Camp Gladiator is Changing Fitness in Frisco

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How you start your morning can make or break your day. To be the healthiest you, lap up the morning sun by taking your exercise regimen outside for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. Blue light in the morning sunshine controls hunger, hormones, and the metabolism.

Think of the morning sun as a way to torch calories and reduce out of control appetites you might struggle with later in the day! Plus, sunlight stimulates the brain to release serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone that makes you feel happy and calm. Make being fit and feeling good a priority!

Lace up those Sneakers!

A great way to get that spring and bounce in your step is by hitting one of Elizabeth Crawford’s Camp Gladiator training sessions in Frisco. Not only will you acquire a dose of morning blue light but you’ll sculpt your body into a powerhouse and ignite those unwanted calories on fire. Elizabeth also comes highly recommended by Dr. Jonathan Welch, “Frisco’s” go-to Airrosti doctor.

What is ‘Gladiat-ing’ all about?

Camp Gladiator is a progressive four week outdoor fitness program where every workout is unique. You never have to worry about getting bored with one of Elizabeth’s workouts because she switches them up daily. The sessions are 60 minutes each and will occur rain or shine!

fitness workoutEach session incorporates a full-body workout with both cardio and strength exercises. The 4 week cycle starts with a week of endurance, another week of strength and agility, followed by interval training, and ending on a high note with peak week.

On a recent Wednesday morning, I tried Elizabeth’s 8:30 am session held at Warren Sports Complex. I landed in the 2nd week cycle of a strength and agility circuit where you utilize your own body weight and equipment that she brings.

Warm-up time – Blast off Gladiators!

The campers and I began running a lap, followed by inchworms, 25 squat pulses, and 25 pulsing lunges. Then, we partnered up for camaraderie to finish out our warm-up series with more squats. With all those squats I might just end up with a Kim Kardashian booty!

Next, traveling ham scoops, walking high kicks, planks with knee hugs and side rotations, lunges, and sit-ups. At that moment a Vitality Bowls drink with a dose of Matcha would have come in handy for a quick boost of energy!

Camp Gladiator Frisco 7Heart pumping follows with time for the ‘Partner Workout Series’. At that point, you should be feeling happy from the sunlight, enabling you to crush the rest of your CG workout. This also tones you from head to toe!

Since it happened to be ‘National 7-11 Day,’ Elizabeth decided to add a little humor into the day with repetitions of 7/11 at each station. At the first station – rolling ball pushup, and curb burpees. The next station consisted of a bean bag shuffle where you stick that booty back and low. How low can you go? By what seemed like the millionth one, I barely had a bend in my legs.

The Value of Camp Gladiator Camaraderie

I loved pushing it to the edge and the camaraderie of having a partner. When I thought I couldn’t move another inch, my partner (CG trainer Betty) was there to motivate me. The third station had none other than “Slurpees”, a run down and back, and curb switches. All of the variations kept the workout fun and interesting and the camaraderie enables you to finish strong. Think ‘throw-back’ to the invigorating fun you had as a kid in elementary gym class!

Camp Gladiator Frisco 5Can’t button that shirt or zip up the skirt? CG will help you get healthy and transform your body over a 4 week period of time. My personal rule of thumb is to give a new program 3 months because it typically takes around 12 weeks to notice fat loss. That’s generally when you see results such as a smaller dress size or waist!

What are you waiting for?

For anyone who lacks the motivation to have a regular exercise regimen, Camp Gladiator offers accountability that helps you stick to the program. By having an onsite CG trainer you will push yourself harder. CG also offers a loyalty program where campers earn points (dollars) each time they check in with the CG app or on the trainer’s iPad. Accrued points can be utilized to offset the training program or purchase items from the CG store. Nice!

Camp Gladiator Frisco 8For a great deal, CG offers the ‘Bold 12+’ package for $79 per month. It’s a 12 month commitment but it allows you the flexibility to workout 6 days a week at one of their various locations. You could even do this multiple times a day if you like!

Start your day off with a dose of sunshine at a Camp Gladiator session – I hope you find it as invigorating as I did!

Workout Tip: Bring a large bottle of water, workout mat, and a towel. Dress in appropriate workout clothes that breathe and are weather appropriate.

Post-workout Tip: Vitality Bowls has teamed up with Camp Gladiator for the summer to promote their Total Transformation Package. This promotion advocates healthy meal options that will supplement the exercise regimen to aid in transforming people’s bodies. Nutritious eating plus a fitness regimen creates overall lifestyle changes.

If you’re trying to reach your body goals, signing up for the Total Transformation Package might be the way to go. Plus CG members receive a 10% discount at Vitality Bowls!