Car Insurance : Types of Car Insurance Liability

You're thinking about buying car insurance and you're specifically looking at the liability that you would want to carry for that policy My name is James with, The Resurgence Group, we're a full service insurance agency, and we specialize in auto insurance

So when you're thinking about a policy and the different types of limits, we strongly suggest that you speak with an agent or someone in customer service, so that they can go over the different types of limits, and the different types of coverages and deductibles Liability is specifically for the auto and the property damage associated with that auto So you have comp and collision; comp is in the event that you're not in an accident, but an accident happens, such as a tree falls, or something that damages your vehicle other than a collision Your coverage is going to be based on how much of a deductible you have So if you go with a lower limits, say 250 dollars, you're only responsible for that, and then the car insurance carrier would actually pay for any difference that it would cost to repair that vehicle

When it comes to a collision it's the same way You've go your deductible, and then after that your policy is going to kick in and then the auto company is going to have to pay for whatever it's going to take to get that car up to running again My name is James, I'm an agent, I strongly suggest that you speak with agents so that you can get a better understanding of the different types of policies that are out there, as well as the different types of limits and coverages and deductibles