Customer Service Standouts in Frisco

The other day I was out doing errands before work, running around picking up dry cleaning, going to the bank…all the things that nobody really likes to do but we all have to do.

I stopped at a drive-thru to pick something up and had an experience that, unfortunately, has become all too common these days… The employee barely acknowledged my existence, didn't say hello or thank you, and didn't give me a chance to ask for anything else (condiments? a straw?) before slamming the window shut, picking up their phone and beginning to text.

Poor customer service. Maybe this particular person was having a bad day, or not be feeling well, or they're just plain NOT excited about their job, but the fact remains that we as a society have accepted poor customer service for too long.

We spend our hard earned money at businesses that don't make us feel welcome, valued, or that they're even grateful for our business.

Does customer service exist anymore?

The whole concept of customer service is to add value to a product and build an enduring relationship.

customer service 3Customer service is not simply the act of a money transaction between a customer and retailer/product provider but a way that a business relationship can be built and formed for the future.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents or grandparents always had someone they called when they needed something fixed? And your dad had one barber that he went to all the time? They had a “guy” or a company that for years they would do business with because not only did they get the job done but they were reliable.

Good news, Frisco, those reliable people still exist and many of them do business right here in our hometown.

Praise the Positive

We tend to hear more about experiences with poor service on sites like Yelp or via Google reviews, and I think too often the good ones get overlooked.

It's time for a different approach – let's praise the other side of customer service. Instead of ‘yelping' about your bad experience…just don't go back. Or better yet, contact their management privately and give them an opportunity to fix the problem.

Meanwhile, share with the masses about the really good experiences you've had across town. Praise the positive and hardworking people out there that made you smile, laugh, or just went above and beyond just to show you that you're valued.

Here are a few businesses who have earned “gold stars” from me. Share yours in the comments, below!

Smoothie King at Main/Legacy

I love Smoothie King. I've been to several locations and I can honestly say they're all great in the customer service department. This particular West Frisco location, however, earns a gold star from me every time.

It's hard to make a decision with all of the choices that are offered so I always have questions. The staff is awesome when it comes to suggesting a drink based on what I'm looking for, offering their opinion on what they like and what they don't…

Even with all the add-ons options, I never feel like they're trying to sell me something I don't want or need. And it's refreshing not to hear a robot when ordering through the drive-thru and even more refreshing to see a genuine, smiling face when you pull forward.

Summer Moon

This isn't the first time that I've mentioned Summer Moon in my writings but when you're good, you're good. Aside from the great ambiance and amazing coffee they offer, they have top-notch service, from the owner all the way down to the front line employees.

summer-moon-friscoIt starts with remembering my name and particular conversations we've had, even when I haven't stopped by in weeks. Their staff takes great pride in preparing each beverage. Their knowledge of coffee and their particular brand is phenomenal and I trust them to suggest something I would like or at least want to try.

Summer Moon is not only a breath of fresh air to coffee shops around but seeing staff enjoying their job and enjoying the people that come in to sit for hours or grab a quick drink to go is something that needs to be seen more often.

Vakeroz Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

As you know, we have no shortage of restaurants in Frisco, and many of them are doing an outstanding job at creating a great experience for their customers. Among them, Vakeroz is one of those restaurants with great customer service and for that reason, my wife and I have made this a go-to spot for a quick lunch with our one year old over the past few months.

As many of you know, bringing a baby out to eat is never an easy task and can be very unpredictable at times. Finding a place close to home with good food and staff that understands family chaos is a huge plus. We have had the same waiter almost every time and he always takes time to engage with talking to my son.

The staff all around is super friendly and fast on the refills of chips and salsa as well as drinks. They'll never let you sit for a long time without making sure you're thoroughly enjoying yourself. Once after a long day, we got carry out and not only was everything correct but they loaded us up with salsa when I asked for an extra side of it. The amount of “thank you's” and “see you next times” that I hear at every visit shows that they appreciate our business.

Christian Brothers Automotive Frisco West

I'm not a car guy. I can't work on cars and I typically don't get excited about new cars… So when something is wrong with my vehicle, I need someone else to fix it.

customer service 2Christian Brothers Automotive has been around since 1982, the first location having opened in Mission Bend, Texas. Since that time they now have over 160 locations that are not only faith-based but customer-service based.

I've had nothing but excellent customer service when I've brought my car into their new ‘Frisco West' location. When you walk in, you find fresh coffee, bottled water, and friendly conversation. The communication by the staff regarding the progress of your vehicle is spot on, right down to the cost.

Not only have they fixed my vehicle in a timely manner, but they always review what my car needs, will need in the future, and better yet – what it doesn't need. They highlight items for me to keep an eye on and rank them by levels of importance.

Christian Brothers also offers payment plans for service and will work with you to get your vehicle is running without breaking the bank. Some services might be a little higher than other mechanics but it's worth it for the level of respect and care you receive from the staff. That's more important to me than a “fast-food” repair that I can't trust.

One of the best features they have is the customer shuttle. They'll drive you home or to work and pick you up when your vehicle is done so you don't have to coordinate a ride or sit for hours.

Eight 11 | Place

There's a reason that I continue to go back to Eight 11 time and time again. It's not just the great atmosphere or outdoor, live music (although that's a part of it). It isn't even the great wine selection or the local beer on tap – it's the service.

The staff has a solid knowledge of wine and beer, but it's the little things that make eight 11 an expert in customer service. Bringing water to the table without someone asking is not only smart but thoughtful.

Eight 11 Place out frontAsking my wife if she wants a blanket when it's a little cold outside not only makes her happy but makes me or any other husband happy. After all, a cold wife is not going to stay for wine and music very long!

The owners and staff will visit with the customers and you get the sense of true passion behind those small conversations every time. It's nice to dine in an environment where the people running it are as happy to be there as you are.

What say you, Frisco? Who are your customer service standouts? Leave us a comment to praise your great customer service experience in Frisco!

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