Building a Bridge Between Frisco ISD and Collin College


Times have changed since Frisco parents were in high school. Sure, we took a few Advanced Placement (AP) classes and walked on to our college campus like kings with our 15 hours, but we had no idea what was in store for the next generation of learners.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, adults who earn a postsecondary certificate earn 20% more than those with only a high school diploma. In Frisco, our students can earn multiple certificates prior to graduating and could potentially even acquire their Associates Degree.

A Step Ahead

Frisco ISD offers a litany of opportunities for our high schoolers including 30 separate AP classes, 27 certifications, internships, and 38 dual credit courses – and this is just the beginning.

The FISD 2015 Strategic Action Plan created by teachers, parents, students and community members set the goal to, “Develop multiple academic programs and pathways to enhance student success beyond graduation.” We are well on our way!

Frisco students have the potential to graduate high school with certifications including everything from the Texas State Florist’s Certification to a Certified Nurse Aide or Pharmacy Technician Certification. The FISD course catalog has a wealth of opportunities and pathways listed to achieve the various certifications.

It’s hard to beat the convenience and cost of taking these courses on campus or at the Career and Technical Education Center CTE)!

Earning Dual Credit

Dual credit courses allow for a child to get a credit in high school while simultaneously earning college credit. Qualified students may be enrolled concurrently at an FISD high school and Collin College for specified classes noted in the FISD course catalog.

booksStudents must meet Collin College admissions requirements and secure their high school counselor’s approval for the dual credit courses selected. Students must successfully complete the Texas Success Initiative Examination (TSI) or provide proof of exemption from TSI and an A/B grade point average is recommended.

Students and their parents benefit by significantly saving on tuition and fees, while potentially earning up to two years of college credit before graduating from high school!

Courses have been added each year that will allow 2021 graduates to earn an associate degree through Collin College while completing the requirements for a high school diploma. Students are responsible for paying for tuition, books, and fees associated with Collin College dual credit courses, and transportation is not provided to or from Collin College.

If students have access to rigor, they have a higher chance of success.

FISD is committed to providing our students with opportunities to prepare for college during high school and appears to be doing so quite effectively. Participation in the CTE and standard dual credit courses was up 138% from the 2016-17 to 2017-18 school years. Last school year, 2,177 classes were taken!

While the 38 dual credit courses are too much to list here, a full list of 2018-2019 core course offerings and workforce dual credit options for Collin College can be found here.

highlighter-studying-schoolIf you’re interested in the dual credit program for your child, there will be recurring information sessions in the Spring of 2019. In the meantime, contact your child’s counselor and reference the Dual Credit Checklist and the Dual Credit Brochure.

Students seeking to earn an associate degree should secure academic advising provided through Collin College as well as their high school counselor to ensure their degree plan meets their needs.

Seamless Transition

Frisco ISD and Collin College have made a concerted effort to provide a viable bridge to help prepare our children for life after high school. In fact, Collin College has provided College and Career Counselors across Frisco ISD to guide students through the entire process of applying to college. All you have to do is reach out to your child’s counselor to set up an appointment.

The opportunities and choices available to our children are incredible. As parents, it’s time that we start considering all of the options for our students and think outside the typical AP mindset.

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