Brookielynn’s Bungalow Expands in Frisco’s Rail District

Drive by 6811 Pecan Street in the Historic Rail District of Frisco and you'll notice a new resident. Brooklyn Calloway, craft lady extraordinaire and all-around renaissance woman, has moved her business Brookielynn's Bungalow into the renovated, historic home that sits just one block south of Main street in the heart of downtown Frisco.

As an established authority and entrepreneur in the craft world of Texas and beyond, Brooklyn conducts many private, public and virtual workshops, in addition to her online shop and ongoing creative projects. Up until fall of this year, she hosted regular workshops at her home, but it soon became apparent that it was time for Brooklynn’s Bungalow to expand into its own venue.

Brookielynn's Bungalow 3The availability of the property on Pecan Street couldn’t have come at a more opportune stage in the business. As a Rail District resident herself, she couldn’t resist snapping it up and quickly making it into a beautiful destination that caters to all types of events and gatherings.

The Art of Being Brooklyn

Brooklyn first caught my attention when I stumbled across one of her creative social media posts. Her authentic and engaging communication style drew me in immediately.

She seemed like the type of person you would want to spend all of your free time with! I soon realized that she and I share a mutual friend, another Rail District business owner, who upon inquiry of Brooklyn, immediately lit up.

Oh you two MUST meet!” she explained. “She's one hundred miles an hour all the time and you will love her!”

Brooklyn Calloway Brookielynns BungalowShe was not wrong. Eventually, Brooklyn and I were introduced and the conversation flowed like we had known each other far longer than just a few minutes. Her personality, warmth and general aura is nothing short of infectious.

This outgoing entrepreneur thrives living a fast-paced life and conquering multiple projects, meetings and tasks day in and day out. From workshops to tutorials, networking, coaching other entrepreneurs and business owners, her energy seems boundless. Sit with her for even ten minutes and you'll likely be inspired and soon catch on to her enthusiasm, drive, and motivation.

The Road to Pecan Street

While Pecan Street is her new business premises, the name and her brand have been around for quite some time. The inspiration for the biz name came from her childhood and a favorite place to play.

As a young girl, she had her own treehouse named ‘Brookielynn's Bungalow’. There, she practiced play-acting as a teacher, store owner, and boss. Today, Brooklyn says she's basically doing the same thing, but all the while literally living her dream.

Brooklyn Calloway Frisco 2It wasn't that long ago that she was fully immersed in a public school teaching career. But a few years ago she decided to make her side hobby and love of painting, crafting and DIY into a full-time business. She hasn't looked back.

Brooklyn and her realtor husband Matt Calloway (sometimes known as ‘Mr. Downtown’) have three kids and a beautiful historic home in the Rail District. They both have a deep passion for community life and they fully embrace and support the revitalization of the historic downtown area.

People in Frisco and surrounding cities seem to have an appetite all year round for unleashing their creativity and learning all kinds of skills that Brooklyn and her artesian partners have to offer.

Taking over the 100-year-old property at Pecan Street has opened many opportunities and avenues that she herself never even thought possible. It’s a four-bedroom, two-story home with delightful curb appeal that takes your breath away and beckons you to knock and say hi.

Just recently she took delight in learning of the history of the home which was built in 1916 by AA Malone and his wife Mariah. It's understood the Malones arrived in Texas around 1885/6 from Tennessee and lived in Collin and Denton counties, making their living by farming. The Pecan Street home stayed in the Malone family up to 1975 when J.B. Malone, grandchild to the original owner, sold the property.

The Renovation…Brooklyn-Style

Since acquiring it in the fall of 2018 Brooklyn has redecorated the entire space and expanded it’s potential, even serving as a photography studio, the Frisco Photography Room.

Brookielynn's Bungalow Frisco 2She opens the home and its surroundings along with her vintage VW Bus for all photographers to work with their clients.  So far, the venue has proved a huge hit with professionals shooting family fall and winter sessions in this most gorgeous authentic backdrop.

The attention to detail in creating an inviting space is just breathtaking. A hand-painted staircase, shiplap walls, an old world fireplace, antique furniture, a postcard-perfect porch and character just oozing from every corner.

Brookielynns Bungalow FriscoShe also uses various rooms in the home to conduct gatherings in the form of workshops, events and even her latest fun adventure – Bingo Nights! With over 30 workshops already conducted during the fall and winter season, the new space has certainly become a second home for Brooklyn.

While she enjoys teaching workshops, she especially loves connecting people and building relationships. She quickly harnessed this skill to grow a community of artisans whom she invites to not only teach in person but to share their love of crafting and encourage others to embrace their creative side.

“I’m just a creative entrepreneur crafting my dreams one workshop at a time,” she says. “Taking something that is trash and turning it into a treasure is so rewarding.”

If that wasn’t enough, she runs a very active Facebook group, Bungalo U (the U being short for University), coaches small business owners, teaches faux furniture re-finishing, spends time renovating her 1956 school bus, and runs a busy online store, where among other things, the most popular selling item is her woodcut wall words. You can also choose from forty delightful shades of German Glass glitter, ‘Build a Bunting’ kits and handmade home decor.

Earlier this year she launched Bungalow Craft Crate. This works like a subscription where you can become a member and receive a new, custom, one of a kind DIY craft box every month. Once received you then watch a live or recorded online workshop and ask questions to help you craft what’s in your crate.

Brookielynn's Bungalow 2Looking to the new year Brooklyn is excited about opportunities that await while also focusing on areas of the business that her audience craves, enhancing and perfecting the experience. Nothing gets in Brooklyn’s way in order to achieve, but the real gem is, she does it with such positivity and ease, generating an amazing consistent can-do attitude and truly inspiring others to come along for the ride.

She radiates an awesome sense of community and is a treasure to spend time with and be around. Oh, and did I mention she holds a Guinness world record?  Go hang out on her porch at Pecan Street and she will gladly tell you all about it!

Find Brookielynn's Bungalow online and tell her we said “hi!”


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