Do We Really Need Car Liability Insurance

The Purpose Behind Car Liability Insurance Car accidents can happen when you least expect it All it takes for you to get into an auto accident is to look down for 1 to 2 seconds

That's it? Yes, a quick distraction is what happens in every accident: Changing the music on your iPod/iPhone/CD Player Eating in the car Grabbing something from the glove compartment Dialing a number / Charging / Answering the cell phone Turning on the heater / air conditioner in the car Writing something down while driving Those quick actions are all the time it takes to get into an auto accident If you don't have car liability insurance you can be in for a rude awakening Car Liability Insurance is protection against the responsibility you have when you are at fault in a car accident You must have sufficient Car Liability Insurance You are liable / responsible for another person's loss or injury This risk is very real and if you do not have sufficient Car Liability Insurance it can put your entire family in serious financial risk

Make sure you are fully covered in regards to your car liability insurance DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT purchase the minimum state car insurance requirements for car liability coverage It is not enough to protect you from financial peril if you get into a serious car accident and it's your fault You will be responsible for the amounts that exceed your auto insurance coverage limits Car Liability Insurance has two types: Bodily Injury Liability (BI): If you are at fault in an auto accident then this type of car liability insurance will kick in and cover the other party's bodily injuries / death Bodily Injury Liability Insurance also covers the funds needed for legal defense if the other party involved in the car accident decides to sue you

Bodily Injury Liability (BI) DOES NOT cover your vehicle It only covers the OTHER PARTY'S PEOPLE involved in the accident Property Damage Liability (PD): Property Damage Car Liability Insurance covers any damage you (your car) may have caused to any property (other cars/buildings) if you are at fault for an auto accident Examples of this include: the other party's car(s), fire hydrants, poles, fences, homes, etc Property Damage Liability Insurance also provides coverage for court and attorney fees in case the other party decides to file a lawsuit against you for damage to their property

Keep in mind that life bodily injury car liability insurance if you do not have enough coverage for property damage car liability insurance the additional funds not covered could come out of your pocket which could put you and your family at serious financial risk Remember that if you are in a multi car accident and you are at fault you can be liable and sued for amounts that may exceed a low car liability insurance coverage amount so make sure you purchase sufficient insurance! Do not skimp on trying to save money for getting cheap liability car insurance amounts To Save Money On Car Insurance On Line: Decide on a sufficient amount for the above two types of car liability insurance Then use a car insurance comparison site to compare the auto insurance quotes Also, to save more money you may want to set your auto insurance deductible a little higher and check to see if the difference in savings is sufficient

If you are not purchasing your car insurance online you are not taking advantage of the huge savings Car Insurance comparison sites have a vested interest in providing the best insurance car liability insurance policy for you and your family and not focused on any particular auto insurance company If you are dealing with an auto insurance agent then their only interest is to sell you a car insurance policy of their own company