Car Rental Insurance – A Necessary Expense

It is a common practice for some people to rent a car especially when they are on a business travel These people simply approach the car rental counter, pays for the rental amount but some of them refuse to avail of rental car insurance or waivers because they were thinking that such offers may only be additional expenses for them

Many travelers do not pay for such coverages as they are uncertain and confused about it Some believe that they are unnecessary and are only a devised scam by car rental companies to gain extra profit from the consumers However, one may never tell when an accident or mishap will happen There may be some avoidable instances to save the rental car from nicks and wrecks, but certainly there are occurrences beyond the driver's control that may lead to the car's breakage or damages Despite a number of people disagreeing with the necessity of driving an insured car, there are still lots of car users who ensure both their physical safety, the car's and their financial security

It's best to know for every car renter, that such insurances are a way of securing his or her finances should an accident occur Paying for repairs or worse is for the replacement of an entire vehicle may be more devastating than the misfortune itself If you are opting to rent a car, make sure that prior to the rental, you have already inquired from your agent about the personal auto policy that covers a rental car If you have a credit card, ask your company what coverage if offers Should a personal auto policy not include a rental car coverage, be polite in asking for the for additional rental insurance

It would also be wise that if you are a renter who finds that the information provided by a rental company is doubtful, the state insurance department may be consulted Aside from rental car insurance, other options offering similar plan are Loss Damage Waivers (LDW) and Collision Damage Waivers (CDW) Coverage for whatever loss or wreck to a rented vehicle is included Such policies are in actuality are unregulated and are not insurance policies which is why it is essential to first read the waiver before deciding Reckless driving such a driving under the influence of alcohol or causing an accident, may result to the waiver's dissolution

These waivers are a means to protect the rental companies from renters who may be careful in driving their own cars, but not rental cars A Supplemental Liability insurance is also another alternative that covers item which are not included in the renter's own insurance policy for rental car Personal Accident Insurance deals with expenses brought about by injury or death As a conclusion, a rental car insurance, though at the onset of a car rental may seem additional cost on the part of the consumer is not really a scam or a rip-off In actuality its saves the car rental drivers from more serious expenditures if the rental car is damaged

It is true that there are less chances of having an accident set upon you or the rented car However, accident are neither planned Therefore it is better to be safe and secured rather than be sorry in the long run