CIBO Kitchens: Frisco’s Newest Foodie Venue

Some dreams come true quickly. You know the ones, you dream of ice cream and the next day, well, you get ice cream. Others take some time and work, some elbow grease and a whole lot of grit.

Those are usually the ones that make the biggest impact.

CIBO KitchensCIBO Kitchens, the upcoming commercial kitchen and event space at The Patios, is one of the latter. It’s the dream of Frisco power couple Brooklyn (of Brookielynn’s Bungalow) and Matt Calloway, that took time, effort, and a little bit of luck and perfect timing to come true.

But here we are, ten years after the first spark of this dream, poised to see its fruition right here in our own Rail District.

In order to understand CIBO, you have to understand the origins of the dream and just a little bit about the cottage industry in Texas. So we’ll go back 10 years, to the beginning.

At that time Matt was working for Bacardi, and in one particular marketing campaign for Mojitos, he found himself searching high and low for a commercial kitchen to prep and shoot in.

stainless kitchen

He couldn't find one. At least not a local one. Or, one that was as beautiful as it was functional, for that matter.

After looking high and low, he finally settled on a small spot in Plano. Not ideal for this Frisco native, but it worked for the time.
The dream, though, started there. Because Matt, always a visionary, saw the opportunity and the need for a commercial kitchen space in Frisco, and he vowed to one day open his own when he had the means and the opportunity.

Fast forward to 2020 when Matt, now a commercial realtor, had both the means and, when saw the perfect space at The Patios at the Rail, the opportunity. Together they jumped in feet first, Brooklyn with her creative marketing genius and Matt with his vision and experience. The time for CIBO was perfect.

We’ve waited for years for the perfect opportunity and home for this idea. With Matt as the commercial realtor for The a Patios at the Rail and living one block north of the project,it just called to us immediately. There’s zero doubt the Rail District is the right place to give it {CIBO} life.

— Brooklyn Calloway

What exactly is a commercial kitchen, you ask?

Don’t worry. I did too. And this is what I learned.

A commercial kitchen is a kitchen coded nearly exactly like a restaurant, with sanitation, function and often spartan design focused on mass production, or at the very least, more than your average home chef’s needs. Every surface must be wipeable, stainless or quartz, and every appliance must be commercial grade. This is an industrial space, with ceiling height requirements and specifications for every single inch.

And there are so many uses. Commercial kitchens are used for home-based food businesses that are required by law (that pesky cottage industry we talked about earlier) to adhere to strict safety regulations in order to sell their goods.

chef chopping

They're for test restaurants, those creating menus and trying out recipes before opening up their Brick and Mortar locations. They’re for caterers and bread makers, cookie bakers, and soup kitchens. Commercial kitchens are for foodies of all kinds.
Especially the newest round of modern foodies, the Cloud Kitchen Concept chefs.

Cloud Kitchens are like restaurants but without all of the fuss of going to a restaurant. They’re chefs and foodies who have the heart to serve food but either can’t afford a B&M location or don’t want one. But what they can do is utilize Favor. Or GrubHub. Or UberEats.

And CIBO Kitchens as their kitchen, of course. Brooklyn shared,

When cloud kitchens (ck) started trending, we knew it was time. We do look forward to seeing the rotating restaurateurs utilize Cibo Kitchens (CK) and bring a revolving door of culinary treasures to the Rail District.

Commercial kitchens like CIBO, though, often aren’t pretty. And they often aren’t compelling, or high tech. But if you know anything about Brooklyn, you know that not pretty is not an option. And that is the beauty of CIBO (pun intended). Because along with being spectacularly functional and commercial, it will be spectacularly beautiful, and spectacularly poised to be the perfect event space in Frisco.

Our commercial kitchens are beautiful. Not only are they licensed commercial grade kitchens, but they have been designed to make you feel special when you’re there, too. Cibo Kitchens are every chef’s dream.

— Brooklyn Calloway

This is clearly an entertainer's dream.

There are two kitchens at CIBO, mirror images of each other, both equipped with high tech streaming and recording capabilities and both extraordinarily beautiful. But, what might be the best part for those looking to utilize CIBO for an event, they are situated directly adjacent to the elevator shaft, which just so happens to lead right up to a gorgeous patio, perfect for entertaining, events, and celebrations.

CIBO is not only two mirrored commercial kitchens, but it’s a culinary venue, too. We see people renting it for high-end reception dinners on the roof deck park, date-night cooking classes, and monthly supper clubs.

— Brooklyn Calloway

This is clearly an entertainer's dream.

So what exactly will CIBO offer Frisco? With the vision of Brooklyn and Matt, you can bet it will offer many things. For the home chefs looking to pivot and take their passion into a business, they offer memberships that will allow them to safely produce their goods for sale.

cooking kitchen

For the cloud kitchen businesses, the membership allows them to have an address and a kitchen to run their business. And for the event caterers, supper club members, and private party-goers, CIBO offers a beautiful entertaining space with that high tech streaming service (just in case you want to watch what goes on in the kitchen while you’re on the patio) and a kitchen fit for five-star chefs and home caters alike.

Besides the incredible-ness of this space and the ingenuity behind the idea, CIBO will be successful because of the heart behind it.

If you know Brooklyn and Matt, which many in Frisco do, you know that they are integral in our community, dedicated Rail District partners, and true Frisco friends. This is a business we can expect to contribute to the community, becoming a mecca of Frisco-ness, right in on our very own Main Street.

Be among the first to know about their grand opening and learn how to get cookin' in CIBO Kitchens:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Location: 7511 Main St Frisco, Texas 75034

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