Brian Wysong and Jeb Matulich – Handcrafted Texas Apparel at Tumbleweed Texstyles

Tumbleweed Texstyles

Interview #44

Meet Brian Wysong and Jeb Matulich, founders of Tumbleweed Texstyles, a brand that has it’s own Frisco lingo.
Texstyle: n.  The way in which a person expresses or exhibits their deep passion for Texas through fashion, music, attitude, and lifestyle.
Because their business began while they were two teachers at Liberty High School, Tumbleweed Texstyles stylish and comfortable apparel supports the local Frisco community by giving back.

And, YOU can receive 20% OFF any purchase on their website using the code LIFESTYLE20 at checkout.

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Show Notes:

0:40 – What is Jeb’s and Brian’s background and how did they get to Frisco
2:20 – How did Brian and Jeb meet and how was Tumbleweed Texstyles started
3:07 – Are all Tumbleweed Textstyles products Texas inspired
3:24 – What about other states
3:40 – How about an entire “Frisco” line of products
4:35 – How does Tumbleweed Texstyles give back to the community
5:49 – Will there be new items for holiday shopping
6:34 – Where will the Tumbleweed Texstyles flagship store be located

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