Connect, Create, and Craft with Your Group in Frisco

Life is just better when you have people to enjoy it with. A sense of community and support goes a long way in this busy life of hustle and bustle, responsibilities and pressures.

Whether your community is made up of friends, colleagues, family, or fellow volunteers, making time to connect with one another in a fun, social setting should always be a priority on the calendar!

Get Crafted!

Maybe you love a Girls Night Out, or you're craving quality, devices-off time with your family. Maybe you're overdue to spend some fun, non-work-related time with your colleagues. Consider Crafted, your original Frisco-based neighborhood workshop where social groups, colleagues, families, and teams can enjoy quality instructional classes in a safe, social and fun environment.

Whether they're experienced crafters, seasoned do-it-yourselfers, or have absolutely no experience at all, your group can build, design, and paint custom-designed woodcrafts.

Owner Melissa Winton is eager to partner with your group on any and all ideas. With a passion for sharing her knowledge of woodcraft design, she loves to guide her clients through their projects, and especially enjoys hosting groups and parties.

Crafted has been in business for just over three years and during that time has hosted all types of parties and group events: Birthdays, retirement parties, bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, fundraisers, church groups, sports teams, and even gender-reveal parties!

The Value of Group Crafting

Each group or party that Crafted hosts is unique. Some even bring their own design ideas that Melissa helps them make into a reality. She shared,

The biggest reward I receive from working with parties and groups is seeing everyone come together in absolute awe of what they’ve accomplished, both individually and as a group. I love seeing people encouraging each other through the process, being there for each other through their deliberations and choices, and congratulating each other for the beautiful piece of decor they’ve crafted themselves.

There’s a real sense of accomplishment that each person feels personally, but also as a whole, because they relied on each other for advice and direction and weren’t let down. In a lot of ways, for many people this whole process is a Trust Fall exercise, and seeing that their teammates, their friends and family, and instructors didn’t let them fail is a huge confidence builder.

Research suggests that even the most introverted people enjoy a group activity or team building experience of some sort. It's an opportunity to challenge their comfort zones and enjoy time with people outside of their normal working, group or family environment.

While corporate team building is about appreciating, developing, and maximizing the potential of people in a team, the same can be applied to almost any group. Whether it’s a sports team, business, family, or social group, the common goal is to come together as a unit and enjoy some quality, creative downtime together.

Crafted 3

Frisco Dentistry for Kids got CRAFTED as a team!

How does a Crafted group event work?

When you book a Crafted group event or party it includes the full experience, all supplies, plus a discount!

  • 5% discount on any choice of workshop
  • Each crafter gets to choose their own design
  • At least 3 hours of studio time and usage
  • All materials provided
  • Step by step instruction and demonstration by Crafted's staff
  • Bottle openers, cups, napkins, plasticware and full access to set up finger foods and BYOB drinks

The process starts before you enter the workshop. You'll have a quick consultation with Melissa to select a particular design or brand idea you might have that's significant to the theme of the party. Or, you can simply choose an existing option from her portfolio of ideas in the form of round, oval and reversible signs in various sizes.

Crafted also offers planter boxes, trays, pencil boxes, frames, or a birdhouse. The options are endless and with Melissa's design background, she can work with almost any idea, color, and material you may have in mind.

Furthermore, you get to choose different styles of wood and paint, mixing and matching it up any way you want. Your group or party will learn distressing patterns, staining, faux finish techniques, and even stencil painting.

Coaching the Crafted Process

All skills levels are welcome, so no need to worry about having little or no knowledge of woodcrafting. Melissa and her staff enjoy guiding their clients through the basics and ensuring comfortable use of the power tools in a safe, fun environment.

Who doesn’t want to try their hand at hammering out the wood or drilling to your heart's content? Besides bringing home a wonderful, custom, woodcraft, Crafted promises that by the end of the process, each person will leave with a huge sense of empowerment and pride in their work!

The group events are hugely popular with some guests returning many times. “One lady has visited us sixteen times leading various different groups,” Melissa said.

Groups from local, corporations like Frito Lay, Capital One, and Toyota have each spent time at Crafted, along with our own Visit Frisco. They embraced the process to its fullest, enjoying downtime from the daily grind to explore and encourage each other on a casual, fun level, while also learning some new DIY skills.

Crafted has also partnered up with fellow local business owners to enhance the party experience. For birthday parties (starting at age 6 years and up), the package includes a FREE Nothing Bundt Cake with your choice of color and flavor!

Sign from CRAFTEDFor adult groups, BYOB is a popular option, and guests are welcome to bring their own finger food or even hire a caterer to supply refreshments throughout the experience.

A recent Crafted group described their experience in the studio this way:

Melissa, the instructor and owner, is pretty amazing. She walked us through the whole process and discussed important safety procedures. She was professional, works so fast, and teaches you at the same time. We enjoyed our corporate team builder experience at Crafted and really loved it!

The best times aren't made, they're Crafted! Book a private workshop now for your group, party or gathering. After all, how often do you leave a party or team event with a custom creation that you can keep forever?

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