Boxcar House: Pieces that Tell a Story in the Frisco Rail District

Delisea Carter has always been a creative, inventive person ready to take a leap when the timing was right. In 2016, she was a stay-at-home mom beginning to look for new creative opportunities. She received some emails from a friend that contained a few sketches of furniture designs. These unique designs would soon shape Delisea’s future…

The furniture designs were made from old pieces of boxcars, one of which was the now-famous Diploma Desk. Delisea fell in love with the idea of creating new purposes for old train boxcars and Boxcar House was born.

Pieces That Tell a Story

The finished pieces, many of them custom, are exquisite – sturdy, beautiful heirloom pieces of practical artistry that carry with them the story of America’s rails.

Tables, stools, shelves, desks, and even wall decor are all produced by Boxcar House. Designs maximize every piece of boxcar flooring to produce unique furniture that will be treasured for a lifetime.

All of the furniture is made completely in-house, with Carter and her team handling 100% of the creation process. Carter describes their creation process passionately:

We take the flooring from retired Boxcars dating back to the early 1900’s and repurpose them into quality pieces of furniture. We try and utilize all aspects of the Boxcars by incorporating the springs from the brake systems, floor grates, graffiti doors, etc.  We really try to incorporate everything into the furniture to make unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Boxcar_ASHCAT-2The Boxcar House recently expanded to include The Boxcar Lumberyard, which provides other craftsmen with raw authentic lumber from boxcars and rail cargo. Exposed beams, custom seating, unique cabinetry, and artisan walls are only a few of the options for builders and creatives who want to work with this fabulous material. Boxcar House’s beautiful online home gushes,

Boxcar House features furniture made from authentic, reclaimed boxcar wood and machinery from train cars active in the 1920’s through the 1970’s. These cars traveled all across North America, and no two pieces are alike.

Welcome Home

The boxcar furniture has been well received, and Carter’s business has been celebrated, even garnering a Southern Living Magazine’s “Best in the South” after only 18 months in business.

Carter is committed to more than just a successful business though – she’s passionate about helping her customers to curate well-loved, thoughtfully designed pieces that make their homes more welcoming places to cultivate relationships and stories.

13 years ago, Carter moved with her two children to Frisco in search of a fresh start and a feeling of home. Now, she and her new husband Zack continue to work towards those same goals, even as they sold their large dream house and moved into a smaller, older home tied into the heritage and story of the Rail District.

boxcar_fb_productIt’s fitting then, that on November 3, 2018, Boxcar House is opening a new storefront right in the heart of Frisco’s Rail District, at 6990 Main Street, #15, Frisco, 75033 (open Tuesday – Saturday). Their original location in Frisco will remain at 122 Rose Lane, #702, Frisco, 75034 (open Friday – Sunday).

The Rail District and Boxcar House have much in common, including their commitment to preserving a historic heritage, a dedication to excellence, a love for the characteristics of small towns, and a heart for the people they serve.

We’re thrilled to see the Boxcar House begin this new chapter in the heart of our favorite American railroad town.