Do I Need Renters Insurance In College? | Allstate Insurance

♪ ♪ From clothing to electronics, you likely brought plenty of belongings with you to college But what would happen if your belongings were stolen or damaged in a fire? That's where insurance may help

The type of insurance you need usually depends on where you're living If you're living in a dorm or other campus housing, your belongings may be covered by your parents' homeowners or renter's insurance policy You'll want to look at the coverage limit for personal property Some policies offer less coverage for belongings while they're away from the policyholder's home For example, your parents' policy might provide $100,000 worth of coverage for belongings but limit that coverage to 10 percent for things that are away from their home

In that case, it may cover up to $10,000 for items with you on campus Keep in mind that certain items, like your laptop, may have their own coverage limits Will you be living off campus? In that case, your parents' insurance may not cover your belongings You may want to buy your own renters insurance policy That may help protect your belongings from theft or damage from a covered loss

Keep in mind that you will be insured up to the coverage limits you choose And don't forget: No matter what type of insurance you have, you'd likely have to pay your deductible before your insurance would kick in to help pay for a covered claim Your local agent can help you decide how to best protect your possessions during your time in college ♪ ♪