Disconnect from Tech and Reconnect with Your Funny Bone

Listen. Stop what you're doing for ten seconds and notice your surroundings.

Did you hear anything interesting? Maybe you relaxed a bit and noticed a slower heartbeat? Next, did a smile find its way to your face?

Clearly the benefits of disconnecting are widely known. An online search for these benefits yielded nearly 4 million results. But, what do you do once you've disconnected?

The Frisco Public Library Foundation has a low-tech, high laughter option.

It's almost time for the annual Lone Star Storytelling Festival. Tickets are on sale now for concerts on Thursday and Friday, October 17-18. The concerts are at 7 pm at George Purefoy Municipal Center .

Share an evening or two of laughter

Now in its 16th year, the festival combines local student talent, nationally renowned professionals, and the Frisco flair for fun and culture.

laughter 2Its mission is to unite the community in laughter. Also, to help guests laugh off the stress of everyday life and spend an evening or two giggling about the silliness that surrounds us.

Grammy winner Bill Harley and acclaimed Afrilachian storyteller (and Laughter Yoga instructor) Lyn Ford will team up with the locally selected Lone Star Storytellers for this year’s event. Mayra Diaz, Assistant Director, shared,

We are so fortunate to have Bill and Lyn back in Frisco. They're both so different, and our audience will love the line-up!

Frisco welcomes a Grammy winner

Bill Harley has a pair of Grammys, is a commentator for NPR, and has been called the “Mark Twain of contemporary children's music” by Entertainment Weekly.

press BHGSTTsmBill’s messages are honest, joyous, and told or sung from his quirky point of view. He's always focused on spreading joy and wisdom in ways that delight audiences of all ages.

A versatile performer, Bill is as likely to deliver happiness in the form of a picture book, a concert, or on DVDs. He says,

Really looking forward to being back in Frisco and sharing my own wacky world with your listeners. I’ve got some new and old favorites to share – with and without my guitar. See you soon!

Laughter Yoga? I'm In!

Lyn’s “Home-Fried” Afrilachian tales celebrate her multicultural roots and let her connect with the diversity found in every audience. Her humor and charm never fail to make audiences right at home.

Lyn FordLyn’s stories draw you in with call-and-response, musical moments, and relatability. So, when Lyn talks about her father’s great storytelling and awful cooking, the audience breaks into knowing smiles every time.

After all, whether we’re brought together by differences or similarities, everyone enjoys sharing a laugh. Ana says,

Everyone has a story. And they're all important, especially the ones that pass on the gifts of family.

Local Lone Stars

The Lone Star Storytellers are a laugh-filled look at the future. Selected from a vast pool of candidates, they pass through auditions, training, and extensive rehearsal before earning their place on stage. These kids are short on years but long on talent! Bonnie Barber, Senior Librarian, shared,

This troupe of young storytellers amazes audiences each year. Those of us lucky enough to watch their stories and confidence grow during this program can’t wait for you to see them take the stage!

So, gather your friends, family, or self and head to comical storytelling concerts on Thursday, October 17 and Friday, October 18. Concert tickets are on sale at lonestarstories.org.

LSSF New Logo for WebsiteThe Festival Store will feature an assortment of take-home treats, including books, CDs, and DVDs featuring Bill and Lyn, sure to provide plenty of mobile laughter. Proceeds from ticket sales go to The Frisco Public Library Foundation.

The laughter, fun, and sense of community will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.

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