Can We Get Back to Work Safely During the Pandemic?

There is work to be done. Many Americans have successfully transitioned to working from home. In fact, agile companies like Twitter, Google, Zillow and more have said employees can continue remote work until 2021 at least.

Additionally, an estimated 17% of HR leaders in 2,284 companies are looking to make the shift permanent. But some jobs can’t be remote, and not all businesses are that adaptable.

So how can everyone else find a safe way back to the office, retail space, or warehouse while engaged in a battle against a pandemic that is raging out of control across our nation? Legacy ER & Urgent Care is trying to help with that.

How to Fight an Invisible Enemy

Yes. You’re right. It’s testing. Everyone. Agreed, the logistics are complicated. But Legacy ER & Urgent Care offers an innovative, comprehensive testing solution. It’s covered by insurance, coordinated with HR teams, administered during work hours, and quick.

David Apple, Chief Marketing Officer at Legacy ER & Urgent Care, explains that all of these components are critical.

The economy is moving forward and COVID testing will be a part of the DNA of the local recovery for months to come, probably until a vaccine is being actively administered. Our goal is to be an efficient resource now and ongoing for local businesses big and small, to give employers and employees peace of mind as they come back to the office, plant, or field.

In the absence of federal guidelines and support, the Legacy ER & Urgent Care team developed this process and invested heavily to mitigate as many risks as possible.

What, When, and How to Test

The Legacy ER & Urgent Care team found itself in a unique position when COVID-19 hit. Locations across the nation fielded countless requests for the antibody test at the start of the shutdown. You may have had a cough in January, or felt miserable for a bit in February. Then, in March, you wondered whether you’d had it.

In Frisco alone, Legacy ER & Urgent Care fielded hundreds of requests for antibody tests each day. That has shifted. Most people these days want active COVID-19 tests. All they want to know now is, “do I have it?”

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Legacy ER & Urgent Care offers both antibody and antigen tests. A physician determines the proper one to administer for each patient. That’s huge. The last thing you want is the added pressure of a multiple-choice question when already stressed. Also important, Legacy ER & Urgent Care uses FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) tests.

The antibody test results take one to three days (sometimes more due to volume). The Sofia 2 SARS Antigen Test for active COVID returns results in 15 minutes. That’s a game-changer. Legacy ER & Urgent Care invested heavily in Sofia 2 instruments to provide this testing resource. They made this huge financial commitment to provide the best testing with the quickest results. David Apple explains why in five words:

Covid is not going away.

This model is sustainable for as long as it’s needed. Employers can set up regular, ongoing testing schedules for staff. The Legacy ER & Urgent Care staff and facilities are able to administer extensive testing. After all, this disease is a moving target and negative results one week do not ensure the same the next week.

Safety First…and Second, and So On

The highly contagious nature of this disease has big implications in the workplace. On-site testing is appealing. But samples can’t be read immediately and results can take days. The bottom line, most workplaces are not medical offices. So, Legacy ER & Urgent Care lets employees come to its facility instead.

Trading the convenience of on-site testing for heightened safety makes sense. Legacy ER & Urgent Care locations offer a safer medical environment. Efficiency is key, too. The Sofia 2 machine gives results in minutes. There’s minimal and controlled contact. This seamless process gives employers and employees peace of mind. It’s simple:

  • Employees book tests in advance to reduce waiting room time.
  • Patients get results for the antigen (active COVID) test in 15 minutes.
  • Legacy ER test appointments also include a medical screening and doctor consultation to provide education on how the patient should proceed based on the result and exam.

Plus, the quick feedback lessens exposure to others, reducing community spread. It’s the ideal way to handle a situation that is anything but ideal.

How Does Back-to-Office COVID-19 Testing Work?

Many local employers, big and small, have already signed up. It’s easy. HR can call or register at They’re in-network with all major insurance providers. This means there’s usually no cost to employers to keep their employees safer.

Legacy ER works with employers in advance so they know what to expect. COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody testing are billed at urgent care rates, except for the extremely rare occasion when the patient’s condition has deteriorated to the point where they need emergency interventions. Those select few patients who require emergency treatment, 4% since Antigen testing was launched, are billed at in-network emergency room rates.

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Legacy ER & Urgent Care’s objective resource criteria provide peace of mind to employers and patients because they know the bill received will be appropriate for the level of care required.

The type and how tests are processed matters,” explains Apple. “Employers should avoid utilizing out of network ERs for testing to avoid substantial bills or rejected claims, and avoid test that have not been cleared by the FDA for Emergency Use Testing (EUA).

First, companies arrange to have staff tested. Next, employees are sent a link to schedule their tests. They should arrive at the testing site at the scheduled time of their test. There’s minimal contact since online registration eliminates in-office transactions. The process takes 30-45 minutes and happens during work hours. Best of all, patients know their active COVID status before they leave. This is repeatable, as needed.

The Fine Print

Privacy laws prevent the sharing of results with employers. So, it’s an honor system of sorts. Employees are expected to notify the employer of a positive result. Legacy ER can suggest treatments during self-quarantine.

Occasionally, a staff member has opted-out of employer benefits. Most employers choose to cover the cost of those tests. Either way, these issues are addressed before testing begins.

All the old rules are still in place. A negative test is not a free pass. Everyone should still remember these key rules:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and often.
  2. Wear a mask in public — especially indoors.
  3. Maintain social distancing.
  4. Stay home if you can.

We Will Get Through This

Hard times inspire innovation. Every day, we learn more about this disease. Every day, we get closer to a vaccine that moves us past this pandemic. In the meantime, as a community, we must work together to keep each other safe and well.

Legacy_ER_ExteriorThe team at Legacy ER & Urgent Care developed this regimen in response to overwhelming demand. They saw a need and created a solution that not only meets the needs of the community’s health but is also cost-effective. Because reducing the spread of illness while easing fear and anxiety matters now more than ever.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care offers testing that lets us work together while staying apart.

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