Car Insurance : About Different Types of Car Insurance

If you're thinking about buying car insurance maybe I could help you My name is James, I'm an insurance agent

I specialize in auto insurance There's a couple of things that you want to take in to consideration when you're thinking about car insurance If you want to just get the basic limits, that's PIP and PD, that's Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Most people get that when they just want to go to the motor vehicle and get their tag and be done with it However, if you've got a car that either you have a lean or basically it's of value, you might want to think about getting comp and collision

That's where in the event that you are in a car accident, you have coverages after your deductible Most people go with about a thousand dollar deductible, so the first thousand dollars is out of pocket, but then after that, the insurance company will pay for the damage One other limit is called bodily injury and in the event that there was personal bodily injury, at least you would have coverage for that So we highly recommend that you get the right coverages that you could afford So, again, if you're thinking about buying insurance, auto insurance in particular, make sure that you're well covered