Do you need to pay your auto collision insurance deductible?

Hey, Chris Clausen here I've got a question for you

Do you have to pay your deductible in the event you're involved in an automobile accident? As you probably know your policies "collision" coverage, covers the damage to your vehicle to the extent that exceeds the deductible But, what if the accident was clearly not your fault? Let's say you're sitting at a red light get rear-ended or maybe a car was hit while parked Do you still have to pay the deductible? Well, the answer is maybe not

first let's talk about what information you need to get from the other party in the event you have an accident You need obviously the drivers information, the vehicle information, the registration information, and the insurance company information But hey the best way to do this is to use your cell phone take a picture of the guys driver's license, the registration and the insurance card

Now once you have this now there are two ways you can go with the claimthe first is you can go directly with the other drivers insurance company assuming you got all the information we just spoke about Now the advantage to doing this if the other guy really is 100% at fault is they'll pay to fix your car, might even rent you a loaner while the car is in the shop

Now if you do decide to go this way make sure you notify your insurance company for informational purposes just in case them litigation shows up down the roadyour insurance company will be on notice and they won't be able to deny the claim The other way going is you could put in a claim under your collision insurance

Now your insurance company will pay to fix your car, minus the deductible, then they'll go after the other guys insurance company for reimbursement When they do get reimbursed from the other insurance company, you'll get your deductible back That will just show up in the mail maybe six months from now Hey, if you have any questions about this or any other insurance give us a call (631) 744-1393 or send us an email [email protected]