 

For example, disability insurance for a healthy 30-year old female pharmacist making $110,000 in Minnesota could cost around $90/month for $2,400/month of coverage, whereas disability insurance for the same 30-year old with back problems could cost closer to $120/month. 


Besides the fact that you can purchase disability insurance for 34, 36, or 35 year olds at the lowest rate possible, there are a lot of reasons why you would want to protect yourself with this type of policy. 

If you’re out of income for longer than you have savings to live off of you won’t be able to pay your bills on time, likely resulting in having to rack up credit card debt to make ends meet. Missing bill payments could result in ruining your credit, which can take years to build back up. 

If you know eventually you’ll want a family, or if you’re already married or have children, then you must factor that into your decision as well. No income means being unable to provide for your family and children (or future children!) If you’re planning on being the primary breadwinner or know your family couldn’t live without your income, then it’s important to plan ahead. 

And how about investments? A few years without income means missing out on the ability to invest and take advantage of compound interest. If you’re hoping to retire earlier than the standard retirement age missing out on a few years of investing early on can really derail your plans. 

If you have no income and are thus unable to keep up with your rent or mortgage payments, you run the risk of becoming evicted or defaulting on your mortgage or worst case, foreclosing on your home. 

Or if you don’t own a home but plan to in the future, you’ll no longer be able to start or continue saving for that home you were hoping to purchase in the next few years. 

And then there are the medical bills. If you become sick or injured and can’t work, how will you pay for medical expenses? Medical bills and loss of income are among the top reasons why individuals file for bankruptcy. 


Let’s say you’re a 30-year old male from Minnesota that is working as a marketing manager. You’re making $60,000 per year but you’ve been diagnosed with lymphoma that leaves you unable to work while you’re in treatment. If you were to have purchased your own disability policy for $86/month you could receive around $3,400 per month of untaxed benefit. 

Get quotes from our top-rated disability insurance companies for a 30-year old HERE or HERE.  

Or let’s say you’re a 35-year old female graphic designer living in South Carolina who just had her second child. After birth, you developed a rare autoimmune disorder that leaves you unable to work. Luckily you purchased disability insurance for $209/month and will now receive a maximum of $3,630 each month of untaxed benefit. 

Get quotes from our top-rated disability insurance companies for a 35-year old HERE or HERE.  

Let’s consider another example. Let’s say you’re a 39-year old male working as a dentist in Las Vegas. You’ve been struggling with severe carpal tunnel rendering you unable to perform your job duties for the time being. Being you had disability insurance you could receive $7,200 in insurance payout a month for what would have cost you around $378/month. 

Get quotes from our top-rated disability insurance companies for a 39-year old HERE or HERE.  

The cost of disability insurance can vary greatly, but it’s based on how risky your job is classified as, as well as your own health (including whether you consume nicotine!) and a few other factors. Disability insurance is also typically cheaper for males than females due to factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, and maternity leave. Like term life insurance, the earlier you purchase disability insurance the cheaper it will be.


  • Figure out if you already have coverage through your employer and if so, what timeframe it covers and how much the benefit is
  • Compare rates online through Breeze or PolicyGenius
  • Select a coverage amount that would allow you to keep up with bills and continue working towards your financial goals
  • Choose a policy that fits into your budget 

And finally – after purchasing, relax knowing if something were to happen that impacted your ability to work you’d be covered!


If reading this has convinced you to take a look at disability insurance, check out Breeze and PolicyGenius. Both can give disability insurance quotes for 30-39 year olds after entering in a few details. Although if you do get sick or injured it may only prevent you from working for a few years, a few years without income can really delay, or even completely wreck, progress towards your financial goals.

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