Crystal Gornto – Replacing the Noise with HeartStories

Crystal Gornto of Heartstories on Lifestyle Profiles

Interview #36

On the outside do you look like you have it all together, but on the inside, you’re fighting a soundtrack of negative stories? Are you rushing through life on a tightrope keeping your struggles, and sometimes even your joys, to yourself? Crystal Gornto and HeartStories is on a mission to help you hear the love louder than all the negative noise in your life with her GNOs.

Show Notes:

0:40 – Crystal’s background and where HeartStories began
2:57 – What are the HeartStories GNOs are how are they different
4:03 – What topics have GNO featured guests discussed
5:15 – What is Crystal’s purpose with HeartStories and what does she want women to get out of the GNO events
6:07 – How to get involved with HeartStories

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