Code Authority is Transforming Technology with Passion

Passion. Passion for scaling companies with business transformation technology is what Code Authority is all about. Code Authority offers 100% onshore technology consulting services such as business automation, transformation, product development, UI/UX and full-service digital marketing to companies of all sizes and startups via the innovative CodeLaunch accelerator.

Since founded in 2001 by passionate full-stack developer Jason W. Taylor, Code Authority has accelerated and modernized over 600 businesses.

Building transformative and disruptive new technology for businesses across the nation is done under the leadership of capable executives and partners. In supporting the software needs of these companies, Code Authority improves the performance of organizations by providing custom-built solutions that meet the needs of users.

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19+ Years of Bringing People Together That Love What They Do

Passion. Notice that word once again. The 100% onshore team of in-house software developers and digital marketers embody passion for creating exceptional technical products. Code Authority’s success is seen in working with clients ranging from startups to enterprises through a face-to-face model that emphasizes building trust and continuously improving.

The workspace can be described as a collaborative, professional space where employees and clients can meet and work to deliver unprecedented solutions. 

In 2019 Code Authority was acquired by Improving, greatly expanding the scope and depth of the technical consulting services that can now be utilized across all of Improving’s markets. The company now offers professional Scrum training and certification and is enhancing previously-offered services, such as consulting services and application development, to further the success of clients.

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The team is actively fulfilling the software development needs of numerous clients, and is currently transforming a nationwide retail brand commonly found in convenience stores.

In revamping this company’s entire tech enterprise, the team is skillfully building a custom, end-to-end application that more than 300 sales team members will use to route, sell, invoice and track day-to-day business use in over 100,000 stores nationwide. Jason expounded that,

This company is facing consumer demographic trends which threaten its future sales growth and customer reach. For example, less people are driving cars. People that don’t drive cars almost never visit convenience stores. We are transforming and automating the supply chain and product delivery process from warehouse to POS with cloud and mobile technology, including geo-location, routing, and territory rep workday automation to decrease costs and increase margins.

CodeLaunch: Past, Present, and Future

Frisco was found to be a great place to start CodeLaunch because the EDC, Chamber, and city leaders are so pro-business and pro-innovation. People from each of these groups have been instrumental in supporting CodeLaunch growth from its inception in 2013. So what’s next?

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Exciting growth is in the works for CodeLaunch VIII in 2020 and beyond! The company vision is to expand the national seed accelerator competition and startup conference by launching startups in other cities and countries in North America.

The 2020 DFW event date is September 10th at Comerica Center in Frisco. Applications open March 1st. Startups can begin preparing for this period by following CodeLaunch on social media and visiting for more event details.

And one last word, passion. Passion for giving back is evident in Mankind, a charity near and dear to Jason’s heart. Mankind™ is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation located in Dallas and hosts numerous charity events along with fundraisers every year to increase awareness of men’s health issues and to support men in times of medical crisis. You can learn more about Mankind by visiting

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