Brown Bag: Good Food, Good People, and Blessed to Be a Blessing

It’s not very often that you find a business with a heart as big as Texas. But at Brown Bag, you come mighty close.

Brown Bag is a restaurant and catering company with a mission that extends far beyond the food. It’s unique, with a business model unlike anything Frisco has seen and it’s got a big ol’ heart for community, for people, and for giving back. It’s a new Frisco gem you definitely want to know.

Founded in 2009 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Brown Bag began when Peter Brown noticed a big hole in the catering business. Tired of seeing the same old sandwich and a cookie combo at business functions, Brown knew there was a market for a catering business serving simple yet healthy and delicious meals.

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And he was right. He built a menu around quality and service, and his business quickly grew, moving him out of his home kitchen and eventually into multiple storefronts around Tennessee and North Carolina.

Enter in Frisco and Tom Hamilton, a Brown Bag alumni. A Tennessee native, like Brown, Hamilton visited Frisco when a friend relocated here and quickly realized this was a perfect home for a business like Brown Bag.

I can’t think of anywhere else I have ever been that has such a sense of community in such a large, growing city. When thinking about a place to start a business like ours, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

So earlier this year, he brought the Brown Bag mission to Frisco, first providing catering out of a commercial kitchen and then expanding to a lunch-only restaurant in April. The location and state might be different, but Hamilton and his team are as passionate about the mission of the company as ever, stating,

Since its inception, Brown Bag has continued to be a restaurant that is committed to providing delicious, healthy and affordable food. As a business, we are committed to being an active part of the overall health and wellbeing of the community in which we work, serve and live.

After sitting down with Hamilton for lunch I can tell you that his mission is on point. The food is simple yet well-executed and flavorful. It tastes like something mom would make, if mom is a really good cook. It’s healthy and light, leaving you satisfied yet not weighed down.

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From the tender grilled chicken and spicy yet highly addicting jalapeno corn casserole to the most delicious banana pudding I have ever had (which is saying something given that I’m not normally a banana pudding fan), the food won me over. This is home cooking done right, perfect for your family or your business.

Offering catering services and delivery to the entire DFW metroplex, Brown Bag works with local businesses, schools, hospitals and charities to provide healthy meals at affordable prices and has built a solid reputation as a quality player in the catering arena.

On top of that, however, Brown Bag offers families and small groups a chance to enjoy home-cooked meals on busy weeknights with its bulk menu. It only takes a quick call-ahead order and a stop in at their Preston Road location to get an affordable meal that your whole family will love. Tastier than drive-thru and without the guilt that goes along with it, it’s a great option for busy Frisco families on the go.

And please, don’t forget the banana pudding.

But above and beyond the food, Brown Bag is a restaurant that cares, a restaurant that puts community and people first.

Recognizing that integrating into the Frisco community is imperative to the success of any local business, Hamilton wants to be involved, to help, and to be a go-to for schools and churches. Offering spirit night events, charity functions and multiple ways to get involved with the Brown Bag mission, they’re a company poised to become a big part of the heartbeat of our community.

Brown Bag DFW Catering

All Brown Bag employees share in this mission, and you will always be greeted with a smile whether you’re getting a catered meal delivered to your office or you’re walking in on a weekday for a quick lunch and to grab a dinner to go.

Brown Bag cares, and it shows.

And in what might be the greatest show of heart I have personally witnessed, they also offer Brown Bag Blessings freely to families in need. This program allows you to order a full dinner to bless an individual who is sick or hurting, free of charge. There’s no catch. Trust me, the skeptic in me asked many, many times. This is completely free and given completely without strings attached. Hamilton shared,

Our goal for the Brown Bag Blessing was to help people in our community to actively take care of others in a time of need. I know from my own experience that a warm meal during a hard time can be so much more than dinner. Making a meal for your family is hard enough on a good day but during a difficult season, it’s that last thing you want to do. For us to make a little extra food each day takes just a little time, but the impact it has had on others has been so great. I think back to how much I resisted the idea but each meal has truly come back to us tenfold.

This is the hallmark of a business run with the heart first. The idea behind the blessing is to simply provide help to those who need it most, to be a light and encouragement for the community. It’s a beautiful offering from a company and community partner who chooses to put people before profit.

For your next catered event or school function, check out Brown Bag’s catering menu or stop by to grab a quick lunch at the restaurant. This is a company putting down roots in Frisco and it has so much to offer.

We’re grateful for the food, the mission, and the love they’re sure to spread around our town for years to come.

Restaurant: (214) 425-0798 | Catering: (214) 717-3271

Restaurant: Monday – Friday: 11 am – 2 pm | Catering: Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6:30 pm

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3246 Preston Rd, Suite 510A,
Frisco, TX 75034

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