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For some people, clean is a verb. It means, literally, to clean something. To some, it’s an adjective, describing a tidy and hygienic state. But to Frisco residents and owners of Clean Juice West Frisco, Sean and Ashley Green, clean means more than that. Clean is a LIFESTYLE.

To the Greens, clean means being active members of the local CrossFit community, working out at a Frisco gym and committing to the Crossfit lifestyle. It also means a holistic approach to wellness, as the Greens are equally passionate about food and nutrition, something Ashley began to educate herself on when she became a stay-at-home mom. She shares,

It was after I made that transition that I discovered my interest in nutrition and how food impacts our overall wellness. Fitness had always been a part of my life, but it was during this time that I became more engrossed in fitness and as a family we made changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

So when the couple began searching for business opportunities, the Clean Juice model made perfect sense. Founded in 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina, this juice and smoothie bar business and franchise opportunity is as committed to nutrition and food quality as the Greens are.

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It’s clearly working for them. They’ve experienced rapid growth since, quickly expanding to 100 locations around the United States and 55 more in development.

But to the Greens, it was more than the obvious track record of success that attracted them to Clean Juice. It was both the nutritional and foundational beliefs, which match closely their own personal value system. Ashley shares,

When we first started exploring juice and smoothie bar franchise options, it was important to us to find one that was as passionate about sourcing organic ingredients as we are. When we discovered that Clean Juice created their core values based on Bible verses, we couldn’t wait to find out how we could bring this concept to the Frisco market.

What is it that makes Clean Juice so different?

Well, first of all, Clean Juice is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality nutrition possible and they recognize that this can only be attained by using certified organic fruits and vegetables.

This means that Clean Juice uses only USDA-certified organic fruits and vegetables in all of their recipes. Is this harder to do and oftentimes more costly? Yes. But is the nutritional value worth it? Absolutely.

The second thing that sets Clean Juice apart is how they process their juices. Many juices are sterilized by HPP, a USDA-approved pasteurization process that uses a high-pressure sterilization process designed to render a multitude of food-borne pathogens inactive, making the juices fresher and safer for longer.

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While this is a completely safe process, it also has been shown to alter the enzymes within the food, making the nutrients harder to absorb, damaging their natural functions and nutritional value.

Unlike HPP, the cold-press process that Clean Juice utilizes allows the raw ingredients to maintain their nutritional value from start to finish. The sacrifice, of course, is in shelf-life, as all Clean Juice products have an expiration date which they strongly advise abiding by. But what they lose in long-term viability is easily worth the upgraded nutritional value, fresh taste, and quality in every product they serve.

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Clean Juice

For the Greens, Clean Juice is a family affair. Both Sean and Ashley are hands-on in the day-to-day of the business. Ashley can often be found at the counter, whipping up smoothies and chatting with customers. Sean is known to be a master cold presser, spending hours working with Pulp Friction, their aptly named Cold Press machine.

Jackie, Sean’s mom, has served as the West Frisco general manager since its opening. She brought with her 20 years of restaurant experience and a giant smile that makes you feel welcome and appreciated every time you walk through the door. Jackie will transition to the Green’s new Shops at Starwood location opening in March. Long-time West Frisco AGM Alex Adkison will step in to take the lead and continue the tradition of great service and incredible food.

It’s ALL good.

Of course, this Frisco foodie would be remiss if she didn’t share her thoughts about the third, and arguably most important, Clean Juice difference — the taste.

I’ve been a die-hard fan of CJ since they opened. There’s nothing on this menu that disappoints. I love their smoothies, juices, and bowls for breakfast (my personal favorite is the Beauty Bowl). Sometimes I’ll grab all three.

But Clean Juice doesn’t stop there. Everything, not just the juices and smoothies, is fresh and top quality. The salads and wraps are the perfect go-to lunch options and the newly introduced soup menu wins in the comfort department. I’m partial to the coconut lentil soup and the garden wrap combo, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

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Clean Juice

It has certainly been an exciting year for the Greens. Their West Frisco location just celebrated its one-year anniversary and right on the heels of that celebration, they’ll open their second Frisco location in the Shops at Starwood in March. This new location will, of course, have the same great family-affair service and quality plus the added bonus of a drive-thru for ordering ease.

We can’t wait to share the details on their upcoming Grand Opening Celebration, so be on the lookout for more Clean Juice news coming soon!

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