Brittany Colberg – A Woman of Integrity

Interview #51

With over 10 years in the title insurance industry, Brittany Colberg is a Frisco woman of integrity with a warm personality. Whether it's her involvement with Frisco Young Professionals, Leadership Frisco, or the Planning & Zoning Commission, Brittany has a sparkling smile and servant's heart.

Show Notes:

0:52 – What is Brittany’s background and how did she get to Frisco
1:20 – Where all does Brittany spend her time
1:48 – What are her responsibilities on the Planning & Zoning Commission
3:20 – What was Brittany’s experience going through Leadership Frisco
5:09 – What new developments does Brittany see coming to Frisco
5:42 – Who is Brittany’s role model in life

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