Clean Eats Catered By Vitality Bowls in Frisco

Vitality Bowls Frisco smoothies

This post is sponsored by Vitality Bowls.

Eating is a necessity, not an option. Unfortunately, many of us live in a constant state of speed dial rushing from one function to the next. The daily responsibilities of life can inhibit healthy eating.

We all know fruits and veggies are good for the body, and I believe its human nature to want to eat clean (ish). But in a quick pinch, you may find yourself grabbing processed foods that are loaded with calories, sodium, food dyes, and ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Yuck!

But don’t stress, Vitality Bowls in Frisco has an option for every schedule. Their dine-in, grab and go, and catering menu options have made eating smart an easy option for people.

Wait — you didn’t know they cater?

Revolutionizing Party Platters Everywhere

Fall and winter tend to be the season for events. It begins with football parties, then it’s Friends-giving, followed by the office potluck. But who has time to prepare two dozen of something for an event?

vitalitybowl_nutsOr maybe you’re trying to find a healthy and creative option for your kids’ sports teams before or after a game. Many Frisco families have the pleasure of attending all-day tournaments that challenge smart dining options…

Add to that all of the upcoming potluck holiday parties and you’ll quickly realize having a solid standby is essential. Consider Vitality Bowls‘ catering options! They’re revolutionizing the way we feed the masses in Frisco.

Frisco Schools Have Turned to Clean Eats Catering

Vitality Bowls has streamlined the catering process by offering pre-order forms with delicious and healthy meal options for Frisco ISD athletic teams, band, drill teams, cheerleaders, and staff.

For example, the Lebanon Trail High School drill team members who practice after school don’t have very much time to eat before they attend their games. They need a quick, healthy meal after school and practice.

Vitality Bowls FriscoThanks to Vitality Bowls, these students now have access to Acai bowls, smoothies, soups, salads, and juices. What kid doesn’t love the taste of a smoothie such as ‘The Sunsation’ or ‘The Dragon’ loaded with delicious berries? It’s like a dose of vitamins for your kids!

It’s also cost-efficient for parents. When food is ordered in bulk it reduces the cost per person. For some, it turns into a very economical way for parents to feed their kids. You might even find it cheaper than if you were to cook the food at home!

Not Your Typical Employee Lunch

Traditional sandwich box lunches are sooooooo early 2000! Keep your employees happy with catered breakfast and lunch options that offer a colorful and delicious array of veggies and fruits. Consider the Acai Bowls tray that serves 8-10 people or the “gigantic bowl” that serves up to 15 people.

vitalitybowl_trayWhy should your employees prefer an Acai Bowl tray over a sub sandwich? Acai Bowls are like eating from the fountain of youth!

The berries are found deep in the Amazon rainforest. For centuries, the locals touted that these berries have superpowers. Consuming those berries will help you have glowing skin. Also, the acai berries are high in phytochemicals which help to reduce the signs of aging. Plus the properties in Acai aid in sustaining or promoting health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Healthy employees that eat nutrient-rich foods are less likely to be sick from work. While you may not realize it, eating healthy helps ease the costs of your company’s health care plans!

This season, it’s all about the avocado…

avocadoVitality Bowls also has the pulse on the food trends that some of us love to follow. The Avocado conquered Instagram in 2017 with pictures of avocados on toast, salads, and burgers.

While you might have thought it would only reign for a blip in time, the avocado can hold its own for the long haul because it’s loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and has more potassium than a banana.

To that end, in September, Vitality Bowls will offer 2 special menu items: Avocado Bowls and Avocado Toast! (There’s a possibility these will become regular items on the menu!)

And if you love seasonal items like pumpkin, get ready. This fall Vitality Bowls will feature pumpkin-themed bowls, spiced lattes, and smoothies!

A Year of Clean Eating in Frisco

On September 15, Vitality Bowls will celebrate their one-year anniversary! Designed as a customer appreciation event to thank the community for their support, they’ll be offering specials, amazing food samples, and giveaways. Save the date in your bullet journal so you can take advantage of the festivities that day!

In addition to a year of delicious, nutritious clean eating in Frisco, Vitality Bowls will be opening another location in the first quarter of 2019! The second restaurant will be located at Legacy and Lebanon near Market Street.

Remember, to eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art! Let Vitality Bowls, help you with your day-to-day healthy eating, or your next catered event!